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Canada paula


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English Speaking countries

Published in: Education
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Canada paula

  1. 1. FESTIVITIES – In Canadá the popular festivities are Carnaval de Quebeç, Yukon Quest, Strattford Festival, Calgary Stampede, International Jazz Festival, Klondike Days, Acadien Festival and Oktoberfest.
  2. 2. GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION AND LANGUAGES – Canadá’s geographical location is North American. – In Canadá the languages are: French and English
  3. 3. TYPICAL FOOD – Canadian food comes from the indigenous culture – Canadian cuisine is also apart of French cuisen and Englis.
  4. 4. FAMOUS PEOPLE – Celien Dion. -Martin Short – Mike Mayers. -Ryan Reynolds – William Shather. -Keanu Reeves – Dan Aykroyd -Matthew Perry – Hayden Christensen – Michael J. Fox – Leslie Nielsen
  5. 5. MONUMENTS AND SPORTS – The more important monuments of Canada are :National War Memorial,The Basilical de Notre Dame, Chateau Frontenac. – The sports are Hockey, Football, Baseball,Basketball,Rugby,Snowbording and
  6. 6. THE CLIMATE -In Canada the climate is could. -In summer do 25•C and raininan -And the normal temperature is 18•C
  7. 7. FLAG AND CURRENCY – The flag is red an blanc wiht clover red: – And the currency have one clover: