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Metro Student Media 2013 Media kit


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This is the current mediakit for student media at MSU Denver

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Metro Student Media 2013 Media kit

  1. 1. MSU Denver Student Media Media Kit2012–2013
  2. 2. WE ARE LOCAL The majority of our students come from Colorado and WE ARE DIVERSE 37% will stay here after graduation. 86% ETHNIcITy of our students reside in s tify a Denver, Adams, Arapahoe, s iden udent Douglas or Jefferson counties of our st minority nic an eth 19 or younger 14% 33% 25–34 AgE 40% stude nts of our s 20–24 are ag e 5% 8% 35–44 45 or older SEX 54% 46% WE HAVE IMPACTW A N N U A l E c o N o M I c & F I S c A l I M pA c T e are a student-led, multimedia enterprise on the Auraria on STUDENT ENRollMENT eyed e Auraria campus Student Spending Campus. As a learning ground and sounding board for students s surv n AT A U R A R I A c A M p U S st udent w about oat Metropolitan State University of Denver, we support four award-winning of all pus kne ts 48,825 m duc our ca of our pro 90%outlets: The Metropolitan weekly newspaper, KMet Radio Internet station, or more ToTAlThe Met Report television news broadcast and Metrosphere literary and FIScAl IMpAcTarts magazine. $203.9Located in the heart of urban Denver, the Auraria Campus hosts nearly MSU DENVER Million50,000 students, making it the largest campus in Colorado and an 22,976 72%economic powerhouse. Students who learn here annually spend anestimated $203.9 million in the state. UNIVERSITY OF COMMUNITY COLORADO COLLEGE OF dents DENVER DENVER ents ar ia stuMore than half the students on the Auraria Campus choose to study at nd ev of Aur 14,271 11,578 us n ews a ortant toMSU Denver, a fully accredited university offering bachelor’s and master’s Camp are imp $92.6 $75.2 $33 $3.1degrees. For more than 30 years, we have been a voice for students and a MILLION MILLION MILLION MILLION FALL 2012bridge between the worlds of business and education. RETAIL SPENDING HOUSING MEDICAL CARE TRANSPORTATION SoURcES MSU Denver Institutional Research; University of Colorado Denver Institutional Research; Community College of Denver Institutional Research & Planning;2 Development Research Partners, The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the Downtown Denver Auraria Campus; August 2011 Student Media Survey 3
  3. 3. maximize your message THE BRAND THE BRAND SATURATOR INVADER designed to promote your brand  THE EVENT THE EVENT 4 three-fourths page Metropolitan ads (cMyK) 35 quarter-page Metropolitan ads (B&W) PROMOTER LAUNCHER $2,150 $3,063 12 quarter-page Metropolitan ads Metrosphere gold Sponsorship (B&W) $550 designed to promote your event $1,350 Metrosphere gold Sponsorship 150 KMet Radio acknowledgments $550 $600 2 quarter-page Metropolitan ads (B&W) 4 front-page Metropolitan banners 75 KMet Radio acknowledgments 30 Met Report acknowledgments $250 (cMyK) $450 $750 $1,080 10 KMet Radio acknowledgments 15 Met Report acknowledgments $90 20 KMet Radio acknowledgments $450 Medium Rectangle Web ad for 48 weeks $160 $2,400 2 Met Report acknowledgments Rectangle Button Web ad for 16 weeks $100 4 Met Report acknowledgments $480 $150 Square Button Web ad for 2 weeks $30 leaderboard Web ad for 4 weeks Total when purchased separately: $7,363 $200 Total when purchased separately: $5,430 Total with 25% package discount Total with 20% package discount Total when purchased separately: $470 Total when purchased separately: $1,590 Total with 10% package discount $4,344 $5,522 Total with 15% package discount $423 FREE Discover Denver listing in our information kiosk $1,351 save 10% save 15% save 20% save 25%4 M S U D E N V E R S T U D E N T M E D I A   •  303-556-2507  • 5
  4. 4. D I S P L AY A D V E R T I S I N G student newspaper THREE- H A l F - pA g E H A l F - pA g E F U l l pA g E F o U R T H S pA g E H o R I Z o N TA l VERTIcAl T he Metropolitan has been a dynamic media source since 1979, bringing investigative news, opinion, sports, music and entertainment coverage to 10” x 13.875” 7.5” x 10.375” 10” x 6.875” 5” x 13.875” ADD COLOR the Auraria Campus each week. Since its inception, TO THESE the newspaper has won more than 400 regional ADS and national awards for writing, reporting, editing, FOR photography and graphic design. With over 60 $200 distribution points throughout campus and downtown Denver, The Metropolitan is a powerful platform for reaching the student demographic. $500 $375 $250 $250C I R C U L AT I O N FILE SUBMISSION QUARTER oNE-EIgHTH F R o N T pA g E clASSIFIED3,500 issues per week We accept digitally submitted artwork in the following pA g E pA g E BANNER D I S p l Ay formats:The Metropolitan is distributed to