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ANTH326 Meeting 6 Final


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Published in: Technology, Business
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ANTH326 Meeting 6 Final

  1. 1. ANTH326 Peoples and Cultures 0fSub-Saharan Africa ; <1cL‘tiI1g (5, ()L“[()| )c 1' 1 5, .77(_)( j) /
  2. 2. Business Project P la n Office Hours Forums Cours e S tructure
  3. 3. Re thinking Africa ' Main theme - Month-long ”semester core” — More readings —Reassess research ' Some overlap/ parallels -E. g. Appiah/ Diop — Qkrsyectives on fiqica ' May read in advance
  4. 4. European Eyes on Africa Colonia lis m Roma nticis m — Otherness — Projection — Dismissed his tory — Dis miss ed diversity Chris tian/ Ca pita lis m/ Industria Iism “M0 d e rnity”
  5. 5. Readings Keim on preconceptions Appiah on Afrocentrism Owusu on ethnography Diop on political movement S outhall on “Tribe” Ranger on tradition Coma roffs on colonial conceptions Rodney on economy
  6. 6. Themes in Kinship “‘ Marriage “ Descent (lineages, clans) "‘ Terminology
  7. 7. Marriage Difference with mating (or love) Affinal relationships Re 3 ide nce (uxoriloca l, viriloca l, avunculocal) Incest Taboo
  8. 8. Choice S pous e (s) Never free Preferential marriage Arranged marriage Exogamy Endogamy Polygamy
  9. 9. Descent Defining Cons anguinity Re cognis e ancestry Unlila te ral — Ma trilineal — Patrilineal Corpora te Owne rs hip Cultural S ta bility S egmentary lineage system (clans)
  10. 10. Kinship in Cultural Anthropology Cla ss ic anthropology Unive rs a l but particular — Incest Taboo Colonial past Kinship models Cros s —culturaI comparis ons De creas e in significance
  11. 11. S ha nklin Themes
  12. 12. S ocial S upport Free choice as burden Accountability No illegitimate Siblings
  13. 13. S ocia lization Selfish chfldren Propeny CHassless — Colonialism DuaLsex
  14. 14. Marriage Bridewea lth Ma temal uncle P olygamy Villa ge wife
  15. 15. For Next Week
  16. 16. Contemporary Comparativeness Constructing Africa as critique Economic implications S ta tehood
  17. 17. Beyond Kinship Defining social groups —Supportsystems — S olidarity —Communitas Ethnicity as super—kinship Kindreds (s elected kins) “S odalities” As socia tions
  18. 18. Age Sets and Age Grades “‘ Age Setas Cohort —“Oldboy” — « P romotionne ur>> “ Age Grades as Steps -Rites ofpassage (van Gennep) “‘ S eparate genders
  19. 19. S ecret societies ’ Initiation societies ' Muslim brotherhoods (sufism) — Tija nivya ' Freemasons
  20. 20. Voluntary As s ocia tions S ocialnetworks Urban life Local “Ethnic” Cosmopolitan networks Political parties
  21. 21. We S te rniza tion Cultural Conta cts Cultural change — Coerced or voluntary " Western-like but typically African - Networks — Manage change Other partners
  22. 22. Educafion S chool types (Kora nic, Mis sionary, National) - Networks Fonnaleducafion “We s te rn—s tyle ” Obs e s s ion with lite ra cy - Power oforality Gender Generation gap