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How to write a research paper. By Gareth Forbes, Curtin University and Engineers Australia

  1. Leveraging your research online Gareth Forbes Curtin University and Engineers Australia
  2. Step 1: Quality • Do, and write up good work • There is no substitute for quality!!! • You are not a “used car salesman” • You want to market your quality work in the best way possible
  3. Step 2: Importance of the Title • Often the last thing you write in a hurry • It is the most critical deciding factor whether someone reads your work or NOT • Think about how you decide which papers you read and which you don’t
  4. Step 2: Importance of title
  5. Conventional methods 1. Attend conferences and talk to people about your research 2. Talk to others about your work 3. Send your paper to other authors have worked in your field (people you may have cited) Still very important!!
  6. Less-conventional methods 1. Loading of paper to digital repository 2. Academic social networks (digital repositories) 3. Comments on forums about your area of work 4. Personal webpage/site
  7. 1. Digital repositories • Curtin • UWA • ECU • Murdoch
  8. What can be uploaded • Most journals (90%) allow post-prints to be made freely available • Many conferences allow complete free access to papers loaded onto institutional repositories • Unfortunately many conference organises do not allow any material online such as: ASME, Engineers Australia, IEEE
  9. What is a post-print
  10. Benefits of online access • Ability to reach far larger audience than otherwise practical
  11. 2. Academic Social networks • eg. • Usefulness is not entirely clear • They do have profound effect on Google searches • Bring more content to first page of Google searches, more likely to be found and read
  12. Increased search ranking
  13. Increased search ranking
  14. 3. Forums • There exists academic forums such as: • Comments and links to work from these forums can often generate interested readers to your work • Once again, only add comments and/or content if you genuinely believe you are adding value
  15. Top tips 1. Do good work! 2. Send your work to authors who you believe are interested in your work 3. Upload all work to digital repository 4. Use academic social network to link to online work