more than 60 5” x 6.875” 5” x 3.5” 10” x 1.5” 2.5” x 3.5”locations throughout the Auraria Campus and •  PDF (Acrobat) files, with all fonts and graphics    ADDdowntown Denver. embedded (preferred) COLORFor locations, visit •  EPS or TIFF images at least 300 dpi when sized TO THESE •  InDesign or Illustrator files (CS5 or earlier versions),    ADS with all fonts and images includedWEEKLY DEADLINES FOR $300 Please convert other formats to PDF. Ads must be  $100Ad space reservation electronically submitted.Thursday prior to publication date, by 3 p.m. $125 $65 $30Ad submission PRINTING SPECSMonday prior to publication date, by 3 p.m. Format Short TabloidDoes not apply to ads designed by our creative team. Please ask your printing method Offsetadvertising sales rep for details. page width Four 2.5-inch columns TAKE Frequency DiscountCLASSIFIED ADVERTISING page height Screened materials 14 inches 85 lpi 5% OFF 1 month (4 issues): take 10% off WITH PREPAYMENT 1 semester (16 issues): take 20% off30¢ per word 1 year (35 issues): take 30% off OF YOUR ORDERClassified ads have a maximum of 50 words and must be prepaid. Refunds will not be issued for canceled ads.   May not be applied to color charges2 0 1 2 – 2 0 1 3 P U B L I C AT I O N S C H E D U L E6 M S U D E N V E R S T U D E N T M E D I A   •  303-556-2507  • 7
  5. 5. UNDERWRITING Underwriting supports the development of future media Please note: FCC rules prohibit the use of promotion, television news professionals and demonstrates your commitment value statements, comparative language, price to the community. The Met Report follows FCC rules information, calls to action and/or inducements to buy for nonprofit broadcasters and thanks underwriters    in underwriting acknowledgments. for tax-deductible donations with short, on-air  DJ & MC duties, audio and video production and acknowledgments. Each acknowledgment includes: voiceovers are also available. •  One on-air voiceover (up to 40 words)  acknowledgment of sponsor, including sponsor name, location and contact information, and value- neutral description of the business and/or product •  One on-air, full-screen graphic containing sponsor  logo, location and contact information U N D E R W R I T I N G R AT E S g o l D pA c K A g E S I lV E R pA c K A g E B R o N Z E pA c K A g E 30 Acknowledgments 15 Acknowledgments 4 Acknowledgments One per show for one year One per show for one semester One per show for four weeks FREE Discover Denver listing in our information kiosk $450 $150 ($30 per acknowledgment) ($37.50 per acknowledgment) $750 ($25 per acknowledgment) Single acknowledgment: $50T he Met Report is a weekly television broadcast that OUR REACH AIR TIMES 52,416 covers campus, local and national news. Since itsformation in 2001, The Met Report has evolved into coMcAST AURARIA cAMpUS oNlINEan award-winning news broadcast, earning Heartland cHANNEl 54 cHANNEl 20 www.metrepor t.orgEmmys for Outstanding Student Achievement in 2005  youtube views as of october 2012and 2007. Friday: 12:30 p.m. (live broadcast)  24-hour continuous loop All episodes and segments & 5 p.m. available on demand Sunday–Thursday: noon & 5 p.m.2012–2013 BROADCAST SCHEDULE8 M S U D E N V E R S T U D E N T M E D I A   •  303-556-2507  • 9
  6. 6. internet station UNDERWRITING Underwriting supports the development of future media professionals and demonstrates your commitment to the community. KMet Radio follows FCC rules for nonprofit broadcasters and thanks underwriters for    donations with short, on-air acknowledgments. Each  acknowledgment includes: •  One on-air acknowledgment (up to 40 words) of  sponsor, including sponsor name, location and contact information, and value-neutral description of the business and/or product Please note: FCC rules prohibit the use of promotion, value statements, comparative language, price information, calls to action and/or inducements to buy in underwriting acknowledgments. U N D E R W R I T I N G R AT E S g o l D pA c K A g E S I lV E R pA c K A g E B R o N Z E pA c K A g E 150 Acknowledgments 75 Acknowledgments 20 Acknowledgments 5 per week for 30 weeks 5 per week for 15 weeks 5 per week for 4 weeks Sponsorship of three KMet Radio events $450 $160S tudent-run streams on the Web OUR REACH Sponsor acknowledgment at event, 15,158 24/7 from its studio in the Tivoli Student Union. sponsor logo placed on event ($6 per acknowledgment) ($8 per acknowledgment)The diverse programming found on KMet Radio marketing materials, option tocovers a wide variety of tastes and appeals to a hang banner or poster at eventrange of listeners, with live and prerecorded shows visit trafficproduced weekly. FREE Discover Denver listing A l l pA c K A g E S I N c l U D E A c H o I c E o F 33,189 in our information kiosk WHIcH SHoWS AND/oR EVENTS yoUFor a current programming schedule, please visit WIll page views $600 ($4 per acknowledgment) academic year 2011–2012 5 acknowledgments (1 week): $45 Single acknowledgment: $10 DJ & MC duties, audio and video production and voiceovers are also available.10 M S U D E N V E R S T U D E N T M E D I A   •  303-556-2507  • 11
