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Précis writing


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Précis writing

  1. 1. Précis Writing Abstract Outline Synopsis
  2. 2. Definition Summary of a written text. Compressing an idea . Restating in few words as possible Shortened form of the main points of a text.
  3. 3. Aspects Meaning LanguageLength
  4. 4. Meaning Read the passage carefully. Grasp the central theme Give a suitable title. Pickoutthemainpoints,omitdetails. Givelogicalsequenceandcoherence.
  5. 5. Language Use your own words. Avoid expressions used in the text. Write in full sentences & avoid telegraphic language. Use indirect speech. Write as third (3rd) Person. Avoid personal opinions. Avoid quotations.
  6. 6. Length Aims at compression so length should be one-third of the number of words.
  7. 7. How to reduce length Avoid all illustrations/examples. Avoid figures of speech. Avoid emphatic sentences. Use a single word for a group of words. Use the method of substitution.
  8. 8. Now try one .........