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Hair loss


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Hair loss

  1. 1. hair loss, it's not nice! How I stopped my hair loss. Hair loss is scary, embarrassing and hard to fix. As a 20 year old who has already suffered through severe hair loss, I know the anxiety and shame that can come from losing your hair. Over the last year, I have tried many different things to stop my hair loss, and finally after months of searching, researching, visiting doctors (Chinese and Western) I have finally been able to stop my hair loss, and encouragingly I have seen new growth. So what causes premature hair loss? Hair is one of those non essential parts of the body, meaning that if your body is under stress or pressure from a variety of different things, your body will compensate by focusing on keeping you alive and healthy rather than having a full head of hair! It could be because of a wide range of reasons, which will be outlined below: Vitamin D deficiency: Because most people spend their time in doors, behind a desk or on the couch, a surprisingly high percentage of the population have insufficient levels of vitamin D in
  2. 2. their body (Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin through exposure to UV rays.) Studies have shown that low vitamin D causes hair loss. Too much vitamin D: High levels of Vitamin D can also cause hair loss, which is why it is important to have the right balance of vitamin D. Iron deficiency: Iron is important for your hair, nails and skin. Too little can cause hair to fall out, or make the hair follicles smaller so your hair strands end up being thinner. Calcium deficiency: Calcium is also important for your hair, and if you are not getting enough Vitamin D (which is needed for absorbing calcium) Your hair will also fall out. Stress: Stress causes hair loss, this is widely known, and seeing your hair fall out can just add to that stress. Hair usually falls out 1 - 4 months after the stressful incident has taken place. Lack of sleep: If you are not sleeping well, this can also have a negative effect on your hair. The type of shampoo you use: The type of Shampoo you use may also be making your hair fall out. Natural shampoos are much better for your hair and scalp than chemically based ones. Food allergies: Food allergies, especially to dairy can cause your hair to fall out. Coeliac (or Celiac as it is known in the U.S) disease: It is not widely known that hair loss is a symptom of Coeliac, which means the small intestine cannot break down gluten, and ingredient found in bread, pasta, wheat products etc. Coeliac can also cause hair loss. How I 'cured' my hair loss: Being so young, and losing hair is scary, especially if you try and sort the problem out yourself. There are so many websites explaining hair loss, and they all seem to say different things. This is the step by step guide to how I cured my hair loss: 1. Approximately 1 year ago, I found that I was leaving many strands of hair on my pillow each morning, and every time I dried my hair with a towel, the towel would be covered in hair. Even running my hand through my hair meant losing at least a few strands, so I went to see my doctor. 2. My doctor asked if I had any family history of hair loss, and I told him that my father was bald (Although everyone else in my family has a full head of hair!) He prescribed me 2 medicines, one was a topical applicated (Rogaine) and the other was a pill (propecia.) 3. I took the medicines for a couple of months and applied the lotion, but I didn't see any benefit and discontinued taking the medicine. I went back to the doctor and the doctor said the hair loss could be hormonal/due to stress and that I should wait a while to see if it went away by itself, it didn't. 4. I started to research online about hair loss. I found out that vitamin deficiency is a leading cause of premature hair loss, so I started to take a multivitamin. To my surprise, it worked slightly, as the amount of hair that I lost decreased, but I still had hair loss.