  7. 7. S P O N S O R S H I P PA C K A G E S literar y and ar ts magazine golD SpoNSoR* SIlVER SpoNSoR* BRoNZE SpoNSoRF U E L A C R E AT I V E E N D E AV O R OUR REACH A l l S p o N S o R S H I p pA c K A g E S I N c l U D E : •   L I S T I N G   I N   A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S   PA G EM 1,000 etrosphere is MSU Denver’s annual literary and arts magazine. Its •  THANK YOU VIA METROSPHERE SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK mission is to collect the very best of student and alumni creativeachievements in a high-quality publication and inspire students to sharetheir work beyond the classroom, workshop or art studio setting. In Full-Page Ad Quarter-Page Ad issues published annually In a section of your choice** In a section of your choice** D o N AT I o N o Fpublication since 1984, Metrosphere received the prestigious Pacemaker Award from the Associated Collegiate Press in 2007 and 2011.  $100 12,763 Presence at sponsorsThe magazine is released in May in correlation with an exhibit at the  table at release party $150 (monetary or in-kind)university’s Center for Visual Art in the nationally known Art District onSanta Fe. A Metrosphere sponsorship signals your support for MSU Logo and listing as sponsor in page views @ *Limited gold and silver sponsorships available. Requests considered onDenver’s creative community. full-screen kiosk ad first-come, first served basis.     academic year 2011–2012 Logo on marketing **Limited section placements available. Requests considered on first-come,    materials first-served basis. Available sections: Poetry, Prose, Drawing, Photography,    for Metrosphere Release Party 2-D Art and 3-D Art. $550 SPONSORSHIP TIMELINE February 1 Deadline for sponsorship reservation February 15 Deadline for logos, art files for ads    May Release Party FILE SUBMISSION We accept digitally submitted artwork in the following formats: •  PDF (Acrobat) files, with all fonts and graphics    embedded (preferred) •  EPS or TIFF images at least 300 dpi when sized •  InDesign or Illustrator files (CS5 or earlier versions),    with all fonts and images included Please convert other formats to PDF. Ads must be  electronically submitted.12 M S U D E N V E R S T U D E N T M E D I A   •  303-556-2507  • 13
  8. 8. KIOSK ADVERTISING Be part of one of the newest resources on our campus. StudentsT he Auraria campus community uses our digital OUR REACH access our interactive, touch-screen kiosk from its home on the first    131,176 network to read, hear and watch our productionsin action. Our comprehensive network, which floor of the busy Student Successincludes websites and social media for each entity, Building. It’s a one-stop shop foralso encourages users to interact with our content in students seeking information—frominnovative and collaborative ways. web page views class schedules, to campus maps, to during academic year 2011–2012 local attractions.ONLINE ADVERTISING •  Ad will link to website of lEADERBoARD 728 x 90 px client’s choice. $50 •  Prices are  per week. FUll BANNER 468 x 60 px $25 FUll-ScREEN RoWDy BUcKS DIScoVER DENVER •  Ads will appear KIoSK AD lISTINg DIREcToRy on four sites: MEDIUM R E c TA N g l E, R E c TA N g l E BUTToN, 1920 x 1080 px 691 x 389 px 691 x 389 px & Your ad will continually flash across Bring in new customers with a Reach students who want to learn 300 x 125 px our can’t-be-missed kiosk, which Rowdy Bucks discount. more about what Denver and the is situated in one of the busiest You decide the terms of your surrounding area has to offer. $30 •  MSU Denver buildings in the MSU Denver discount and we’ll do the rest. As Our directory features restaurants, SQUARE Student Media BUTToN neighborhood. part of your purchase, we will: shopping, nightlife and more. prefers .JPG or  When students touch your listing, 125 x .GIF format ads. •  Add your business name to our  300 x 250 px 125 px front & inside pages $50 Rowdy Bucks kiosk section. a landing page for your business will pop up with a QR code and $50 •  Space is limited pER WEEK •  Create a personalized landing  additional information of your $15 and subject to inside pages only availability. page for your reward. choice. As a thank you, we offer •  Market your reward via our  free listings with investments social media network. in select radio, television and multimedia packages. $30 ask your pER WEEK ad rep14 M S U D E N V E R S T U D E N T M E D I A   •  303-556-2507  • 15
