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Il 12 Aprile 2012 Enigen, assieme al partner, ha organizzato un evento dedicato al Manufacturing, in particolare a come massimizzare le performance della forza vendita.
Presente anche Diego Gianetti di Bticino, che ha riportato la sua testimonianza.
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Presentazione evento manufacturing 2012

  1. 1. Are you really forward-thinking? Cloud & Mobile per il manufacturing Torino, 12 Aprile 2012 All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  2. 2. Are you really forward-thinking? Cloud & Mobile per il manufacturing Torino, 12 Aprile 2012 Massimo Migliorini Alliances Manager & Sales +39 (335) 7828243 All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  3. 3. Are you really forward-thinking?Agenda 1. Enigen Corporate 2. Market Trends; social revolution, cloud and mobile 3. Manufacturing needs & solutions All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  4. 4. Are you really forward-thinking? About Enigen  Enigen Enterprises Ltd is a fast growing multinational CRM consultancy group founded in 2004, with companies in Italy (Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples), UK (London) and Switzerland (Geneva). • An operating group of 80, and a team of 60 consultants speaking 16 languages with a customer base in 18 countries around the world collated over the past 8 years.  Enigen is a trusted advisor able to implement CRM solutions and services. The ultimate goal is to achieve immediate business benefits to our clients, in order to improve their User Adoption and performance in terms of Customer Experience. All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  5. 5. Are you really forward-thinking? - Project Locations - Enigen offices All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  6. 6. Are you really forward-thinking?Some Enigen Direct Customers • Panasonic • Gabetti • Fiat • Neopost •Iren Mercato • The Body Shop (Lorèal group) • Diversey • The West Brom Building Society • Maxam Chem • Reale Mutua Assicurazioni • ARM • Loquendo • HSBC All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  7. 7. Are you really forward-thinking?Offered Services User Turn Key Technical Adoption Training Solutions Services Services Buzzient Oracle Oracle Salesforce Radian6 FUSION UPK Blogmeter Enigen Delivery Centers All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  8. 8. Are you really forward-thinking?Agenda 1. Enigen Corporate 2. Market Trends; social revolution, cloud and mobile 3. Manufacturing needs & solutions All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  9. 9. Are you really forward-thinking?Story of the Applications in the last 30 years… …And Evolution of the CRM All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  10. 10. Are you really forward-thinking?2012 Market trends; our vision and not only.. 5 CRM trends  Anywhere. Anytime.  Mobility and the cloud • Any insight. Data Source: AMI-Partners,  BI - analytics • Customer-isation.  Customer Experience Management • Social networks.  Social CRM • More for less.  Or at least steady costs for more value  Data Source: Markinson Business Solutions) All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  11. 11. Are you really forward-thinking?Social Revolution All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  12. 12. Are you really forward-thinking?The Social Divide: Customers and Companies Your customers and What about your employees are social. company? Communities All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  13. 13. Are you really forward-thinking?Social Revolution: Mobile Apps used more than web browser 81 minutes Facebook Mobile Apps per day mobile users Browser are 2X more active than desktop users. - facebook.comSource: comScore, Alexa, Flurry Analytics All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  14. 14. Are you really forward-thinking?Agenda 1. Enigen Corporate 2. Market Trends; social revolution, cloud and mobile 3. Manufacturing needs & solutions All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  15. 15. Are you really forward-thinking? Manufacturing Value Chain Channel Partner: Dealer End User/ Supplier Manufacturer Distributor Consumer Broker Retailer Manufacturers often don’t know or interact with the End User/Consumer of their products All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  16. 16. Are you really forward-thinking?Today’s challenging environment Limited Demand Intense Global Coordination Visibility Competition “How can I improve “How can I better “How do I innovate and forecast and planning coordinate with my differentiate while driving accuracy?” overseas counterparts?” operational efficiency?” All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  17. 