  3. 3. 5. I started to research vitamin deficiency, and found out that there are a few main causes of vitamin deficiencies, including leaky gut and coeliac, both of which cause the small intestine to basically attack itself, resulting in the mal-absorption of vitamins and minerals. 6. I started a strict diet, which involved no wheat, gluten etc, (There are alternatives for all these, including tasty cakes, breads etc which you can find in your supermarket.) 7. I also found out that dairy intolerances can also lead to balding. Since my dad has always suffered from IBS, (Irritable bowel syndrome) I tried quitting dairy too. Overall, after these dietary changes my overall health improved and my hair fall slowed considerably. 8. After more research, I found that sufferers of coeliac (Which i now know I have) are usually deficient in calcium, vitamin D and Iron, so I started to take daily supplements of these. After only a few weeks, my hair loss stoppedcompletely. What I learned from my research: Hair loss is a sign that there is something wrong with your body. Rather than try to fix it by using hair loss shampoos and medication, try things such as your sleep patterns, alcohol intake, and even diet. It's not what you put on, but what you put in your body that really makes a difference. Another important thing is to learn how to control stress. Seeing your hair fall out is really stressful, especially if you are young, but it is important to learn how to relax as this will also help in reducing your hair loss. On Head and Shoulders: There have been rumors flying around the internet as to whether or not Head and Shoulders has an influence on hair loss. Personally, I was using Head and Shoulders Hair Retain for Men, for a couple of months. After I started taking the vitamins, and changed my diet, I could still feel that my scalp was itchy, and a few hairs were still falling out from the top of my head. I decided to stop using Head and Shoulders and switch to a more natural shampoo (I now use Loccitane, which can be purchased from department stores) and my hair loss stopped completely. I can't say definitely whether or not it was because my body was still recovering, or whether it was in fact because I stopped using that brand of shampoo, but I can tell you that after switching shampoos my scalp is a lot healthier, and my hair a lot healthier! This may not help everyone, but it worked for me, and I hope that by writing this I will be able to help at least one other person beat their hair loss! If you know someone who is experiencing hair loss, please send them the link to my article as they may not know about all of this! Last updated on June 18, 2013 Useful {248} • Funny {12} • Awesome {70} • Beautiful {6} • Interesting {37} Discover More Hubs
  4. 4. How I Stopped My Hair Loss and Regrew Hair Without Medication How to Help Make Hair Grow Naturally: Natural Growth Tips The Most Powerful Vitamins For Hair Loss Prevention 12 Herbs for Hair Loss 3 Tips for Thinning Hair in Women Best Shampoos for Hair Loss Prevention
  5. 5. 16 Vitamin Deficiencies that Lead to Hair Loss 7 Powerful Ways to Stop Hair Loss Follow (7)Comments 52 comments Go to last comment sofiakahn 22 months ago thanks so much i mean i am 20 and suffering exactly the same condition and losing lots of hair. ive stopped dairy just to see whether it is that and also since i started usinga liquid fish oil thats when my hair started falling so im wondering if it is that. soi have stopped that as of today. i just hope and pray no more hair falls out. did yours stop falling after how long. thanks Vicky 22 months ago First Time sensible solution I have ever read over internet. Thanks! Daniel 20 months ago I totally agree with the idea that you may stop and reverse any disease pattern by what you put into your body. Is hairloss a disease, no, but it is a sign of malnutrition a sign that your body is reacting negatively to your eating habits. Personally from years of experimenting I have found that vitamins are useless and a waste of money. Instead your body will regenerate the proper enzymes and the adaptive factors in your gut will be restored. How did I come to this conclusion? After years upon years, I found that you must eliminate foods that are man made or hard to digest. This includes all dairy (pasterized or not dont trust dairy), wheat and all gluten containing foods. Wow this really cuts a lot of the shopping list, but it goes on. NO crackers,chips, pastries, eggs, butters, yogurts legumes, nuts of any kind. Yes this includes both natural and commerically produced foods. Now what is great to eat, well thats easy. Buckwheat, millet, quinona, brown rice,in abundant amounts. Vegetables of every kind,(but do go easy on cruciferous vegatables). Plenty of delicouse organic grass feed meats sardines in olive oil. Fruits are great of every kind but try not to mix with other foods especially people with weak digestive tracts. The best piece of advice is drinking a liter of water on arising in
