White paper by harrenmedia research overview of behavioral potencials in us hispanics and latam with sniper jan 2011


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A brief White Paper made by Harrenmedia Research to provide the online advertising industry an overview of the potentials of behavioral segmentation that Harrenmedia offers thorugh Sniper

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White paper by harrenmedia research overview of behavioral potencials in us hispanics and latam with sniper jan 2011

  1. 1. White Paper byHarrenmedia Research:Overview of BehavioralTargeting Potentials in UsHispanics and Latam withSNIPERResearch Staff : Laura Morales Director of MKT Intelligenceand Engel Fonseca VP North Cone Sales 10 www. harrenmedia.com www.twitter.com/hm_research
  2. 2. What is Harrenmedia Research ?Is the platform within Harrenmedia focused on providing relevant data abouth the general digitaladvertising market and vertical opportunities through research, analysis and partnership solutionfor agencies and advertisers.Can follow on www.twitter.com/hm_researchObjective of this White Paper:To provide to the industry an overview of the potential segmentation that provides behavioraltargeting considering the implementation of “lecture of navigation history “of unique users thatHarrenmedia offers thorugh .Who´s doing behavioral besides ?Many companies lecture the navigation of the user under different concepts of data clustering,some of this companies are:Acerno ,AdBrite ,Adchemy ,Adconion Media ,Adara Media ,Adify ,Advertising.com, Inc.,Aggregate Knowledge ,Akamai Technologies, Inc. AlmondNet ,Atlas ,AudienceScience,Inc. . ,Bizo ,BlueKai ,Burst Media ,Casale Media ,Collective ,Criteo ,Dapper,DataLogixs. ,DataXu ,Dedicated Networks ,Dotomi ,eXelate ,FetchBack ,The FoxAudience Network ,Google, Harrenmedia, I-Behavior, interCLICK ,Invite Media,Lotame,MediaMath ,Mediaplex,Media6º,Microsoft,Mindset Media,Netmining ,Permuto,Quantcast ,Red Aril ,richrelevance ,Rocket Fuel ,Safecount ,SpecificMEDIA, Inc.,TACODA, Inc. ,TARGUSinfo ,33Across ,Traffic Marketplace ,Tribal Fusion ,Tumri ,TurnInc.,24/7 Real Media Inc. Undertone Networks ,ValueClick Media,Vibrant In-TextSolutions ,Wall Street on Demand ,XGraph,[x+1] (formerly Poindexter Systems, Inc),Yahoo! Inc. and YuMe Inc.Permition Marketing within Behavioral TargetingSites and adserver been reading since the beginning of Internet the navigation of users, thepermission marketing can be applied within 3 of the following actions: www. harrenmedia.com www.twitter.com/hm_research
  3. 3. 1. Registration within platform: such as registering to Facebook or Yahoo, the platform has the available data to segment and has the permission MKT 2. Downloading of plugins for browsers: companies like Smileys and alike offer the user exclusive content and obtain a permission marketing “OK” from the user to read and record through clusters the navigation habits of the specific user 3. Op-out: Must of Behavioraled adnetworks offer this application of permission to provide de user privacy within the exposure of online advertisement.The “op-out” practice is already implemented in US and is about to be implemented in Latam, notfor a legal item still but to prevent when it becomes legislated.Example of Yahoo:How is the navigation clustering done?As we mentioned before the platforms that offer browser plugging have the ability to provide thisdata but most of adnetworks activate a scrip to develop the clusters, but not only adnetworks butalso companies / research platforms such as:www.alexa.com , www.compete.com ( a WPP company ), www.doubleclickadplanner,www.adnetik.com (Havas Group )www.quancast.com and other companies that mix the panelanalysis with this script.Is there legal implications within US and Latam ?Not yet but I´ll be soon and positive for the industry since Behavioral Data Provides will crearclusters considering the preferences of the specific user. Within UK the issue of “op-out” is a legalmust that has provided the industry better results within KPIs such as CTR. www. harrenmedia.com www.twitter.com/hm_research
  4. 4. What are the best practices = Adchoice ?The proactive proposal of the industry along the IAB and NAI is:How is this implemented? 1. The implementation is considering to make the user aware of the registration of it´s navigation data:Example of ad creative www. harrenmedia.com www.twitter.com/hm_research
  5. 5. 2. Once the user click on the “Adchoice” icon it can decide wich Adnetwork of digital corporation can measure and register the behavioral data, this in an example of the “Op- out”:How can users have total control of their navigation´s data generation?There´s various ways for the user rather to maintain the most such as erasing the cookies, usingbrowsers that allow blind navigation such as Google Chrome , erasing plugging for browsers orsimply using the Adchoice Icon.Potentials and conclusions:  The most important element within a site are the users and their behavioral  Behavioral is an actual trends that needs to be used “asap”  Behavioral is mostly about “op-out” not”op-in”  We must create the best practices before legislations considering the user experience of the audience  Is a trustworthy platform that can generate digital valueContact us :www.harrenmedia.com Phone: 305-728-7087 or 305-767-28382332 Galiano Street, 2nd FloorCoral Gables, FL 3313Study Source:http://www.networkadvertising.org http://info.yahoo.com/privacy/us/yahoo/relevantads.html http://www.corporate-eye.com/blog/2010/01/introducing-the-online-behavioral-advertising-privacy-icon/comment-page-1/#comment-10740 http://www.futureofprivacy.org/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/bbcinternet/2009/05/bbc_online_and_behavioral_targ.html http://www.iab.net/media/file/ven-principles-07-01-09.pdf www. harrenmedia.com www.twitter.com/hm_research