Knowing the basic merits and demerits of tv


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Knowing the basic merits and demerits of tv

  1. 1. Knowing the basic merits and demerits of TV advertising and commercials Powered By :
  2. 2. • The present day businesses rely a lot on various advertising tactics such as social media marketing, SEO techniques, online marketing, social networking sites and many more. Powered By :
  3. 3. • TV commercials have been the oldest as well as the most efficient methods of advertising for many years. The powerful impact of television and the commercials telecasted through them is very much evident from time immemorial. Powered By :
  4. 4. • It is the most sought after mode of advertising. When it comes to connecting with a targeted audience and reaching a huge population, there is no other medium as strong and efficient as TV adverts and commercials. Powered By :
  5. 5. • Getting a few words out to the public about your brand and product is possible to the maximum level with TV commercials. Advertisers can reach their targeted audience during their free time. The wide spread reach of TV advertising makes it one of the most desired and effective advertising medium. Powered By :
  6. 6. • A lot of mediums can be used to promote a particular business or product when TV commercials are used. It makes good use of additional tactics of light, graphics, audio, video, print, motion and many other features to attract the attention of the potential customers. Powered By :
  7. 7. • Television as an advertising medium has a lot of limitations as well which plays a crucial role in masking the benefits and inhibiting the effectiveness of the medium. The business world today is more like a congested market with huge competition and greed. Powered By :
  8. 8. • It is a well known fact that more than hundreds of advertisers are vying for a prime position in their field. Getting clustered with various other ads is a disadvantage. The cost is not affordable for all individuals in business. It turns out to be rather expensive for producing and distributing the advertisements. Powered By :
  9. 9. • Establishing a separate name for any business all on your own is not a cake walk today. Making good use of the opportunity to gain success in business is by opting to advertise with TV commercials. Powered By :
  10. 10. THANK YOU Powered By :