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Fuel Cell Challenge 2010


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Greater Columbia Fuel Cell Challenge
Clean technology is revolutionizing the global energy economy. In an effort to accelerate the commercialization of clean
technologies in South Carolina, the USC-Columbia Fuel Cell Collaborative is re-launching the Fuel Cell Challenge. The
Challenge is an innovative-based competition focused on
identifying and commercializing novel hydrogen, fuel cell, and clean technologies in the industry.

Teams from around the country are invited to compete by submitting innovative technologies and business plans for
developing the next generation of products focused on
hydrogen and fuel cell technology and its components.

Awards will be granted for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place submissions. Winning proposals will receive the following cash prizes as well as support resources.

1st Place: $100,000
2nd Place: $50,000
3rd Place: $25,000

Download an application today!

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