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Weekly innovation report 4 20


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Weekly innovation report 4 20

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT APRIL 2012 • 20 Spotify Powered, Punchable Poster Smart eBall, aka Pong Self-Focusing Eyeglasses The team at Agency Republic has With the help of BBDO Germany, PixelOptics claims that it has made created an interactive poster that Smart Car has created a giant game the “biggest optical advance in over reacts to being touched and solves of pong controlled by their latest 50 years” with its new electronic, the problem of having to walk across electric car model. “Smart eBall,” as instant-focus glasses. The lenses the office to change the song. The the game is dubbed, was designed to house a layer of liquid crystals that poster is connected to Spotify using show off the responsiveness of the help with near focus and can be some wires, coding and one of the new vehicle launched at the activated by the user. To activate popular Arduino Nano devices (open- Frankfurt Motorshow. The game set- this mode, users simply need to source electronics designed to make up used a number of sensors both on press the touch-sensitive strip on the using electronics in projects more and around the vehicles to track the arms of the glasses. When users accessible). These devices and the exact location of the cars. These swipe the strip, the glasses are set poster are also connected to a sensors then sent the location to an automatic mode that “knock” sensor. When someone taps information to the screen in front of recognizes movement. Users can How would you use sensor the poster, or throws a ball of paper How would you use cars in them in order to control the game in What features would you add to then tilt their heads down and the ? devices to make simple tasks more fun? at it, a signal is sent to Spotify, changing the song. ? an unexpected to way to create a unique experience? real time. ? eyeglasses to make them more technologically advanced? glasses will automatically switch to near focus mode. READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE Hooky-Proof Clothing Robo-Mannequins Improve Online Shopping Wallpaper You Can Taste The Brazilian city of Vitoria da is on a mission to improve McVittie’s Jaffa Cake team from the Conquista is starting to embed online shopping one step at a time. U.K. recently took a page out of school uniforms with trackable radio With their new robotic mannequins, Willy Wonka’s book with its new tags. The tags use radio frequency users can input their sizing lickable wallpaper elevator and are similar to those found in information and the mannequins will installation. The wallpaper features clothing stores. While they cannot adjust their shape to match those lickable stickers that taste like the provide an exact location, they can sizes. Users can then see how the Jaffa Cake cookies. To solve the provide a proximity within 20 to 30 clothing items they picked would fit hygiene situation, there was an feet of the receiver. The tags can them based on the measurements attendant in the elevator at all also send a text message to parents given. The technology was originally times who would replace and to alert them whether or not their created by a startup named Estonia remove the stickers after they had child has arrived at school or not. and is in use by companies such as been licked. The goal of the The city is aiming to have all 43,000 Ermenegildo Zegna, Gilt and installation was to help combat the How would you use radio students between the ages of 4 and How would you modify the Barbour. The technology has resulted How would you infuse your stress of those working in the office ? frequency tags to keep children safe? 14 tracked by 2013. ? mannequin to make online shopping an easier experience? in an average online sales increase ? brand into everyday objects to bring more joy to your buildings. READ MORE of 57 percent. READ MORE consumers’ lives? READ MOREFriday, April 20, 2012