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Weekly innovation report 2 17

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT FEBRUARY 2012 • 17 Germany + Facebook = Manhunt ByteLight Leads the Way with LEDs Facebook for Business National Tour German officials have started a The ByteLight app uses a system of Social Bizzle, a UK-based online Facebook page in an effort to catch installed LEDs to guide customers Facebook training system, is taking a more criminals. The page has almost toward their desired destination. national tour to raise awareness 100,000 fans in a city with only Assuming that retailers have the about the importance of a Facebook 500,000 residents. Images and necessary LED light system installed, marketing strategy. The team at information are posted on the page users can simply choose where they Social Bizzle saw a need for to encourage the community to want to go with their app, point it at educating businesses about assist in the search for the criminals. the lights and voilà! The lights will Facebook and how best to use it So far, the effort has led to 8 arrests lead the way. The app also includes strategically. To get a visit from the and there are currently plans to secondary features such as providing Social Bizzle team, businesses can expand the program into Twitter. information on nearby items and enter the competition on the Social Despite some opposition and offering up electronic coupons. The Bizzle Facebook page from there, comments that it may be a creators hope to have the system they can enter into a drawing to win dangerous system, it does not seem ready for launch within one year. a Social Bizzle training visit and a How would you use social How would you use an age-old What’s an out of the box way that ? media to make your community a safer place? that officials will stop utilizing this program anytime soon. ? technology in a new way to improve upon a retail ? you can educate your clients on the importance of social? year of access to their training platform. READ MORE experience? READ MORE READ MORE Chirpify: Tweet To Buy Ninja Blocks: Connecting Everything Erase Photobombers with Scalado Chirpify announced itself this past Ninja Blocks is a new way to connect Scalado may seem like magic, but it Wednesday and proposed a major almost every physical object that uses some fairly simple technology shift in the world of online payments. you own to the internet. Using a to solve that pesky photobombing Using Chirpify, consumers can simply number of sensors ranging from problem. The app allows users to tweet at a business, friend, motion sensors to temperature remove unwanted objects from their politician, etc. to make a purchase, sensors, the blocks can trigger a photographs. By taking multiple payment, or donation. The multitude of actions. The blocks are images and stitching them together, transaction is as simple as “@business integrated with Dropbox, Twitter, the app is able to recognize a Buy product.” For example, a user Facebook, Google Docs and much number of separate objects, can tweet their favorite politician to more, which allows users to including people, in your photograph donate to their campaign. Twitter has seamlessly push content to these and allow users to remove them been all about communication in the platforms. A great example shown by with a simple tap of the finger. The past and the Chirpify founders hope the brand was the use of a motion app is expected to launch later this How would you use that this will spark a number of new How would you connect the sensor block to tweet the user when How would you use month at the 2012 Mobile World ? social actions as a form of currency? uses for Twitter. ? online and offline worlds in order to create a seamless their cat jumped on the sofa. ? technology to improve everyday objects? Conference. READ MORE experience? READ MORE READ MOREFriday, February 17, 2012