17. Are you really forward-thinking? Social Customer Profile Collaborate Social Products Sales Social Enterprise Mobile Connect for Manufacturing Customer Customer Service Portal Listen & Field Engage Service Supply Distributor Chain Portal Employee Customer & Product Social Social Networks Networks All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  18. 18. Are you really forward-thinking?ExecutiveTeam Vision, Values, Operating Leading Closed Customer Support Metrics Expenses OFR/OTD Innovations Leads by Source Business Sales Pipeline Revenue Trends Satisfaction Channels Supply Chain R&D Marketing Sales Service Supplier Workforce Innovation Campaign Key Account Territory Partner CustomerManagement Purchasing Management Management Management Social Media Management Management Management Call Center Portal Email Materials Inventory New Product Search Content Trade Fund Productivity Knowledge Warranty Planning Receiving Management Development Marketing Management Management Best Practices eCommerce Chat Management ManagementProduction Lot and Asset Launch Multi-channel Custom Sample Community Field Planning Shipping Tracking Management Web Sites Marketing Order Capture Products Requests Management Service RMAsFinance & HR General Ledger Cash Accounts Accounts Employee Performance Time-off Volunteer Recruiting Billing & Budgeting Management Receivable Payable Helpdesk Management Manager Tracking ManagementInformationTechnology Asset Portfolio Project Operations Change Agile Vendor Quality IT Helpdesk Management Management Management Governance Management Management Development Management Assurance All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  19. 19. Are you really forward-thinking?Multiple ERP integration solutions 1 2 3 Integration Native Custom Middleware Connectors Built Integration “Salesforce scaleintegrate seamlessly withgeographies, office and can “ to multiple time zones, our SAP back and currencies. All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  20. 20. Are you really forward-thinking? Manufacturers are transforming their business with Salesforce All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  21. 21. Are you really forward-thinking?Manufacturers achieve rapid application development on Customer Process Implementation Sample and Supply Chain Management 6 Weeks Custom ERP Application 28 Weeks License, Billing and Contracts Applications 8 Weeks Samples Management Application 8 Weeks All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  22. 22. Are you really forward-thinking?Follow us… WEBSITE: All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  23. 23. Are you really forward-thinking? Grazie Torino, 12 Aprile 2012 Massimo Migliorini Alliances Manager & Sales +39 (335) 7828243 All rights reserved © 2012, ENIGEN
  24. 24. Are you really forward-thinking? Why is Software So Difficult to Implement? The challenges that arise from software implementation exist from both the user and the corporate perspective: • From the user perspective, new software means dealing with a major change that forces users to acquire a new set of skills, and new ways of doing their job. Enterprise software keeps evolving continually, which means users must constantly attempt to keep up. • From the corporate perspective, implementation calls for interfacing between different business units that must struggle to coproduce a single synchronized task. Training, IT and various other business units must often try to work together to define and execute the software implementation project. These units often differ in their personnel profile, terminology, goals and methods. Together, these factors make a joint effort extremely challenging. All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  25. 25. Are you really forward-thinking? End User Adoption Effective User Adoption is the absolute best predictor of enterprise software success All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  26. 26. Are you really forward-thinking? User Adoption Services Business Alignment Success in adopting new technology depends as much on clear objectives and plans as it does on deploying the technology itself. It’s important to ensure that executives and senior management agree on the strategic objectives of the implementation. Training With the implementation of new technology, users need to be prepared to use it efficiently and effectively. Educating users is therefore a critical component in achieving your strategic objectives. Communication How well do your employees understand why new technology is necessary and how it will affect their daily jobs? Planning and providing information before, during, and after the project launch. Performance and Measurement Clearly defined metrics are crucial to managing the progress and gauging the success of a technology Implementation Project Team Technical and Functional Training Providing training for those leaders and managers who will play a crucial role in the definition and user- acceptance phases. All rights reserved © 2011, ENIGEN
