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Joint Technical Session hosted by Information, Telecommunications & Electronics Engineering (ITEE), the Transport Panel and Tesla Forum WA

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

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V jelenkovic tesla_presentation[1]

  1. 1. Nikola T l Nik l TeslaFrom the Mind of a Genius to Today’s Today’s y Electrical Cars and Supercomputers Vladimir Jelenković Jelenković Director of the Nikola Tesla Museum Belgrade • Serbia ENGINEERS AUSTRALIA Perth • 5 July 2011
  2. 2. Who is Nikola Tesla?Nikola Tesla (1856- (1856-1943) is Serbian- Serbian-American scientist, scientist,inventor, and electroi t d l tand mechanicalengineer whoprovided mankindwith a large numberof significant f i ifi tdiscoveries andinventions
  3. 3. Man Ahead of His TimeTesla is most famous for conceiving the rotatingmagnetic field principle (1882) and then using it toinvent the induction motor together with theaccompanying alternating current long-distance long-electrical transmission system ( y (1888). )His patents and theoretical work still form the basisfor modern alternating current electric power (AC)systems including the polyphase power distributionsystem.
  4. 4. Man Ahead of His Time Tesla was so far ahead of his time that many of his ideas are only appearing today. His legacy can be seen in everything from the invention of the induction motor, long-distance long- electrical power distribution, Tesla coil and high-frequency electricity high- that led to the creation of neon and fluorescent lighting, basics of radio technology, remote control, wireless communication, lasers, the facsimile machine and hundreds of other devices that are now an esse t a part of our everyday es essential pa t o ou e e yday lives. His inventions through the ingenuity of their solutions, universality of application, and breakthroughs in many fields of technology and science, have changed the world around us.
  5. 5. Nikola Tesla at the World Fair in Chicago in 1893The Chicago World Exhibition, marking the 400th anniversary of theChristopher Columbus’s discovery of America, for which reason itwas called “Columbus’s exhibition”, opened on May 1, 1893 “Columbus’s exhibition”,A new city was built for the ChicagoWorld sWorlds Fair, announced as “The TheWorld of Tomorrow”, with a complexof buildings and parks. A speciallyconstructed machine hall contained12 of Tesla s two-phase generators, Teslas two phase1,000 horsepower each, working at afrequency of 60 Hz. The generatorsproduced electricity for theoperation of devices and for electriclighting at the fair.This was the opportunity to spectacularly apply Tesla’s polyphasesystem i practice, when W ti h t in ti h Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing El t i dM f t iCompany was contracted to provide electric power necessary formachines and electrical lighting of the World Exhibition, usingTesla’s system.
  6. 6. Teslas Egg of Columbus at the World Fair in ChicagoTesla demonstrated anumber of solutions for b f l ti fpolyphase motorconstruction. One of thesolutions was a motor withan egg-shaped rotor, better egg-known as “Tesla’s Egg ofColumbus .Columbus”. It was used todemonstrate and explainthe operating principles ofthe rotating magnetic fieldand of the induction motor. d f th i d ti t“Teslas Egg of Columbus”performed the famous featof Columbus with a copperegg in a rotating magneticfield.
  7. 7. Joint venture between Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse For six months, 25 million visitors could appreciate the latest scientific achievements of that time. This was a p j triumph of a joint venture between Nikola Tesla and the businessman George Westinghouse, as well as an ffi ti f th b fit f affirmation of the benefits of using polyphase alternating current. This event meant the end of the “War of Currents” between Tomas Edison’s DC and Nikola Tesla AC concept concept, which marked the nineteenth century.
  8. 8. First polyphase hydroelectric power plant in the world Chicago World Exhibition contributed to the selection of Tesla s polyphase Tesla’s system for the first commercial polyphase AC hydroelectric power plant in the world at the Niagara Falls, Falls which was put into operation in 1896.
  9. 9. First polyphase hydroelectric power plant in the world po er orld"The evolution of electric power from the discovery of Faradayin 1831 to the initial great installation of the Tesla polyphasesystem in 1896 is undoubtedly the most tremendous event in allengineering history history"-Dr. Charles F. Scott, Professor of Electrical Engineering at YaleUniversity and former President of the American Institute of ElectricalEngineers
  10. 10. Tesla Coil / Tesla TransformerA Tesla coil is a type of resonant transformer circuitinvented by Nikola Tesla around 1891. It is used toproduce high voltage and high frequency alternatingcurrent electricityTesla used these coils to conductinnovative experiments in:electrical lightingpphosphorescence x-ray g p x- y generationhigh frequency alternating currentphenomenaelectrotherapytransmission of electrical energy withoutt i i f l ti l ith twiresTesla coil circuits were used commercially insparkgap radio transmitters for wireless p g ptelegraphy until the 1920s, and inelectrotherapy and pseudomedical devicessuch as violet ray.
  11. 11. Tesla Coil in popular cultureToday Tesla coils are often used by hobbyists and atvenues such as science museums to produce longsparks. Their main use is entertainment and educationaldisplays.
  12. 12. Tesla Coil in popular culture p pTesla coils are built bymany high-voltage y high- g genthusiasts, researchinstitutions, sciencemuseums andindependentexperimenters likeBunbury’s Dr PeterTerren allias “DrElectricElectric”
  13. 13. Tesla Coil in filmsTesla coils are populardevices in films andcomputer games, andwere used to producelightning effects insome famous movieslike: Terminator 2, StarTrek, Highlander, The X- X-Files and many othersThe newest one is The Apprentice,Sorcerers Apprentice, ppfantasy adventure filmproduced in 2010 byWalt Disney production
  14. 14. Remote controlof a moving vehicle In 1898 on the first 1898, Exhibition of electrical devices at the Madison Square G d in New S Garden i N York, Tesla was first to p present to the public the p implementation of radio waves for transmission of commands, by commands remotely controlling a small vessel using radio waves
  15. 15. Teslas remote-controlled boat remote-The vehicle was remotelycontrolled by Tesla usingseveral resonatingfrequencies.frequencies.The remote-controlled remote-boat also contained thefirst AC logic gate. gate. This was the first pioneering step towards the world of wireless technologies g that we inhabit today