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English 112 How to Read/Write a Poem


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English 112 How to Read/Write a Poem

  1. 1. ENGLISH 112 MONDAY, 10/14/13 - POETRY
  2. 2. AGENDA • Discuss Motorcycle Ride on the Sea of Tranquility. • What do you think? Did you read more? Do you think you might like this for a literature circle. • Literature Circle A – presentations on Monday • Literature Circle B (Starts week 10) • I think it is important that we use books that you are interested in; therefore, we might not use all of them that have been introduced. • Today we will watch part of “Bless Me Ultima.” Watching this may give you a better idea of whether you would like to use this book. • Reading a Poem • “I am Joaquin” poem – forum discussion
  3. 3. READING POETRY • Let your emotions guide you into the poem • Do any images or phrases call up a strong emotional response? • If so, try to puzzle out why those passages seem so emotionally loaded. • What is the poem’s tone?
  4. 4. READING POETRY • Determine what is literally happening in the poem. • Separate literal language from figurative or symbolic language can be one of the trickiest – and most essential – tasks in poetic interpretation. Begin by working out the literal. • Who is speaking in the poem? • To whom? • Under what circumstances? What happens in the poem?
  5. 5. ASK WHAT IT ALL ADDS UP TO • Once you’ve pinned down the literal action of the poem, it’s time to take a leap into the figurative. • What is the significance of the poem? • Address symbolism, figures of speech, and any language that means one thing literally but suggests something else.
  6. 6. CONSIDER THE POEM’S SHAPE • …on the page, and the way it sounds. • What patterns do you notice? • Are the lines long, short, or a mixture of both? • How do these elements contribute to the poem’s effect? • (this is one of the questions for the forum)
  7. 7. FOR WEDNESDAY • Read excerpt from Amnesia in a Republican County. • Read “Never Marry a Mexican” by Sandra Cisneros from Bordering Fires book.