The Bookseller / FutureBook Conference


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An introduction to Enhanced Editions, delivered at the London Bookseller Magazine's futureBook conference in December 2009.

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The Bookseller / FutureBook Conference

  1. 1. Enhanced Editions The evolution of the bookThe Bookseller Digital Peter CollingridgeConference 2009
  2. 2. 1. Enhanced Editions: Team 2 Our team is made up of experts in publishing, technology, strategy, A proposal design, film-making and mobile application programming. This combination of publishing, production and technology expertise ensures• Peter Collingridge has 12 years experience in • Jim Bonner has worked as a management trade publishing, web, technology, and digital consultant for the past 5 years, including 5 marketing, working at Canongate Books, publishing industry projects with Apt Studio. Screenbase Media and Apt Studio. He has an MBA from London Business School. He was named in the Evening Standard’s “Most Influential” in publishing, and has been • David Graham has worked in the publishing shortlisted for the British Council’s Young industry for 20 years. He was Managing Publishing Entrepreneur award. Enhanced Director of Canongate Books from Editions will be featured as one of Wallpaper* 1998-2006, and Granta Publications from magazine and Wolff Olins’ “Ten Companies 2006 - 2009. That Will Change The World in 2010” • Other members of the team have award-• Rhys Cazenove studied Computer Science winning design and typographic experience; and Artificial Intelligence, and worked with many years in web and publishing Peter at Screenbase Media from 1999-2003 development; and the development team are before moving to MTV as Product Director. ex-Apple.
  3. 3. 2. Why the iPhone? 3A proposalThe Challenge Competitors Landscape MissionHow to bring e-Ink devices Most apps “Thinkliterature to a are great for simply aim to Different” aboutdevice that heavy reading, recreate the the readingshares many of but not great book experienceour senses: for attracting experience• Eyes new readers• Ears• Mouth• Knows where it is• Knows which way it is pointing?
  4. 4. 2.1 The iPhone opportunity 4 The iPhone has quickly emerged as a high value distribution channel A proposal offering rights holders an ability to tap into an attractive user base and unparalleled potential for innovation Market Attributes Evidence1. Large, engaged user base — • 70m iPhone and iPod Touch devices sold in over 70 countries growing fast • Growing at 250% / year • Expanding across networks2. Premium customers • Most aged 22-44; well-educated, higher than average income • But — also growing fast in teen and business3. App store potential only just • Over 2 billion App downloads in 15 months becoming apparent • 75,000 Apps in store • 70% paid-for Apps • $1m Apple revenue per day • Other networks desperate to emulate this success Source: Greystripe iPhone Consumer Research; Apple
  5. 5. 2.2. iPhone for Reading 5 Books and reading are proving to be one of the iPhone’s “killer’ apps; A proposal however we think the device’s full potential remains untapped Insight Evidence Observation• Backlit touch screen,wireless • By mid 2009: • Amazon’s acquisition of Stanza purchase and “halo effect” • Stanza: > 2m confirmed iPhone’s strength in have made iPhone a hit with • Kindle: < 1m books readers — and a surprise entry • Sony: < 500k into the e-reading space• Books are fastest growing App • # of unique apps grew almost • Books are already successful category; they now outnumber 3x in last 3 months on the iphone — and people games as the largest category pay for them. There appears to on the app store • Books now outnumber games be a recognition of the inherent on the app store value of the book.• The research to the right suggests that consumers are • Category % Paid % Free • However, all apps remain not only willing to pay for resolutely focused on books, they expect to do so. • Games 22% 25% recreating the book Compare this to news, music and social network which have • Books 14% 3% • Education 7% 4% • Possibility to meet fuller the opposite perceived value • Travel 6% 3% potential and create further • Music 2% 5% value by creating dedicated • Soc. Network 1% 4% enhancements for carefully • News 1% 3% selected products. Source: O’Reilly