  27. 27. Il caso BticinoDiego Gianetti, Bticino Area ManagerTorino, 12/04/2012
  28. 28. 1 La fusione e i principali ambiti di intervento per la ridefinizione dei processi di vendita 2 I requisiti richiesti e la scelta dell’applicativo 3 L’implementazione e i principali risultati 4 I punti di forza e di attenzionePage 2
  30. 30. 1 Ambiti di intervento PROCESS SALES DIRECTOR ORGANIZATION KEY ACCOUNT & OPERATIVE MKTG PROJECT CUSTOMER CONSORTIUM & SERVICE GROUPS DIY VANTAGE SALES REGIONAL MANAGER SALES REPS COORD. SALES REPS • Alignment of the organization • TO BE requirements • New roles & responsibilities • BPR – TO BE Design • Sponsorship • Business Case 4 SIMULTANEOUS • Competencies analysis STREAMS OF • Custom System feasibility • feasibility ACTIVITY • Addressing the organization as a whole (applications, architecture, infrastructure) • Reducing impact on productivity • Functional requirements (SFA, Off the shelf Customized Custom • Speeding up acceptance timing INNOVATION SPONSORSHIP Call Center, Web portals, etc.) SFA • Fostering participation and user • Integration feasibility REFUNDS STAKEHOLDER ACCEPTANCE adoption of new model and tools CUSTOMER DB MGMT CHANGE B.I. MGMT GEOGRAPHY CULTURE LINK W/ WHOLESALERS CHANGE SYSTEM TRAINING BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT EXHISTING BTICINO SYSTEMSPage 4
  31. 31. 1 Principali aree di intervento Multi-brand BIC focus Different commercial refund processes Company Sales force Wholesalers effectiveness Installers End Customers Price positioning Competition & overlap on clients Boost/ Lack of informationPage 5
  33. 33. 1 Esempio processo di negoziazione Main Phases 1. Negotiation 2. Data input 3. Authorization 4. Refund Key Actors 2. Sales person fills forms/ Sales person inputs data into system to 1. set the negotiation forth The sales person sets a final price of purchase with the Installer, including a 4.B End Customer discount on goods Installer performs purchase at negotiated prices at the (Installer) wholesaler’s 4.A Information sent to 5. wholesaler in order to grant the discount to Wholesalers indicates sell- Wholesaler Installer when purchase out data by Installer occurs 3. 6. Negotiated discount is Verification of data and approved at Regional/ calculation of refund Central level payable to wholesaler BTicino Head Quarter 7. RefundPage 7
  34. 34. 2 Funzionalità richieste Soluzioni disponibili Soluzione scelta Commercial Planning and Performance Management Sales Force Management Opportunity Management Sales and Negotiation ManagementPage 8
  35. 35. 2 functionalities • Lead Management • Opportuniy Management • Account and Contact Management Sales Performance • Activity Management • Approvals and Workflows • Territory Management • Partner Management • Sales Reports and Dashboard SALES FORCE AUTOMATION Analytics and Forecasting • Customizable Sales Forecasts • Data Quality Management AUTOMAZIONE MARKETING • Product Catalog • Document Management Sales Information • Contract Management PARTNER MANAGEMENT • Email Templates • Asset Management CUSTOMER SERVICE • Mobile CRM Solutions & SUPPORT Desktop and Mobile • Microsoft Outlook CRM Integration • Microsoft Word and Excel Integration CONTENT MANAGEMENT • Customization • Web Services Integration Customization and Integration ANALYTICS • Salesforce to Salesforce • Channels Sales (PRM) • Compensation Management APPEXCHANGE • Data Cleansing AppExchange • Quoting and Orders CUSTOMIZED APPLICATIONS • Sales Intelligence AND INTEGRATIONS • Sales Methodologies • Sales OperationsPage 9
  36. 36. 3 Aprile 08 Luglio 08 Dicembre 08 Giugno 09 PROCESSES SYSTEMS Fase 1 Fase 2 Fase 3ORGANIZATION ANALISI DISEGNO NUOVO IMPLEMENTAZIONECHANGE MGNT AS IS MODELLO NUOVO MODELLO PM 2 MESI 5 MESI 6 MESI budget e 300 venditori DB unico reporting commerciale agenda 6 marchi integrata unico strumento, integrato con ERP -60% numerosità -0,5 gg attività modalità di back office FV gestione integrata negoziazione customer progetti cross selling insights Page 10
  37. 37. 4 Voci del Business Case • Reduction of Back-Office activities required to Sales Force INCREASED REVENUES • Increased time spent on Field activities • Increase market covering (more clients visited) • Reduction of IT maintenance & complexityQUANTITATIVE CEASING BENEFITS COSTS • Reduction of manual operations on data alignment • Reduction of commercial and administrative costs of monitoring ADDITIONAL CEASING • Organization and integration with other department COSTSPage 11
  38. 38. 4 FATTORI VINCENTI / CRITICITA’ • forte sponsor AD e Direzione Commerciale Punti di forza • coinvolgimento fin da subito della forza vendita (workshops) • Business Advisory Partner • accettazione del cambiamento Punti di attenzione • pratiche commerciali più guidate • rischio customizzazionePage 12
