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Safe Systems - What is Main Road Role by M Henneveld


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Safe Systems - What is Main Road Role by M Henneveld

  1. 1. Safer Roads Seminar Safe Systems - What is Main Roads role? Menno Henneveld Commissioner of Main Roads 25 August 2008
  2. 2. Contents • Towards Zero Strategy • Main Roads 2k12 – Strategic Plan • Main Roads’ road safety areas of focus • Our legacy
  3. 3. Towards Zero Strategy • Vision: A road transport system where crashes resulting in death or serious injury are virtually eliminated. Strategy Cornerstones • Safe Road Use • Safe Roads and Roadsides • Safe Speeds • Safe Vehicles • Safe System foundations
  4. 4. 2k12 – Main Roads strategic plan • Purpose: To provide safe and efficient road access that will enhance community lifestyles and ensure economic prosperity. Strategy Areas of focus • Providing the right roads for WA • Making roads work for the community • Creating our workforce of the future • Facilitating leadership • Enhancing our relationships
  5. 5. Optimising programs & projects Activities and initiatives include: • Improved tools and access to data (CRASHtool) • Development of network risk assessment methods • Continued research into treatment effectiveness • Demonstration projects into emerging technology (ITS, ISA) • Research to evaluate program effectiveness Area of focus objective: • To ensure optimal use of road safety investment.
  6. 6. Safe system approach -1 Safe roads and roadsides activities and initiatives include: • Incorporate into road safety auditing • Establish safe system approach as part of project development stage • Review and enhance design policy and practice • Include ‘safe system’ treatments in projects Area of focus objective: • To embed safe system approach into Main Roads policy and practice.
  7. 7. Safe system approach - 2 Safe speeds activities and initiatives include: • Review speed limit policy to be underpinned by Safe System approach • Develop speed limit policy for targeted reductions for deficient infrastructure • Review speed limits and undertake demonstration projects in high pedestrian areas Area of focus objective: • To gain community support for speed limits that reduce road trauma.
  8. 8. Delivering programs & projects Activities and initiatives include: • Investigate project packaging • Increase project staging and staged funding • Investigate alternative delivery mechanisms • Strengthen partnerships with utilities to assist with delivery Area of focus objective: • To deliver 100% of the Program.
  9. 9. Our legacy 2 1 3 Source: Towards Zero based on 2006 data: Australian data from ABS, 2000. International data from IRTAD, 2008