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Hello Virtual world! Infographic made with love by EnjoyDigitAll

Virtual reality (VR) typically refers to computer technologies that use software to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment (or create an imaginary setting), and simulate a user's physical presence in this environment, by enabling the user to interact with this space and any objects depicted therein using specialized display screens or projectors and other devices.
Google Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Google for use with a head mount for a smartphone.
Through January 2016, over 5 million Cardboard viewers had shipped and over 1,000 compatible applications had been published. Following the success of the Cardboard platform, Google announced an enhanced VR platform, Daydream, at Google I/O 2016.
In November 2014, Volvo released Volvo-branded Cardboard goggles and an Android app, Volvo Reality, to let the user explore the XC90. In February 2015, toy manufacturer Mattel, in cooperation with Google, announced a VR version of the stereoscopic viewer View-Master. Android support was available at the viewer's release in fall 2015, with support for iOS and Windows smartphones available later.

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Hello Virtual world! Infographic made with love by EnjoyDigitAll

  1. 1. oculus HTC Virtual Boy Sega VR Playstation VR Daydream Ready 1995 2016 20141991 Stéréoscopic Eyewear 1838 Sensorama 1962 Oculus rift HTC vive 2015 Simple and economical, Google Cardboard offers immersive experiences for all. Dive into a new reality with your Android or iOS smartphone. Expedition to the heart of an active volcano 360° video drive in the SL500 along the Californian coastline Recycle the Coca-Cola package into a Cardboard!Turn your Happy Meal box into a Cardboard! MARKETINGBESTPRACTICES million VR HEADSETS SHIPPED IN THE WHOLE OF 2016* 6.3 Haptic: feel the impact of a punch, a hug, heat, cold, rain... in a virtual world! Real estate/Architecture: design and visualize a smart building. Medicine: Visualize the complex mechanisms of the human body. Holographic Issues of Augmented Reality: The use of hologram and dematerialization: training, meetings, medicine... MAJOR STAKES PUSH PUSH A baby’s life saved with Google Carboard NEXTSTEPS? CARDBOARD GOOGLE ENJOY HOWTOASSEMBLE YOURCARDBOARDV.2 1 2 3 *Super Data offers news APPS TOP Started Bohemian Rhapsody Experience TOPOF THE TOP YouTube 360° InMind Bohemian Rhapsody Experience Google Cardboard Within VR A Google’s app to rediscover Queen’s megahit, completed with visual and audio components that respond to your movements. Little game that allows you to journey into a patient’s brain!Discover the best VR content from NYT to SNL and Netflix. The 360° videos YouTube channel is inescapable and offers the most popular virtual reality videos. This app helps you set up a Cardboard viewer and includes a few experiences to get you started! Wizard Academy VR Bunch of action and learning games that launches around a village to discover fun challenges... Designed by MADE WITH LOVE BY ORIGINS Hi