  6. 6. 3. Introducing Enhanced Editions
  7. 7. 4. Core Features 7The core features of all Enhanced Editions apps create a new userexperience that is unrivalled at the cutting edge of digital media andreading. Read Listen Watch UpdateThe book Audiobook Video Exclusive UpdatesBeautiful, Switch to Watch videocustomisable audiobook inline or as Receivetypography on and read separate exclusivetilt-to-scroll along with chapters. updates frompages. the text, or the authorAdjust type listen on its DVD “Extras” direct to yoursize, settings own. for books. phone.and day / nightmode. Never loseBookmark and your place.send quotes toa friend via
  8. 8. A. Case Study: The Death of Bunny Munro, by Nick Cave 8
  9. 9. Impact: Bunny Munro by Nick Cave 9 A proposal (£14.99) has been the most visible publication for a new title Bunny Munro in the UK, with media coverage, reviews, and sales all pointing towards an exciting and viable new channel (and business model) for a product that delights consumers and rights holders.• “Fantastically impressive. Its masterly After first week sales: extraordinary and brilliant. So well conceived and devised. I love the elements • Top 5 in “Books” category (where it is 20x that have been brought together. ” more expensive than the average app) Stephen Fry • Top 30 in “Highest Grossing”• “In coming years we may look back on Bunny Munro as the book with which digital • Featured by Apple, globally on front page publishing came of age.” The Bookseller • Media coverage in most UK broadsheets• “Ive always been very sceptical of eBooks. and both print and online coverage This is simply breathtaking. All for the price internationally of a standard hardback. I would definitely urge you to buy this.” User • International English language release with cooperation of overseas publishers• “This is how audiobooks should be on iTunes!” User • UK highest sales location, followed by US (growing fast)• “This is a fantastic way to read a book. Filled with the best features an ebook • Unanimous consumer delight
  10. 10. App store reviews for full book 1045 written reviews. “This is the future of “I spent £15 on a pdf file that scrolls up and down when tilted. Im sure there was supposed to audiobooks. The format is be sound! Where is it? - Video and loadsa stuff that has been mentioned. Well Im not stupid. 36x fantastic, you can alternate Downloaded, installed and its just the equivelent of a pdf. WTF is all the hype about. 4x between reading and listening I really expected something spesh and thats why I paid the money. Whats the deal? 2x to Caves excellent narration. £15 on a text file.................” 1x Videos of him reading also UK 2x included. The book is graphic immediate and haunting. The “An excellent story that comes with a whole lot of bells and whistles. Personaly, I do find that the only reason Im not giving it 5 price is a nbit steep & Im a tad bothered by just how much space this rather large app takes“The book itself is fantastic, stars is its a little buggy from up,.. But those details aside, the product itself is excellent.but the integration of the time to time. Very happy I Excellent story, awesome reading of the story,.. If I could change anything itd be for the app totheme music, the narration/ shelled out the $$$ for this.” be accessable via iPod audiobooks on the iPhone. But that might not be a possible book, cool extras like CANADA Anways, I hope that more unique stories get released in this fashion and I hope that future similarNick Cave "performing" the releases get a price drop.” “Fantastic story and methodbook, and really useful USA of delivery. Only one smallfeatures including the ability to gripe as previously mentioned, “Nick Cave is his own sort of genius and this is fantastic. Ebook. Audio book. Video quotes from within the why does it require user input Tick. Given where ebooks are today I think this is a wonderful evolution. It could be moretext of the book, sophisticated to follow on to the next interactive/collaborative, but in fairness Im thinking of a book that doesnt quite exist (at leastsynched bookmarking, and an chapter?? Can we have an not on an iPhone). Its $30 and its 850mb and its worth every cent.”up to date newsfeed make update to sort this out pls. AUSTRALIAthis the new (and hard to beat) As for the Reading part this isstandard for the book as app. “Sensational... You