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Moocs 201234434


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Mooc, online courses

Published in: Education
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Moocs 201234434

  1. 1. M.O.O.C.S What are moocs
  2. 2. What is the purpose and background of MOOCS ◦ Moocs began as a way of increasing interaction and communication between distance learners and their lecturers. ◦ As the name suggests, these online courses are targeted at thousands of students at the same time. These Moocs are free, which enables students to access them any time of the day and anywhere ◦ They is a wide variety of university courses that are offered freely online
  3. 3. What are the disadvantages of Moocs?
  4. 4. ◦ Only 4% of students who enroll for MOOCs complete the course ◦ Students get de- motivated unlike, personal interaction with the lecturer and other students ◦ Discussion among students is difficult as these students are rarely online at the same time, the more the students, the difficult it is to maintain a meaningful conversation. ◦ Moreover, at times if the professor taking the course teaches it in an uninteresting way or the students find the classes boring, there is absolutely no way one can interact with the faculty to give feedback. There is no way teachers can interact directly with students and engage them.
  5. 5. The advantages of MOOCS
  6. 6. ◦ They are accessible across boundaries and time zones ◦ They are free ◦ one can improve his lifelong learning skills, for participating in a MOOC forces one to think about his own learning and knowledge absorption ◦ One does not need a degree to follow the course, only the willingness to learn (at high speed) ◦ They is a wide variety of activities and interactions that are offered in one’ s language of choice
  7. 7. Field of interest ◦ Historical studies
  8. 8. Topics ◦ Eugenics ◦ World war 1 ◦ The Russian Revolution
  9. 9. References ◦ & ◦ ◦