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5 “must do” for the learning industry in the trump era


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We are going to witness a change in learning industry after an unlikely victory of Mr. Trump in the US presidential elections. Here we will find out what this change means to us in the learning industry and what to expect from this regime change.

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5 “must do” for the learning industry in the trump era

  1. 1. Volume 1 | Issue 5 16th November 2016 Aggressive Business expectations Preparing for lower commitment time – Trump era
  2. 2. We have broken this article into 4 parts  Past  Present  Future  Solution
  3. 3. • Past Some traits being seen by Mr. Donald Trump are Breaking convention This is shown by his unclear approach to accepting defeat. Bringing internal unrest The protests after his election is an indication of this. Divisive His approach to Islam and long standing NATO alliance may be a step in this direction Shrinking direction His approach of Americanisation may be a protectionist attitude Inconsistent The change in stance on abortion is to be considered
  4. 4. • Past (cont.) Intolerance The alleged behaviour towards women, Islam, NATO and joke on handicapped journalist may be a warning for us Law and society not sacrosanct The string of law suits against him specially one against Trump University may be his respect for society Larger picture ignored The non commitment to environment and law is to be considered
  5. 5. • Present The world is blindly playing - follow the leader. Currently USA is the world super power and will influence the ecosystem in its various forms.
  6. 6. • Future We need to be prepared with the following approaches Show results from learning Results speak for themselves when confronted with intolerant and opportunist attitudes Innovate and justify The environment is going to encourage breaking convention. Conviction of purpose When one is confronted with divisive and internal unrest ones conviction is tested to the ultimate Self sustaining budgets as far as possible When the larger picture is ignored money speaks Fire fighting preparedness This is the only answer to inconsistent direction
  7. 7. •Solution Conviction of purpose is the single most important attitude to be nurtured . This is so because in the absence of results, commitment to long term innovation, lower budgets and continuous fire fighting is the answer or cure-all. •Summary Conviction is extremely important in the Trump era.
  8. 8. Author Prashant Khanna Director & Co-founder Enhance Systems Private Limited Delight through learning Feel free to visit for details, learning case studies and demos.