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Weekly innovation report 2 24

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT FEBRUARY 2012 • 24 Women-Only Billboard Turns Away Men Credit Cards With an On/Off Switch LightBeam Pico Tracking Projectors Plan UK set up a billboard that can Researchers at the University of LightBeam is a new form of the recognize a person’s gender in order Pittsburgh Swanson School of portable pico projector. This new to serve up targeted ads with a Engineering have come up with a version includes tracking technology purpose. The billboard uses an HD new way to protect your personal that allows the user to move the camera and facial recognition information stored on RFID/NFC surface onto which it’s being software that has a 90% accuracy cards. The cards are usually in an off projected on and have the image rate. Women are served a full 40- state, but when the owner touches a follow it. This update also allows second ad about educating women in specific location on the card, the users to use everyday objects as developing countries, while men are circuit is completed, which turns the remotes for their projectors. For taken straight to the campaign card on and allows it to be used. example, the user can simply turn website. The purpose of this is to This protects against thieves who their coffee mug and have the show men what it feels like to have could swipe information when the projector switch to a different some basic choices taken away. cards are in any kind of channel; it’s a perfect complement How would you use digital to How would you use the human electromagnetic field. How would you re-imagine the to the portable nature of the ? get a message across in an original way? ? element to improve upon technology and increase ? use of everyday objects to simplify an experience? projectors. READ MORE security? READ MORE READ MORE The Table That Recognizes Your Touch Google Goggles Come to Life Innovation Report Now on Flipboard This table is smart enough to According to sources within the You can now find the Engauge recognize who is touching it. It uses company, Google is currently Innovation Report on Flipboard. Just a set of electrodes located around working on a pair of HUD (heads up flip through to the Cool Curators the edge of the table to close the display) glasses. The glasses will section and scroll down to get your circuit and identify whose hand is include a cellular connection, GPS daily dose of innovation. The report whose. If a user either sits in a and a number of smartphone-esque was added as a way to show connected chair or touches the features. The glasses will also everyone that Engauge is out to electrode at the same time that feature a head movement controlled change the way that advertising is they are touching the table a circuit navigation system and a camera that done. Just flip through the pages on is closed and the table is able to can run searches using image our Flipboard channel and you will identify who is touching it to better recognition. The navigation system is see that innovation is not just keep track of what is going on. controlled by head tilting, which is technology, but a state of mind Potential uses include gambling apparently very quick to learn and when approaching all areas. How would you improve upon tables in casinos and games in How would you use becomes second nature quite What other channels would Flipboard is currently iOS only. ? touchscreen technology to make it easier to track users? arcades. ? interactive, augmented reality glasses to improve your brand rapidly. ? you like to see the Innovation Report available in? READ MORE experience? READ MORE READ MOREFriday, February 24, 2012