  39. 39. 4 Coinvolgimento delle persone • Sales Dept (22) • Finance & Admin Dept. (3) • IT Dept (3) Interviews • Regional Managers (11) • Local Coordinators (20) • Sales Force Reps (6) OVER 70 PEOPLE INVOLVED TO ENSURE REAL Interactive Workshops BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS GATHERING • Interviews to representative subset of wholesalers Field ActivitiesPage 13
  40. 40. GRAZIE Diego Gianetti, Bticino Area Manager Torino, 12/04/2012Page 14
  42. 42. Our Mission: Cloud Computing Driver, Catalyst, and Evangelist Enterprise Cloud Computing 1960s 1980s Today Mainframe Client/Server
  43. 43. Ten Year Computing Cycles10X more users with each cycle 2010’s Social Revolution 2000’s 1990’s Mobile 1980’s Desktop Cloud Client/Server Cloud Computing 1970’s Mini Computing Computing 1960’s Computing Mainframe Computing Data Business Process Web Mobile SocialManagement Logic Apps Automation Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps
  44. 44. First Cloud Company to Reach $3B Annual Run Rate in FY13 $3 Billion 45 Billion #1 Expected Annual Transactions World’s Most Revenue Run per Quarter Innovative Rate for FY13 Companies #27 World’s Best Places to Work 8,000+ Employees
  45. 45. 2011: Year of Social Revolution
  46. 46. Social Revolution: Social Networking Surpasses Email Social Users Email Users 1.9 billion social users 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Source: Comscore, June 2011
  47. 47. Social Revolution: Next Generation Devices Changing How WeAccess the Web Tablets Smartphones 1.8 Laptops Desktop billion mobile devices by 2014 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012E 2013E 2014ESource: Gartner Research, Smartphone, Tablet, and PC Forecast, December 2011
  48. 48. Social Revolution: High Return for Social Enterprise Social Enterprise BenefitsSource: McKinsey & Company, “The rise of the networked enterprise, Web 2.0 finds its payday.” December 2010
  49. 49. Social Revolution: Products Now Connected to Social Networks 1.8 Billion 3.5 Billion Networked ProductsNetworked Computers Total of 5.3 Billion Connected Devices 2014Source: IDC Predictions: 2012 competing for 2020. December 2011
  50. 50. Delight Your Customers in a Whole New WayEmployee Social Public SocialNetwork Network Social Profile Collaborate Product SOCIAL Work ENTERPRISE Engage Extend Listen Sell Market Service Customer Social Network
  51. 51. The Social Enterprise Delivered
  52. 52. EmployeeSocial Network Collaborate SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Collaborate
  53. 53. Burberry Uses Chatter for its Employee Social Network Leader in Enterprise Collaboration Secure, private collaboration 150,000 active Chatter networks 30% reduction in customer email 2011 Apple App Store App of the Year Collaborate
  54. 54. Burberry Collaborates with Chatter US$2 billion revenue 7,500 employees 473 stores Social Enterprise transformation: End-to-end digital experience Collaborate
  55. 55. Employee SocialNetwork SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Extend Sell Customer Social Network Extend Sell
  56. 56. Kimberly-Clark Closes Deals Faster with Sales Cloud World’s #1 Sales Application Connect and sell in a social world Mobile: Access from any device Market Leader: Gartner and Forrester 33% higher productivity for customers Sell
  57. 57. Kimberly-Clark Builds Social Front Office with #1 Cloud platform for employee social apps (IDC) Automate and extend your business Proven with 100,000+ customers 400% productivity improvement 108% ROI Extend
  58. 58. EmployeeSocial Network SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Service Customer Social Network Service
  59. 59. Activision Delivers Amazing Customer Service #1 video game publisher Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Skylanders $4.8B in revenue 8,000 employees Social Enterprise: Single social profile 24/7 social service Service
  60. 60. Public Social Network Product SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Engage Listen MarketCustomer Social Network Market Listen Engage Product
  61. 61. HP Reaches Customers with the Salesforce MarketingCloud Market on all social channels Social websites Radian6: Social monitoring Heroku: Customer social apps Products: Product social network Market Listen Engage Product
  62. 62. HP Listens to Customers on Social Media Channels with Radian6 #1 Social media monitoring platform Listen, monitor, and engage 50% of Fortune 100 use Radian6 59% increase marketing effectiveness Listen
  63. 63. HP Indigo Connects Machine Data to a Product Social Network Maintenance Engineers Customer Service R&D Service Technicians Customers Product
  64. 64. Social Enterprise Architecture
  65. 65. Become a Social Enterprise TodayEmployee Social Public SocialNetwork Network Social Profile Collaborate Product SOCIAL Work ENTERPRISE Engage Extend Listen Sell Market Service Customer Social Network
  66. 66. THANK YOU