  6. 6. the morning. Not to eat until your gut and your body is fully hydrated. Our ancestors could eat one type of food for months before the summers nutrition grew in. So why cantwe today? Its hard, you will have cravings, you go out with friends and family. However if you are dedicated to healing your embarrasinghairloss that should never have occured. Take a stand, and make feeding yourself not a want but a need. Taj 20 months ago im a 20 year old as well and I noticed at the front of my hair the 2 ends are loosing hair and is almost bald. My dad is bald there as well and I dont want that. What to do? Ioc 20 months ago Hair transplant is a different alt . Is not the best solution donald trump syffers from hair loss jacque 20 months ago thanks so much for d advice,it helps a lot for my hairlossproblem,,,very nice one, Nina 19 months ago Thank you! I find your article very useful and it is so easy to read and understand! I hope that by following the strict diet.and taking the essentials vitamin, there'll be no loss for me. I'm sick of losing these precious hair :'( atd 18 months ago Side note on Head and Shoulders: For a period of almost 8-10 years I used Head and Shoulders continuously. During this time my hairline was slowly, but consistently, receding. About 6 months ago I got too cheap to continue using H&S, and bought a cheaper shampoo. Lo and behold, in some of the areas that my hairline had receded, it started actually growing back - which is something I had never thought would be possible in my wildest dreams. I can't say for sure this was a cause-and-effect thing, but the timing was suspicious and it happened completely by accident. Mitra 18 months ago Has anyone's skin been acting up as well? Jamal 18 months ago
  7. 7. Am also experiencing hair loss i have seen alot of doctors all they tell mi is stress btidont no 4 sure ihv used alot of medicine bt it doesnt help i've got like 3 part of ma head without hair am sick of this smn help jeanne 18 months ago thankyou :) this is really helpful jaya 18 months ago thanks dear i will now takecare my hair by consuming d more vitamins Shirley 18 months ago Hi-I'm a 61 year old woman who experienced hair loss for over a year until I found info on the internet pointing to wheat. It was really hard, but I quit the wheat, and like you, much of the hair loss stopped, plus no more junk food cravings and my sinuses dried up. Then two-three months later I ran across an article stating that most wheat sensitive people also are sensitive to dairy. So I quit eating dairy (except raw butter) and the next shampoo no hair loss. BTW I have read that today's wheat is so hybridized and causing a lot of people problems. My mom died at 95 with about 10 hairs on the top of her head and I'm determined that won't be me. Also, a sluggish Thyroid causes hormonal problems (which I have) with weak nails and hair loss. The stress over my hair loss is gone and that should help the Thyroid. Will look into Loccitane. One thing some men do to try and prevent hair loss is cut back on shampooing thinking a gentle approach is best. Wrong, keep your scalp CLEAN and massage your head every day. namita 18 months ago hello,now a days my hairs are fallen and to control it. fucsia 17 months ago I found here many useful informations about hair loss. Thanks for sharing Zen 17 months ago Thank you. This has been truly helpful :) angelique 17 months ago
  8. 8. thank u for this Bilal 17 months ago Hi, Thanks for giving this information, i'm suffering from hair loss for more than 3 years, till now i'm unable to find the root cause, i was taking surbex-Z and CAC-1000 till now on and off but didn't find notable improvements. i'm much worried about it. wheni get up early in the morning, i found my scalp oily, the hair becomes thinner and thinner day by day and ultimately result in breakage from roots. the one thing i have seen is that in different seasons the shedding speed is different. My hair loss is not genetic. there is also allergy prob to with me, probably pollen allergy. darkman 17 months ago which shampoo i need to use for 2 stop my hairfall ????????????? Shirley 16 months ago Bilal, Shampoo everyday or more if you have to. Don't the oil build up--it will clog your hair folicles and weaken them. fatima11 16 months ago Hi, the fact that you took time and efforts to share with us your experience and to request us to pass them to others shows that you are clean hearted person! May Allah bless you. The information is simply great and so helpful. I will follow them as i suffer from some of hair loss. I would add couple of things: you should wash only with drinking water and it will help greatly to message your head with oils such as cocunot and olive oils 3 times a week. amazing results. thanks a million! Aim 16 months ago Thankyou for sharing this! Ktee 16 months ago This is wonderful! Thanks Sushantgauta 15 months ago