can tell everything has been lovingly crafted here. The choice of text/ audio/ the first e-book I haveIm really blown away. Well both (interspersed with video) keeps the momentum going for the attention-span-challenged purchased prefering properworth the price of admission. amongst us; the transitions and auto-bookmark features make for a seamless experience. The tangible books, but am nowAnd, Im really looking forward package looks great; the lay-out and font are well attended to. And to have the option of Mr converted due to not having toto future offerings from Cave reading his own flowingly, profanely poetic text in its entirety- and also provide the have another light source orEnhanced Editions.” background music- is something else. Very very impressed; highly recommended! [Looking squinting with a torch as wifeUSA forward to more from this crew- I see a couple of David Simon (The Wire) books are in the sleeps. Cant really“Ive read the first three understand the pricing of e- pipeline!]”chapters; its been great. books though given the only AUSTRALIATotally immersive, I think real cost is in delivery of the “After spending this much money and having to clear so much space on my phone I exepect abooks should all be done this data yet almost always costs little more considertion on the interface. The designers who put this app together have used offway. But this isnt a more than the physical book, the shelf iphone menu styling and transitions which cheapens the whole experience.gimmick...everything is done but thats another story......” That said it has some nice features and the content is all there where it complete what is a brilliant UK The videos must be what really tips the scale on this HUGE app and with them not being thebook to read. £15? Its been complete book Ill have to watch them in conjunction with reading and the book with the voiceworth it.” “Book 2.0 - text, audio and video beautifully combined. over.UK Im sure this will be the first of many artists making iPhone concept albums” Im so happy Cave went for this format.” UK SWEDEN
  11. 11. Twitter chat 11 “iPhone app is pretty cool. So many “Nick Cave novel The Death Of Bunny “Just downloaded Nick Caves new ebook features to enhance the book” Munro av as iphone app, inc text, audio & app "Bunny Munro." Cant wait.” @alisanader video (via @cynhatch @sitepointdotcom) how cool!” “combined ebook/ audiobook is very @shellemusic “Downloaded the Nick Cave iPhone app nicely done.” for Death of Bunny Munro. The book set @timdifford “I cant believe The Death of Bunny to awesome Nick Cave music. Im about Munroe is the same price in smiths as it is as excited as I get.” “Let us know when Sum is released on the iPhone apps. iPhone apps it is. @owenjayplease. Bunny Munro is fantastic. Kudos Nick Cave read to me.”to you for a job well done. Let Cave know @drew692 “Cant decide what format I want "The too” Death of Bunny Munro" in... The US cover @SMontalbano “listening to bunny munro iPhone app on sucks. The iPhone app looks awesome the commute, being slowly perved out by (but its expensive).”“Checking out the Death of Bunny Munro sinister jackanory from parallel universe” @benkerneyon the iPhone ahead of Mr Caves visit on @bodjamac Monday” “meanwhile, NEW nick cave is Bunny @pbenson “I enjoyed it as an enhanced book but Munro... a book as an iphone app, fuck would buy the next Bunny Munro only if me its the future for £14.99 with a rabbit“I have to admit that the Nick Cave Bunny it had unabridged audio: that was the best on the front.” Munro combined ebook/audiobook is bit for me.” @jippso very nicely done. Try the free sampler.” @twittizenkane @timdifford “Nick Cave: Death of Bunny Munro “yep! which is my more publishers need to Enormously Liberating: The Death of “i am a huge fan of the guys who did offer more channels to get at that book - Bunny Munro is a novel and anbunny munro (and saw print edition in the like the iphone app of Bunny Munro - audiobook, it’s a”wild yesterday!). they had a plan going in.” genius” @iphonejailbreak @booksquare @nextread “23 to go + Midnight Man/Nick Cave & the “Bought my first e-book for iPhone: "The Bad Seeds (also...Bunny Munro is quite Death of Bunny Munro" by Nick Cave. It possibly the best reason ever to get an contains full text, audiobook, and videos iphone/ipodtouch)” of Cave reading...” @carolinealex @romanstanek