  9. 9. ou�spend�hC �y ollaborate with award-winning A variety of projects, including t brochures, branding, logos, a designers to create powerful er Wh e��promotions for your organization or presentations and marketingevent. Our creative staff will work campaigns are available. Prices with you to maximize your goals,  depend on the complexity and time message and marketing vision. required to complete the project. st e. advertisement design ay s�her FIRST PLACE WINNER The Auraria Campus Bookstore, unlike other 2012 Best Color Auraria bookstores, directly reinvests its resources Campus back into the campus. The Auraria Campus BookstoreSAMPLE PRICING WORK SAMPLES Display Ad Books and more... Bookstore employs students, has a great 303-556-4286 return policy and the largest selection of Open 6 days per week College Newspaper used books. We are conveniently located M–Th 8–6, Fri 8–5, Sat 10–3 at the heart of campus in the Tivoli Student see also: Business & Union. Come check us out! www.aurariabooks.comSIMPLE LOGO $300 Advertisers, Inc. $225 logotype designsFLYER $175I N V I TAT I O N $225 ISSIMPLE PROGRAM(double-sided, letter-size document with fold)POSTCARDADVERTISEMENT $300 $225 $225 NOW HIRING THE FOLLOWING Viet Nam SUPERST RS: In Vietnam soldiers would often carry a small piece of “lucky” ordnance that had helped them or narrowly missed them. Commanders found themselves having to ban the practice, and instead gave away metal advertisement design The Metropolitan Metrosphere Editor coins emblazoned with the unit crest or symbol of significance. When going into a bar, soldiers had to present their lucky piece- or risk having Metropolitan State College of Denver(Ads created for Student Media entities:  to buy drinks for all who did indeed present their lucky piece. The coins Editor-in-chief Responsible for soliciting and judging worked far better in this regard, as they submissions, managing content, design were smaller and not as lethal! 2nd Annualno design charge) and magazine production. Responsible for the editorial content of the weekly Today Veterans Graduation student-run newspaper. Duties include In the Air Force, military training instructors award an Airman’s layout Experience with coin to managing the student editorial staff, assigning new enlisted personnel upon completion of their United States Air Force software and design TALENTS stories, editing copy and working with the Basic Military Training and to new officers upon completionart, their Air Preferred majors: of English, Ceremony & Breakfast production manager on the physical Force Officer Training School. make-up of the newspaper. technical communications or journalismPricing includes meeting with a member of our creative  Some of the ‘rules’ of the Challenge ABILITIES Must have journalism experience A challenge is the most common way to ensure that members are Must be a journalism or English carrying their unit’s coin. The rules of a challenge are not alwaysstaff, up to two concept-development directions, minor major or minor Met Report formalized for a unit, and may vary between organizations. Never forget, the goal of challenge coins is to forge cohesiveness, strengthen friendships, and build camaraderie. The basic ‘rules’ are:revisions to original text and final design files. Printing  Gen. Manager KMet Radio 1. The challenge only applies to those members that have been given a coin formally by their unit. This may lead to some controversy whenTheor working with vendors is not included in the fee. Responsible for the editorial content of challenges are initiated between members Report and management of theand Met of different organizations staff. Manager is not recommended. The general manager also assigns stories,Extra versions, excessive changes or elaborate design  sets deadlines, and is responsible for the Responsible for the day-to-day operations of 2. The challenge, which can be made at any time, begins quality of the show. overall production with the KMet’s web-based station, oversees production challenger drawing his/her coin, and slapping or placing the coin on the table or bar. In noisy environs, continuously rapping the challengerequests will lead to additional charges based on an and programming, and leads the training of a Experience with broadcasting SUPERPOWERS diverse group of DJs. Collaborates over hiring coin on a surface may initiate the challenge. Accidentally dropping a equipment and software, marketing decisions and develops marketing plans. challenge coin is considered to be a deliberate challenge to allproduction and television present.hourly fee of $20. Preferred majors: broadcast 3. Everyone being challenged must immediately produce the coin for SKILLS Experience with broadcasting equipment journalism, speech, technical