  9. 9. thanx for sharing it H 15 months ago good I think so it will really work for me also....... sukhwinder 14 months ago your fee is very high so i am not effort but my hair is very thin So1995 14 months ago I'm 16 years old and i had used Head and Shoulder for 2 years, i noticed that my hair was getting much thinner, i mean i'm 16, i shouldn't be suffering from baldness at all. 3 months ago my mom told me to charge the shampoo to something softer, i did what she said by charging to herbal shampoo. Now 3 mouths later i still have relatively thin hair on top of my head, BUT i can see many NEW hair strands GROWING up on the front and the side of my head, it only 1/2 inch long, and that is how i know its new because i had a hair cut month and a half ago. I strongly suggest everyone to stop using Head and Shoulder and start using softer shampoo. P.s i also use Selson shampoo once a week, otherwise i'mgonna have a ton of snowflake on my shoulder. haha... 11 months ago i am a 18 male.... well to see other teenagers suffering this kind of sad... including myself.... well it is just too quick and i am just 18, i started notice about this 2 or 3 years ago when my relatives say "why is your hair so little at the crown area" and i thought that was nothing until my barber one day told me "hmm i just notice your hair is kinda empty at the middle part and i was like +__+?!?" and then the next day i use a mirror to reflect my head on another mirror and feel kinda confused and ask myself why happen in this kind of time? +_+? i wonder if i am like that last time anyway.... i think i inherit on my mothers parents and relative side haha... grandpa was semi bald at the age of 3o :0, grandpa had 3 daughters and 4 sons and 2 of them are 75% bald :0 my face was like ;-; well nevermind.... i have a long hair btw that i can do a lot of styles but now i will tie a pony tail up to cover the crown area...luckily it is still not noticeable... p.s. i just notice this today and search.... one day i will cut bald i got no choice anyway haha, think positive and be cheerful... this is common and it is natural anyway at least i am not getting a cancer or something life threatening :) cheers!
  10. 10. sajidali 10 months ago hayfrind can any bodytel me that how my hair fall will stop im too worry abt my hair i use all type of shampoo PEgner 9 months ago Hey Harry! What do you recommend as a calcium supplement, please? I hear calcium supplement tablets are basically chalk/rubbish! Dilip Singh 5 months ago I am so happy to share my own experience with my fiance and want to tell everyone about it. I also had the same Hair Loss and thinning Hair problems. I tried so many products as everyone does and just by luck found that product named 'Minoxidil' at Just after a week using it I found the surprising results. Then I suggest my finance too to use it as precautions, and as u know precaustions are better than cure. The Hair loss problem is solved but still we use it so it may not happen again. I suggest to get more information from for better understanding your problems. As i got a very great experience from them Vissu 4 months ago Its true that hair loss can be almost stopped by following good diet and sleep patterns. Also, I have to stress that the modern shampoos are one of the biggest reasons of hairfall. I had experienced lots of hairfall for last 2-2.5 years. A month back, I started experimenting with herbal shampoos which are made of natural herbs like Sheekakai, Henna, Amla and Reetha. On top of that I do use hair growth oil which has rosemary and henna daily. My hair has started growing at crown area (not in temple area so far, though) and the fall has reduced drastically, if it hasn't completely stopped. FYI, I used khadi brand which is quite popular in India. Whatever the brand, it's best not to use chemical based shampoos if you care for your hair. For dandruff, one can use Neem based shampoo. Trust me, it will work wonders for most people. sandeep 4 months ago suggest me the vitamins useful for prevent hair loss Said 4 months ago
  11. 11. I recently find out that I am vitamin D deficient (my vitamin D level is 13.1), my calcium is also slightly lower than the minimum level. I am also allergic to wheat. I'm not too sure if i'm allergic to gluten or not, haven't tested that yet. So everything you've mentioned in this article matches my situation so perfectly. I had my 300,000 IU injection (prescribed by the doc) last week and I will eliminate wheat from my food as much as I can and get some calcium, iron vitamin suppliments. I hope that helps. I've google this problem a lot and I've noticed this to be the best article so far. Thank you!! Dracula 3 months ago Hi. That's really useful info over here. I'd like to add some news to the article. Excessive sex can lead to hormonal disturbances and therefore balding. People having too much sex (or masturbating often) experience extreme hairloss. Don't have sex too much without having a regular sleep. Eat regularly and