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parking area

Published in: Automotive
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  1. 1. ASU Parking area problem
  2. 2. Why we can’t find parking area? 1. our school don’t have enough parking areas. 2.We choose same time go to school.
  3. 3. results For examlpe,1. miss your class 2. waste times …etc If you are a punctual person, you can choose to give up your car.(- -)
  4. 4. How to solve this problem? • 1. give me more parking area… ASU need pay more fee to construct it. • 2.Let people to make concessions • 1.change everyone schedule.. • 2.change their transport way.
  5. 5. Which one is better? 1.For students and professor, we hope ASU can provide more parking areas that we can enjoy more convenience 2.For school, No one want waste money.(l.o.l)
  6. 6. For school, they already support parking subsidy. A parking area need money bigger than some cars. (manage , construction…)
  7. 7. Which one do you like? •environmental protection Good quality of life
  8. 8. Other school’ solve way 1.Reduce subsidy and improve parking fee. 2.The Harvard professor said: ‘We can stop in not far from the school, and then take the school bus to school.’
  9. 9. Every solution has different benefit. We need to face it together. Vote is good choose.