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  1. 1. Connectors Linkers Conjunctions
  2. 2. Connectors Coordinating Subordinating
  3. 3. Coordinating Connectors Join two independent statements or two statements of equal rank
  4. 4. Coordinating conjunction of Addition And, both...and, as well as, no less than, not only....but also
  5. 5. Examples And The weather was fine and the sea was calm. Both..and She is both intelligent and hardworking. As well as He as well as his brother is sincere. No less than He is no less bright than his sister. Not only ...but also The train was not only late but also fully packed.
  6. 6. Coordinating conjunction of Contrast But, still, yet, neverthel ess, whereas, while, on ly
  7. 7. Examples But The jolts were severe but he was safe. Still/yet I was angry still/yet I didn’t scold him. Nevertheless We were very tired; nevertheless, we continued the work. whereas Wise men prefer virtue whereas fools prefer beauty. Only I am all right, only I am tired.
  8. 8. Coordinating conjunction of choice Or, either,..or, neither ...nor, otherwise, else
  9. 9. Examples Or You must apologise or you will be dismissed. Either...or We can either walk down or take a bus. Neither..nor He is neither lazy nor careless. Otherwise/else Hurry up else/otherwise you will be late for the school.
  10. 10. Coordinating conjunction of reasoning For, so , therefore
  11. 11. Examples For She will rise in life for she is sincere and hardworking. So/therefore He did not report in time so/therefore he was not selected.
  12. 12. Subordinating connectors Join two statements one of which is dependent on the other
  13. 13. That She said that she was confident of her success. I am afraid that I will not be able to come. If/whether She asked me if I had sufficient woollens for the winter. They wanted to know whether i could accept the proposal.
  14. 14. •We felt thrilled when our team won the match. •I will give him your message whenever I see him. •The gates were locked after the guests had left. •Celebrations had started before the results were formally announced. •Turn of the gas as soon as water starts boiling. •She has not written to me since she left. •Father asked me to stay at home till he returned. •I came across an old friend as I was walking to the school. •He checked the accounts while I took a cup a tea.
  15. 15. She found her bag where she had left it in the shop. Wherever he goes, he wins respect I prefer to live in hilly areas because the climate there suits me. Electric supply to his house has been disconnected as/since the dues were not paid. He spoke so fast that I could not take down any notes. He is wearing a woollen coat lest he should catch cold. You will be confirmed if your job is up to the mark. You will not be allowed unless you buy a ticket.
  16. 16. He is humble though he is rich. Although he lost heavily yet he did not lose heart. I shall not betray my country even if I have to sacrifice my life. He is as clever as his brother. He behaved as if he were angry. Anu is cleverer than her sister. No sooner did I begin my work than the lights went off. She had hardly recovered from the trauma when she met with an accident.