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Eng 83 week 3 day 1


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Eng 83 week 3 day 1

  1. 1. Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013 Review Drive, Ch. 4 Annotation – Pop Quiz SQR3 with Drive 6 Review Topic
  2. 2. How many pages have you completed of your rough draft essay (due tomorrow)? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 Please put your homework (Drive Ch. 4, and Vocabulary List #2) on the counter
  3. 3.  Vocabulary Assignment #2  Complete annotation for Drive Ch. 4
  4. 4. Drive Ch. 4 Annotation Pop- Quiz  While I am grading the vocabulary homework, you may look over Ch. 4 and see if you can find the answers to the questions that will be asked using your annotation.
  5. 5. What does ROWE stand for? a. Remember only what’s excellent b. Results only work environment c. Read only when exiting
  6. 6. What does ROWE mean? a. ROWE means that employees need to be watched carefully in order to make sure they complete their work. b. ROWE means that employees are allowed to work on their own terms without having to worry about being on time or putting in 40 hours per week.
  7. 7. Was the term “management” handed to us from God?” a. Yes b. No
  8. 8. According to the author, what is management’s goal? a. Compliance, control, extrinsic motivators b. Happy, hard working employees
  9. 9. Since birth, how are human beings wired? a. To be passive and inert b. To be active and engaged
  10. 10. In this chapter, what does STD stand for? a. Sexually transmitted disease b. Self-determination theory c. Same day turnaround
  11. 11. What does autonomy mean a. Autonomy is the rugged, go-it-alone individualism of the American cowboy; rely- on-nobody individualism of the American Cowboy. b. Autonomy means acting with choice which means we can be both autonomous and happily interdependent with others.
  12. 12. Reading Strategy: SQ3R  Survey: Preview the material.  Become familiar with the overall content and organization of the material.  Read the title, subtitle, subheadings, first and last paragraphs, pictures, charts, and graphics. Note words in italics and bold.  Take a moment to glance over the reading (just look at the items above, do not try to read everything).
  13. 13. SQ3R: Question Question – Ask questions before you begin reading.  What do you want to know?  Turn headings and subheadings into questions and/or read questions if provided.
  14. 14. SQ3R: Read Read the paragraphs in small chunks.  This may be one or two paragraphs at a time or the material under each heading.  Answer the questions you created.
  15. 15. SQ3R: Recite Say the answer to each question  Stop after each section and try to remember the answer to your question.
  16. 16. SQ3R: Review Look over the reading selection again  Look over the notes you have written.  Review what you learned and write a summary in your own words.
  17. 17. Is it 12:45? Break Time
  18. 18. Continue SQ3R (until 1:15)
  19. 19. Review Topic
  20. 20. Assignments Due  For Wednesday  Rough draft of Essay #1  For Thursday  Study for Vocabulary #1-2 Quiz  Finish the SQ3R for Drive Ch. 5.