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The EPCM of writing tenders: How engineers can successfully build compelling and persuasive tenders.


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Date: Tuesday, 7 February 2012
Presenters: David Lunn BEng, MBA and Nigel Dennis BEng, MBA, GAICD Joint owners and directors of Bid Write Pty Ltd
Hosted by: WA Oil & Gas Facilities Group a co-venture between Engineers Australia and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

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The EPCM of writing tenders: How engineers can successfully build compelling and persuasive tenders.

  1. 1. The EPCM of Tender Writing: gHow Engineers can successfully build compelling & persuasive bids...WA Oil & Gas Facilities Group(a co venture between Engineers Australia co-ventureand the Society of Petroleum Engineers)
  2. 2. Whilst this presentation is based on actual  pevents from real live bids, the names of people and details of stories portrayed in these slides may have been altered to protect the innocent.  Any similarity to real people, live or otherwise,  is unintentional and purely coincidental.  The is unintentional and purely coincidental   The presenter is hereby indemnified against any direct or consequential loss of any kind associated with giving this presentation. associated with giving this presentation  
  3. 3. We’re just having W ’  j t h i g  j a little fun, so  a little fun  so  don’t sue us!
  4. 4. Tom Sales Manager Yoda  HR Manager
  5. 5. Judy  yContracts Lawyer Don Accountant
  6. 6. Doc  LogicalEngineer Detailed Technical Hardworking Great Writer?
  7. 7. Early lPositioning
  8. 8. We know this bid We’ve done is good odds – exactly this type We are against a there are less than of work in this “liked” incumbent, 4 competitors... industry before... so let’s pass on this one...We helped the There’ll be otherclient write the bids - we havescope for this too much else on bid... right now... g We’ve beenworking on this This bid is in theopportunity long top 3 on mybefore the RFT sales funnel – it’s was released l d strategic
  9. 9. There are only 20 other bidders bidders. This tender is our How come this Awesome! Better ticket to this new spec looks like than lotto odds... industry... our competitor wrote it! 10 years as the incumbent? It must be time for a g change! Was that a Request for q This bid isTender that just “strategic” – I’ll landed on my add it to my desk? sales funnel funnel...
  10. 10. Some facts about liked incumbents: Good client relationships p Know the scope p Can often influence the outcome Win 66% of the timeThink twice before bidding against them!Think t ice before bidding against them!
  11. 11. Skills engineers have that will help win bids?  g p Planning: Success occurs before the RFT Risk: The “liked” incumbent mostly wins Logic: Sometimes you need to say no
  12. 12. Persuasion
  13. 13. The Executive Summary will contain We need to be sure our key win themes we analyse our and client benefits. competitors and We write a cover ghost their strengths letter with every bid we submit... Persuasion is not “sales fluff” and can really make a difference... The bid is allabout our client,so make sure we Proposals need talk benefits... to be clear, well written and compelling
  14. 14. Put our company profile in as the Competitors? We Executive don’t need to Summary! y worry about They don’t ask them! h ! for a cover letterso why give them All that sales fluff one? is nonsense. Just give them a cheap price!Make sure you No-one readstell them how tenders – so why great we are make it easier to follow
  15. 15. How content is presented can influence key  p ytake‐away messages. This is because content is obviously very important but it needs to be presented well to gain attention. Different presentation of content can change emphasis, determine what is read and when, and can determine what is read and when  and can highlight key messages. To get the right balance of key messages and technical detail, content and presentation must be considered together. and presentation must be considered together  
  16. 16.  Content: obviously very important  y y p Presentation: changes emphasis, determines  what is read & when, highlights key messages Balance: content and presentation of key   B l t t  d  t ti   f k messages / technical detail must be balanced g How content is  presented can influence  key take‐away messages
  17. 17. Skills engineers have that will help win bids?  g p Argument / Win: Develop a good strategy Persistent: Repeat the message Brief: Bullets and tables are great
  18. 18. Compliance
  19. 19. Read the whole bid to make sure we’ve ticked all Let’s answer all the boxes... the questions Let’s aim to and i th order d in the d submit it well b it ll they have asked before the deadline...If they ask for it But, we do we should understand theprovide it in our client so th li t there i is submission... some leeway on compliance
  20. 20. Just fill in the price schedule – It doesn’t matter that’s the only if we miss a few important bit... p So we’re an hour questions – it’ ti it’s late l t – we’re such ’ h all just waffle a great company it won’t matter...Just find our last No one will really proposal and l d care if I break achange the client few minor rules... name...
  21. 21. So when is it OK to bend the rules?S   h  i  it OK t  b d th   l ? Speed limits? Meeting starts? RFT questions? q
  22. 22. “Provide your contract quality plan.” Provide your contract quality plan.1. Provide it post award2. Previous example3. Suggested TOC4. Tailored draft plan
  23. 23. Skills engineers have that will help win bids?  g p Process: Good at following instructions Detailed: Find all requirements in the RFT Drafts: Good at presenting drafts
  24. 24. Money(Price Strategy)
  25. 25. We must be in I don’t understand the ballpark to be all the pricing competitive Price exactly as tables, so l t’ t bl let’s per th spec and the d seek clarification give options for more choice This is just a I need to pricebudget quote, so profitably for a let’s not spend sustainable much time business
  26. 26. The lowest price always wins -I don’t understand the let’s drop our p pants to win this! We need to put pricing, so just guess everything we thi and add 20%... want into the price... A budget quote? This bid is I want to see full strategic – let’s let s cost justification go in below cost! anyway...
  27. 27.  Who doesn t own an i something? Who doesn’t own an i‐something? Australia’s cheapest cars in 2010: ‐ Proton S16 ‐ Hyundai Getz y ‐ Kia Rio  Options vs alternatives
  28. 28. Skills engineers have that will help win bids?  g p Hard Workers: Don’t want to give $$ away g y Fit for Purpose: Give them what they want p y Great designers: Provide options Smart: Know the client and price  accordingly  
  29. 29. 1.  Early Positioning2. Persuasion3.  Compliance    li4.  Money (Price Strategy) y gy
  30. 30. Association of Proposal A i ti fP lManagement Professionals www apmp org
  31. 31.