and software and marketing their organization and anyone failing to do so must buy a round of communications or journalism drinks for the challenger and everyone else who has their challenge coin. However, should everyone challenged be able to produce their coin, the challenger must buy a round of drinks for the group. Apply in person (we’re in TIV 313) Metro State Board of Student Media Attn: Larry Collette, Tivoli 313 or by mail by Friday, April 13, 2012. Engagement & Wellness 173362 Student P Box .O. Campus Box 74, P.O. Box 173362 Campus Box 57 All applicants must be enrolled in at least six credit hours at Metro State, maintain a 2.75+ GPA andTivoli 311 • Denver, CO 80217 have Denver, CO 80217-3362 leadership skills. Questions? Call 303-556-2507. Phone: 303-556-3559 Include a résumé and cover letter, official transcript or most recent grade report, two letters of FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2012 recommendation, and samples of your work. program design poster design16 M S U D E N V E R S T U D E N T M E D I A   •  303-556-2507  • 17
  10. 10. R AT E E L I G I B I L I T Y LEGAL T H E M E T R O P O L I TA NCampus Rate is available to all Metropolitan State • All rates are net and non-commissioned. • Ads are sold only in full-column widths and inUniversity of Denver, University of Colorado Denver • Student Media encourages responsibility and good increments of ½ inch in depth after the first inch.and Community College of Denver students, faculty, taste in advertising and reserves the right to edit or Minimum advertisement size is 1 column by 1 inch.staff, clubs and departments, AHEC departments, reject any advertising copy for any reason at any • Submitted ads that are not sized to the dimensionsstaff, and campus businesses. Nonprofit 501(c) time before publication. specified in this media kit are subject to resizing.organizations are also eligible for the Campus Rate. • Student Media shall be under no liability forFrequency discounts do not apply to this rate. • Any newspaper ad measuring 12 inches or more in late delivery due to printer error or any natural height will be charged for the full height of the page.Local Rate is available for Colorado-based businesses occurrence.and franchises. • Student Media does not accept 900 numbers or • Position requests will be honored when possible.National Rate is charged to businesses based outside public advertising that discriminates on the basis of • No advertisements will be published upside-down, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national sideways or in any other manner not consistent withof Colorado. origin, ancestry, age or disability. traditional newspaper makeup.Our national and campus rates are listed in a separate • Political advertisements are payable in advance, • Advertisements having the appearance of news mustdocument. Ask your advertising sales rep for details. must conform to Colorado campaign-disclosure have the words “Paid Advertisement” printed above laws, and must show clear endorsement (i.e., “Paid and must be bordered.PAY M E N T for by Advertiser”).All sponsorship packages must be prepaid with cash, • In case of error or omission, Student Media’s liability,check, credit card (Visa and MasterCard only) or if any, will not exceed the price for space occupied by the error.FOAP transfer. Make checks payable to MSU DenverStudent Media. • Student Media is not responsible for typographical errors that do not decrease the value of the advertisement.CREDIT & BILLING TERMS • Liability for any error is limited to the first insertion of• A $35 charge will be assessed to any returned check. the erroneous advertisement. Make-good space will• Account balances older than 30 days will be run at the discretion of Student Media. charged a 1.5 percent finance charge (18 percent • All advertisements, sponsorships and underwriting annual). After 60 days, credit will not be extended are accepted at the sole discretion of the respective and the balance must be paid before further editor or general manager. advertising will be accepted. • All agreements must be written and agreed on by• Accounts in default may be turned over to a advertiser and Student Media to be binding. collection agency. If collection services are required, a $250 recovery charge will be added to the advertiser’s final bill and submitted for collection. The advertiser is liable for any and all costs incurred due to collection and legal action. PHOTOS Mike Fabricius: 2, 6, 10, 12, 13, 15 Rachael Stamps: 818 M S U D E N V E R S T U D E N T M E D I A   •  303-556-2507  • 19
  11. 11. metrostudentmedia.comE M A I L studentmedia@msudenver.eduPHONE 303-556-2507FAX 303-556-3421LOC A T I O N Tivoli Student Union, #313 900 Auraria Parkway Denver, CO 80204local advertisers 1.0