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Rapido Englanti3


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Probably the best day surgery operating table in the world! Europa Medical +44 (0) 845 658 4328

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Rapido Englanti3

  1. 1. Rapido Operating tables
  2. 2. Rapido Rapido is the ideal operating trolley for the busy day surgery unit. Lightweight and easy to use and clean, the Rapido reduces manual handling and improves efficiency in the operating theatre and ward. The open design ensures optimum surgical access and easy use of x-ray and other imaging equipment. A wide range of accessories are available to enable you to undertake a wide range of day surgery and minor surgical procedures. C-arm access is quick and easy on the Rapido making it ideal for use in the Endoscopy department for use ERCP. The soft body conforming mattresses ensure patient comfort and are easily removed for cleaning. Height settings hydraulic and gas spring aided adjustments. Wide table top with anti-static, soft, body-conforming mattress, easy to clean. Promote more comfort on recovery for the patient. Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg adjustments in the handles X-ray cassette rails - full X-ray capability in each section. Easy reach for all the adjustment pedals and levers Open design allows easy access to the patient, thus providing ergonomic working positions for the surgery team. Provide adequate legroom and a good working area for the surgical staff. The lower base is housed within a hygienic, easy to clean casing which stands up well impacts. The operating height can be adjusted smoothly and quietly to the desired height. The wide range of height adjustments ensures optimum positioning for the surgeon Rapido is easy to manoeuvre. The large, antistatic and nursing personnel and ensure that patients with limited mobility can get on twin castors glide smoothly on a variety of floor and off the Rapido with ease. surfaces. Positioning of the table in confined spaces is easy. Central locking. 2 Versatile and functional operating table
  3. 3. RAPIDO Eye-ENT Operating Table is specially designed for ophthalmic - and ENT surgery. In this model table top adjustments have been moved to the foot end of the table, only head- and back sections are controlled from the head end. Head- and back section The table’s standard Ophthalmic Head Rest (18150) adjustments are controlled from the can be adjusted for height and angle using a handy head end of the table joint mechanism. A special feature on the Rapido Eye-ENT operating table is the angling in of the back section at the patient’s shoulder. This design allows the operating surgeon and surgical team to work in optimal proximity to the operation site. More space at operating area - Adjustments for height, side tilt, leg section and Trendelenburg are all at the foot end of the table The accessory rails at the shoulder allow for the effective use of auxiliary equipment. The placement of adjustment controls provides ample space under the table for both the feet of the operating surgeon and any required auxiliary equipment, such as microscopes, suction devices and their foot-operated control switches, Mayo tables, etc. The table’s standard Ophthalmic Head Rest The specially contoured Merivaara ENT Head Optional head rests include the Special Head (18150) can be adjusted for height Rest (18143) and standard Rapido Head Rest Rest for Ophthalmology (18151), whose (range: +135… -0 mm above the mattress (18101) can also be used with the operating double-joint mechanism allows for a wider surface) and angle (range: +90°… -40°) using table. Adjustment angles +25°… -45°. adjustment range than the 18150 head rest a handy joint mechanism. –height: +265 … -175 mm above the mattress surface; and angle: +90°… -60°. Rapido Eye-ENT Operating table 3
  4. 4. Rapido A wide range of surgical procedures are now undertaken in Day Surgery. Fast and efficient Day Surgery eliminates the need for patients to stay in hospital overnight greatly reducing operating costs. The Rapido is a patient trolley, operating table and recovery chair all in one unit. It eliminates the need for separate pieces of equipment saving space, reducing capital equipment and maintenance costs. From Admission to Discharge the patient remains on the Rapido which reduces the risk of infection and ensures faster recovery times. Surgical procedures • Mobile Rapido table is easy to position in the OP-theatre • Rapido is light to manoeuvre • Standard OP-table accessories can be used with Rapido • Easy access for local anaesthesia OP-theatre Pre-operative treatment • Patient meets surgeon and/or nurse to define Patient Ward the needed treatment • OP theatre not blocked-up at this point • Normally for operations lasting 2 - 3 hours • Patient has to be fit and healthy 4
  5. 5. Hospital benefits • patient safety • no patient transfers • reduce purchasing costs • increase economic efficiency • when building new departments significant space savings Patient benefits • patient safety -no patient transfers • minimize the risk for hospital bacteria • faster recovery • less influence on daily life Nurse benefits • no lifting of the patient (patient stays on the same trolley the whole procedure) • Rapido is stable yet light to transport • easy configuration for the table • no lifting for heavy table top sections Recovery Post-operative care • Faster recovery due to minimized anaesthesia • Rapido is compact in size -> more trolleys fit in the recovery room than beds Day Surgery Process with Rapido 5
  6. 6. Rapido Divided leg section 1000 18261 Gyn/Uro extension 1000 18153 Light foot rest 1000 18001 The swing-down, detachable side rails, chromed or epoxy coated X-ray cassette tray Bowl (6 l) Order no: 1000 18173 chromed, 1000 18174 epoxy coated 1000 18126 with drainage 100 201572 without drainage 100 201571 Wire utility basket for utilities Oxygen bottle holder paper roll holder for Rapido 18572 push bars to foot end 18168 1000 18183 2 l 1000 18188 5 l 1000 18189 Infusion rod 749, order no 1000 00749 Optional head rests include the Special Head The specially contoured Merivaara ENT Head Rest Storage holder for infusion rod Rest for Ophthalmology (18151), with double- (18143) order no 1000 18578 joint mechanism Separate brochure available for Merivaara Operating Table Accessories 6 Accessories
  7. 7. 654 600 DIMENSIONS • length: 2050 mm • width: 600 mm (mattress), total widht 654 mm • weight: 125 kg 693 • safe working load SWL: 160 kg ADJUSTMENTS 2050 • height 650–1020 mm, hydraulically with foot pedals • lateral tilt ±15°, gas spring-assisted • back section – 4…+ 70°, gas spring-assisted • leg section – 90…+ 4°, gas spring-assisted 650 –1020 • Trendelenburg –25°, anti-Trendelenburg +18°, gas spring- assisted • head rest – 40…+ 25° TABLE TOP/COLUMN/BASE • 4 sections / 5 sections (divided foot section) • fixed back and seat sections • leg and head sections detachable 70° • top plate of X-ray translucent high pressure laminate • X-ray cassette rails along the full length of the surgical surface • soft antistatic, 70 mm separate mattress set fixed to the table with velcro tapes • accessory rails of stainless steel 4° • casings of shock-resistant ABS plastic • antistatic castors Ø 150 mm, washable, swivelling twin-castors, central locking device pedal Eye-ENT COMPARISON WITH STANDARD RAPIDO • table top of 3 sections + head section (fixed foot section) • length; mattress 2000 mm, total 2110 mm 18° • leg section – 50…+ 4°, gas spring-assisted • head rest 18150 – 35…+ 90° • no lateral tilt 25° Warranty 3 years 4° 2110/ENT table 2000/ENT table 650 – 1020/ENT table 90° Technical specification 7
  8. 8. markprint 30100/08/2009 2500 Rights to model and structural changes reserved. Merivaara Corp. Puustellintie 2, FI-15150 LAHTI, FINLAND Tel. +358 3 3394 611, fax +358 3 3394 6144