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Weekly innovation report 4 27

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT APRIL 2012 • 27 Sending Data at the Speed of Light IKEA Pays for a Spot on Your Coffee Table Designer Dreams NewsFlash is rethinking the way that With the help of 303Lowe, IKEA Dream:ON is an app designed to we transmit data and trying to get rid Australia developed a campaign to encourage certain types of dreams. of the QR code at the same — all encourage use of their printed Users choose a “soundscape” before through light. A page using NewFlash catalogs. Customers could earn rent going to bed, then they set the emits high frequency red and green from IKEA for keeping the catalog in phone on their bed and the app lights that are picked up by the their homes year-round, with IKEA tracks their movements using its receiving device’s camera. It is then renting out a location for the catalog accelerometer. The app can read in the same way as a QR code. to stay for the year. The customers recognize when users hit their REM The transmitting device flashes light were then emailed rent checks on a sleep cycle and plays the selected that can be read by any camera and monthly basis that they could then “soundscape” in order to encourage also flashes too quickly to be redeem in-store. The idea was based more lucid dreams. The app also distracting or noticeable to the human around the fact that the IKEA tracks users’ sleep cycles and will eye. The data is sent and received, catalog is very popular but, with work to wake them at an optimal How would you use light to literally, at the speed of light. The How would you rethink the rising living costs, IKEA should pay How would you use sound to time, reducing morning grogginess. ? change the way that we transfer information? project is just a ? catalog in an increasingly digital world? their way for a spot in your home. ? alter people’s thoughts when they were unaware? The app is currently free in the App Store. concept at this point. READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE The Judgmental Shopping Cart Dove Facebook Ad Makeover The Time Sheet Powered Beer Fridge The Lambent Shopping Trolley Handle Dove Australia’s latest Facebook app Here’s a fun one for those of you can clip onto any shopping cart and allows users to edit the Facebook responsible for making sure that the identify whether products are organic ads that their friends see. The app is time sheets are completed in your or locally sourced. The handle uses a a part of the “Real Beauty” office. Casa, one of JWT’s digital small display that changes color and campaign and aims to help women offices, recently came up with a pattern to indicate the source of the feel better about themselves while way to incentivize their employees product to the users. The creators promoting positive female body to complete their time sheets. The performed a small study in the U.K. image. App users can select from answer: a fridge full of beer. The and found that when shoppers used one of eight messages and then fridge is connected to the office the device, 72% of the products that choose a group of women to target time sheet via the platform API. It they purchased had lower mean food based on the interests listed on their remains locked via a magnetic lock mileage than when the handle was profiles. The ads will then be shown until the office time sheet reaches not used. The team found that subtly to counteract the typical ads 100% completion on Fridays. How would you modify an nudging people proves more effective How would you allow users to promoting plastic surgery, How would you incentivize ? everyday item to change consumer behaviors? than actually suggesting ? take over a Facebook experience to support your campaign? makeovers and so forth. ? your employees to complete their least favorite tasks? what they should do. READ MORE READ MORE READ MOREFriday, April 27, 2012