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Question 4


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Question 4

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. I used YouTube to research existing music videos. Due to the wide range of videos on YouTube I was able to look at independent alternative Hip Hop videos and also student videos made of the same genre. YouTube was an important element in helping influence what we wanted in our music video. I used the Apple Mac to document any information I found. It was where I accessed all the software I used. I think the Mac was the most important technology I used because it allowed me to access everything that helped with my course work. I used Blogger as my virtual book. I was able to document all my research, planning etc on my blog. I believe that this piece of software is the one I have advanced in the most. I have used it for 2 years and have been able to learn all the elements of it. Microsoft Office was another key software I used in my research stage. I Used it when I wanted to collate all my documents onto one page.
  3. 3. One of the main software I used during my planning stage was Prezi. It is a great software to use for presentations and it is also exciting visually compared to others. It allowed what I was doing to be more interactive and gave me a variety of ways in which I could demonstrate my work. In our planning stage we also advanced in the technology we used. We used the Sony cameras to film test shots such as our lip sync trial and vox pops of what our target audience wanted. I think it was great preparation for when we used the Samsung cameras in the construction stage. I also used Voki, a software I had previously used. It also allowed me present my ideas in a different form. It gave me the opportunity to hear any ideas and preparations I had made. I used Animoto to create a virtual mood board. It is one of my favourite software I used in the planning stage. It’s a good visual tool to show all your thoughts and ideas. Although it was my first time working with it it was very user friendly.
  4. 4. Infographics was a new piece of software I used during the planning stage. It is a great tool to present data and create graphs, charts etc. Although I found it slightly complicated to use It was still useful in organising the data I gathered from my target audience. Survey Monkey is a great software for creating surveys, questionnaires etc. I used it to create a questionnaire for my audience. It help me gather the important information I needed in order to make my music video and ancillary texts appealing to its audience. I used Dafont to create the texts used across mu ancillary texts. It wasn’t complicated to use and helped a large part as we used the font as a constant concept through out. IT was used as synergy for our artists. Because we associated it with our artist.
  5. 5. The Samsung SLR camera played a crucial role through out my coursework, but especially in the construction stage. We used it to film our music video and take pictures for our ancillary texts. We were also able to use built in filters from the camera to film our work. The tripod was used to help stabilise our camera. It helped us produce footage to a professional standard. Final Cut Express is the main tool we used for editing. We used it for our music video, it helped us create the pace and mood we wanted. We were able to add filters and distortions that helped us conform to conventions of the alternative hip hop genre. Photoshop was used to create our digipak. We were able to manipulate images and add filters to them in order to create the dark and mysterious mood we wanted.
  6. 6. Wix was used to construct our website. It was the first time I used it, however I found it very user friendly. I was able to incorporate our video’s concept to create synergy. We used the dolly for tracking shots so that it would appear smoothly.
  7. 7. I used Slide Share to import my word documents and PowerPoint presentations. It makes it easier to present. I used PowToons as it is a good animated way to present work. It makes it engaging.