japanese 5-s 5-s techniques shining shitsuke seiri sorting seiketsu seiso set in order seiton 5-s ohsas electrical sub stations ohs management system sub stations staff occupational health and safety first aid presentation bangla hrm human resources case study furniture bangladesh principle of motion motion economy motion study 5-s competition 5-s scoring 5-s check sheet 5-s audit level of 5-s 5-s staus standerdization sustaining qcc guideline kaizen team tqm implementation format action plan qcc reporting foramt quality control circle action plan work improvement team gantt chart smart brain storming 5w 1h questioning technique cause-effect diagram check sheet matrix diagram problem solving tools fish-bone diagram flow chart pareto diagram standardization sustain examples of 5-s housekeeping types of workplaces kai zen poka-yoke kaizen and management continuous improvement kaizen change for better implementation process qcc framework total quality management quality control circle tqm life without 5-s different think different creative think outside the box innovatiove
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