complexly and don't buy stupid shampoos advertised by big corporations. Use lemon, egg and, honey and olive oil with squashed garlic mix for about 30 mins before washing. Your hair will not stop recovering immediately but about two or three months later. Keep a good sleep schedule, not TOO much sex, go to gym and social exchange to eliminate stress and massage your roots every morning, till you get that warm burning feeling at the skin. Your hair should recover in about 2-3 months. Notice that, sometimes, stress of shocking experiences can lead to hairloss after 2-3 months, so prevent this by using the previous info to 'recharge' your body's batteries. Meanwhile, eat plenty of walnuts, peanuts and 3-4 fruits +2 salads a day. And don't forget, sex is magic and good, but TOO much sex (and intense masturbation) will make your hair fall because of hormonal disorders. Hope you will solve your problem. Greetings from Romania, Europe. newton 2 months ago That was a great effort in writing up this article. Kudos to you. However, you are out to lunch. Hairloss is genetic. You can't do much about it. Pankaj 2 months ago Outstanding article!! Thanks for giving some sensible tips ..most of other articles have same stuff but this one was different and it really touched the reader. Tracy 2 months ago HOW I GAIN BACK MY HAIR WITH THE HELP OF DR OPINGO. Thank you once again Dr OPINGO i now have long and thick hair that people always love and cherish, some years ago i fell sick and my hair were cut off, after the illness i try all my possible best to bring back my natural hair no way.Buti am eating very well. I have ask so many question on internet on how to gain back my long and thick hair and i have also use so many chemical like antidrufcontaningketoconazo and tugain and many other chemical just to make sure i gain back my hair, i have follow so many advice online to bring back my hair and know one have work. I was online one day and i saw a testimony that Dr OPINGO help people to grow back their natural hair, i
  12. 12. email him immediately and explain everything about how iloose my hair, DR OPINGO told me not to worry that i am on the right place to have my hair back, and DR ask me to send my information to start growing the hair i was so surprise because i never believe this will work, after doing what DR ask my to do i was so surprise after three weeks my natural hair start to grow more than before, and now i have a very long and thick natural hair, friends i will advice you to meet this good DR, nothing i have not done but when i email DR my story was change you can reach DR email( peter 8 weeks ago visit this site before its too late, its helpful & free , regrow hair free & stop hair fall Maria 6 weeks ago I can't thank you enough for putting a sensible solution and info out there for all those people suffering from the same condition. I am 19 and extremely worried because of my hair fall. Peter E 6 weeks ago Iodine deficiency messes with your thyroid and causes hair loss. Are you getting enough iodine? http://iodinedeficiencylinkedtohairloss.blogspot.c Vinit Kumar 4 weeks ago Thank you very much for helpful tips.. 4 weeks ago very excellent akshay 2 weeks ago thanks Vernon 2 weeks ago I use Head and shoulders and I'm starting to lose hair. I'm 17 years old , male. Been using it for the past 3 years, now I slowly see the side effects. Helena 2 weeks ago I've been experiencing severe hair loss for a year now, I'm a 17 year old girl and my hair has got so thin I want to get a wig! I feel so ugly. My diet is flawless tbh, I'm a vegetarian but I eat loads of pulses, nuts, seeds, tempeh, tofu, eggs, greek yogurt for protein and take calcium, vitamin d, iron
  13. 13. and b-complex vitmains, my alcohol intake is mostly moderate and I sleep 8 hours a night. The only thing it could be is stress and hormones but the only thing causing me stress is my hair :( hammadgul 2 weeks ago thanks for share and it seems very helpful replytome 2 weeks ago Hey there, Can I ask what you think of minoxidil? afeer 11 days ago DONT USE HEAD AND SHOLDER.....IT MAKES THINNING AMD HAIR LOSS....USE COCONUT OIL...SLEEP 8 HOURS...DRINK WATER....EAT HEALTHY FOOD...FREE FROM POLUTION....AVOID STRESS....TRIM HAIR IN 2 WEAK....DONT THINK ABOUT HAIR LOSS... ukcheapwebhosting 8 days ago from London, United Kingdom Great post - but you missed out inflammation and how that affects the hair, most people dont get it and easily ignore it, heres a video that explains it better (especially how DHT and other hair loss causer's work): laura07 7 days ago There have been rumors flying around the internet as to whether or not Head and Shoulders has an influence on hair loss. Personally, I was using Head and Shoulders Hair Retain for Men, sahuarun89 3 days ago
  14. 14. when I am using medicine or natural shampoo. orconditionar after that some time I saw much hair loss so I am thinking my hair loss reason be THIN so please give me idea scalp root hair for THICK.