English 83 r week 5 day 2 092613


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English 83 r week 5 day 2 092613

  1. 1. English 83R 9/26/13 E.Buchanan Supporting Details & Implied Main Idea
  2. 2. What amazing product did Claude C. Hopkins Invent? a. Sony Televisions b. Pepsodent Toothpaste c. Dell Computers d. The iPhone
  3. 3. Agenda • Topic & Main Idea Quiz • Supporting Details & Implied Main Idea using Habit, Ch. 3 • CONNECT Lab – Contract #1 due today at end of class
  4. 4. Topic & Main Idea Quiz • Please clear your desk for the quiz. • No talking during the quiz • Upon completion, please place it on the front counter, and then continue reading The Power of Habit. We will be working in Chapter 3: “The Golden Rule of Habit Change”
  5. 5. Supporting Details • On Tuesday, we discussed Supporting Details. • To review: • Supporting details are the evidence—such as reasons, examples, facts, and steps—that backs up main ideas. These details help you understand main ideas. • There are two levels of supporting details: • Main items of support are called major details. Pay special attention to them. • Major details themselves are sometimes supported with information called minor details.
  6. 6. Supporting Details • Let’s look at one of the paragraphs in Ch. 3 of Habit – page 61 the third paragraph “Tony Dungy…” • What is the main idea of this paragraph? • “Tony Dungy had waited an eternity for this job.” • What is the first major supporting detail? • “For seventeen years… • What is the second major supporting detail? • “Four times in the past…” • Both of these sentences support the main idea which discusses Dungy’s long wait for this job.
  7. 7. Supporting Details • In the paragraph starting out “Part of the problem…” what is the topic of the paragraph? • How many times do you see this word (or a form of it?) • Remember, the topic will be seen usually more than once in a paragraph. • Which part of the habit loop did Dungy want to change in the players? • Routine
  8. 8. Supporting Details • Paragraph 3 on page 62 starts out with the main idea: “His coaching strategy embodied an axiom, a Golden Rule of Habit Change that study after study has shown is among the most powerful tools for creating change.” • Read the remainder of the page and create three supporting details for the above main idea.
  9. 9. “Hiscoachingstrategyembodiedanaxiom,aGoldenRuleof HabitChangethatstudyafterstudyhasshownisamongthe mostpowerfultoolsforcreatingchange.” 1. Must keep the old cue 2. Provide the same reward 3. Insert a new routine 4. Influence treatment for alcoholism, obesity, etc.
  10. 10. “Hiscoachingstrategyembodiedanaxiom,aGoldenRuleofHabitChange thatstudyafterstudyhasshownisamongthemostpowerfultoolsfor creatingchange.” 1. You must keep the old cue, deliver the old reward, but start a new routine. 2. Almost any behavior can be transformed if the cue and reward stay the same. 3. The Golden Rule has influenced treatments for alcoholism, obesity, etc.
  11. 11. Implied Main Idea • By now we have a good understanding of what the stated main idea is, right? • “What is the author’s one most important point about the topic.” • Well, sometimes the author does not provide a main idea. Instead, the reader has to figure this out on his/her own. • The author’s key point is in the paragraph, but you will need to carefully read it in order to understated what the author is implying. • What does imply mean? • To hint or suggest something instead of saying it outright.
  12. 12. Implied Main Idea • The only difference between a stated main idea and an implied main idea is who puts the main idea into words: the author or the reader. • If the author puts in a stated main idea, you, the reader only need to locate it. • When the author implies the main idea, you, the reader, must come up with a single sentence that tells the author’s main point. • Let’s practice again with Habit, Ch. 3
  13. 13. Implied Main Idea • Let’s read page 64 of Habit the last paragraph, “This time, however, as the Bucs line up…” What is the implied main idea of this paragraph? • Regan Upshaw does something different in this play, he focuses on the cue that Dungy taught him. • Now let’s look at the last paragraph on page 65. In this paragraph there is a stated main idea, what is it? • And as a result… (last sentence)
  14. 14. Implied Main Idea • What is the implied main idea of paragraph 2 on page 67? • Bill Wilson has become an alcoholic. • Paragraph 1 on page 68? • Paragraph 3 has a implied main idea, what is it? • AA is a program that does not rely on a prescribed schedule, psychiatry or research on addition, instead, it relies on spirituality.