How to teach employees on concepts of working capital?


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  • In the opening screen one logs in with the NT user id and password. This allows the system to keep track where the user has reached
  • Hence when one logs in, the system gets the user back to the same point he started from.
  • You are welcomed into the case and told of the theory button to go into the theory and case details to go into the case.
  • The present situation at BSL is first brought out. There is rough weather at BSL after its amalgamation with Ever Glow Bulbs Limited
  • BSL has been defaulting in payments recently and hence they were under scrutiny.
  • From the data provided by BSL you have to prepare the CMA or the credit monitoring arrangement and also arrive at the lending decision for BSL.
  • The complete process is presented in the next slide
  • The balance sheet is the starting point of the analysis.
  • As one scrolls the complete sheet is presented
  • You have a button to get a printer friendly button in case you need a printout of this large amount of data.
  • This is the starting point of the case.
  • Similarly you have to analyze the annexures to the balance sheet.
  • This gives us the complete picture of BSL.
  • Then you fill up the data in the form. Incase you get it wrong it point to the right part of the data. Incase you still do not get it, it gives you the data. In this case it is 8080.
  • At any stage you can save or print the data to make sure you have the data next time you log on.
  • Moving through the data as you get wrong and right values you fill up the form in preparation for the CMA.
  • After the system guides you with the right data, you are in a position to take off.
  • The data in red is to be corrected as you move on.
  • Some data fields are summation of previous field hence are disabled and filled up automatically.
  • Thus referring to the links like P&L, Balance Sheet and Notes one moves ahead.
  • Like other forms here the Debt Service Coverage Ratio is shown.
  • The next few screens give the data in graphical format.
  • The credit appraisal consists of qualitative and quantitative data. This form shows the qualitative data.
  • The second part of the form is filled here.
  • Finally the quantitative data is filled and this is the way ahead.
  • Finally the decision on break of Bank Finance in the form of CC, BP/BD, WCTL etc is got.
  • Finally at the end your decision with the experts suggestion can be compared for the final learning
  • How to teach employees on concepts of working capital?

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