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Weekly innovation report 12 1 ready


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Weekly innovation report 12 1 ready

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT DECEMBER 2011 • 2McDonald’s Billboard Depicts Fries Virgin’s “First Times” Facebook App Scion’s Microsoft Surface ExperienceWith Beams of Light McDonald’s is currently in the midst As a part of Virgin’s “Social If you have the chance to attend an of a campaign to promote their Marathon,” the company has auto show through 2012, be sure to french fries as the “best fries on the released a new Facebook app, look out for Scion’s Surface planet.” As part of their campaign in dubbed “First Times.” The app finds Experience. Utilizing Microsoft Chicago, creative agency Leo and explores your Facebook firsts Surface technology, these Burnett has created a unique with your friends. It will find your touchscreen surfaces allow billboard to catch the eyes of the first photo together, the first event attendees to interact with the public. Shaped like a carton of fries, you attended together, the first post exhibit in unique ways. Each the billboard has yellow laser lights between the two of you, and more. attendee is given one of eight cards shooting out of the top that The app also promotes sharing those that, when placed on the Surface, resemble the franchise’s iconic firsts with Virgin, in order to add to display videos, pictures, and specs fries.The billboard is located next to its very own history. of Scion’s new electric line of a McDonald’s restaurant, guiding vehicles. Turn the card over and part How would you use traditional hungry passersby to their very own How would you use Facebook How would you use touch of a song plays, with the whole song ? advertising in an innovative way to attract the attention of order of french fries. ? apps to engage fans in a unique way? ? screen technology to create a unique experience? being accessed when all 8 cards are on the table. consumers? READ MORE READ MORE READ MOREEbay’s Give-A-Toy Store Front A Website Literally Made of Chocolate Cyber Monday Breaks Spending Record Do you have trouble figuring out Portuguese beer brand, Sagres, Cyber Monday has claimed the title where or what to donate during the released their new chocolate stout this of ‘the busiest online shopping day holidays? Ebay’s new store front year and wanted a creative way to of the year’ for a second year in a installation makes giving easy. Those promote their new beer that involved row. Cyber Monday 2011 was the viewing the interactive window see neither TV nor print. Out of it a heaviest U.S. online spending day in a 3-D Christmas scene including website made entirely of chocolate history, coming in at an incredible numerous toys. Each toy has a QR was born. Sagres commissioned the $1.25 billion. Such an increase in code attached to it that viewers can best chocolatier in Portugal to build spending is possibly attributed to scan via a downloadable eBay app. the website. The chocolate pieces of the increased access to internet Upon scanning, users can donate the site were then shot in many connected mobile devices and that toy (or the money it takes to different positions and stages to tablets. Paypal reports that by the purchase the toy) right from the recreate a functioning site. The site afternoon, mobile payments street. A rewarding, thank-you was launched, and customers were increased 514%, making up 7.5% of How would you use digital animation plays in the window after How would you re-imagine a offered a piece of the actual chocolate How would you use mobile sales. ? displays to encourage viewers to donate to a cause? a donation is made. ? website to attract customers to a new product? used and a six pack of the new beer. ? commerce to capitalize on the busiest online shopping day of READ MORE READ MORE the year? READ MORE