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Performance data visualization with r and tableau


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Performance data visualization with r and tableau

  1. 1. Performance Data Visualization with R and Tableau Karl Arao – Senior Technical Consultant, Enkitec Tyler Muth – Chief Database Engineer, Oracle Public Sector
  2. 2. Agenda • Why Visualize? • The Tools – Tableau –R • Raw Data to Visualization • Use Cases
  3. 3. Why Visualize? • (show AWR) • (show vmstat)
  4. 4. The Tools - Tableau
  5. 5. What is R? • R is an Open Source language and environment for statistical computing and graphics • Started in 1994 as an Alternative to SAS, SPSS, etc • Around 2 million R users worldwide – Widely taught in Universities – Many Corporate Analysts know and use R • Thousands of open sources packages to enhance productivity such as: – Bioinformatics with R – Spatial Statistics with R – Financial Market Analysis with R – Linear and Non Linear Modeling
  6. 6. R’s Popularity
  7. 7.
  8. 8. What is Tableau Desktop • Very fast data visualization and analytics tool, lets you ask questions and quickly interact with your data • The UI enables drag-drop style exploratory analysis – duplicate,undo,redo,save • Imagine just playing with data – query, filter, sort, group, drill down, drill up, calculate, organize, summarize • Easily discover relationships, find patterns, locate outliers – dimensions - tableau public (free, 1M rows!) - tableau server (organizations) - tableau online (cloud)