Giant squid proyect


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Giant squid proyect

  1. 1.  Giant squid are molluscum. They are carnivors. There are 8 species of giant squid. They are dangerous. They are weighs 140 kg and has tentacles of6,5 m in legth.
  2. 2.  They’ve got long tentacles. They’ve got 8 arms. They’ve got two long tentacles. They’ve got two eyes. They have not teeth. They have three mouths.
  3. 3.  They inhabit all oceans of the world. They live in the deep sea, so it’s very difficult tosee them.
  4. 4.  Giant squid eat fish ( whiting, lilies, abyssalfish, etc… ) crustaceans and other smallercephalopods.
  5. 5.  They can swim very fast. They can hunt their prey. They can’t jump out of water.
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