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The pelicans ESL primary school presentation


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The pelicans ESL primary school presentation

Published in: Education
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The pelicans ESL primary school presentation

  1. 1. The pelicans are birds.  They are carnivores.  They are white and black.  They aren’t friendly. 
  2. 2. They’ve got a big mouth.  They’ve got two wings to fly.  They’ve got very small eyes.  They sometimes gather in groups. 
  3. 3. The pelicans live on the coast.  They live in all continents, except Antartica.  They live in warm areas.  They don’t live in Polar areas. 
  4. 4. Pelicans eat all types of small and medium fish.  They also eat amphibians (like frogs) and crustaceans (like crabs).  They sometimes even eat small birds. 
  5. 5. They can fly high.  They can swim.  They can catch many fish with their big mouths.  They can’t jump. 
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  7. 7.  …imal s/birds/pelica...  