Weekly innovation report 11 4


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Weekly innovation report 11 4

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT NOVEMBER 2011 • 4The First Video You Can Taste O Boticario Beauty’s Interactive Print Ads Mixtapes Get A 21st-Century Touchup Rice Krispies new campaign captures O Boticrio’s recent magazine Remember how you used to make peoples attention by claiming to be advertisement allows readers to mixtapes for your friends or able to "taste" their new product interact using their smartphones. By significant other? They have through a YouTube video. While the placing one’s phone over the undergone a 21st-century makeover video itself doesnt actually allow outlined space on the ad, a video using QR codes. UK collective, you taste the product, it is the first starts to play and demonstrates how Stupid, has created greeting cards of its kind to use such technology. Rice Krispies is capitalizing on the the look featured on the page was with customizable QR codes. When shock and intrigue factor, as the achieved. It brings both audio and scanned with your smartphone, you video is meant to be shared, by video to an advertisement, turning will be sent a Spotify playlist. Each capturing the attention of those who the ordinary into the extraordinary. QR code is unique and can be viewed the video all the way customized to be associated with a through to the end. specific emotion or feeling. You can create a code out of hearts for How would you use technology How could you use mobile How would you combine Valentine’s Day or an anniversary for ? to allow participants to interact with your brand in ? technology to make something ordinary, extraordinary? ? technology with non-digital experiences to evoke a certain example. new ways? READ MORE READ MORE emotion? READ MOREOriginal Programming On YouTube The New Consumer Trend: Recommerce Bell Canada’s Unique Social Portraits Google’s YouTube is about to start its TrendWatching.com’s October 2011 Bell Canada’s newest interactive own original programming. trend briefing examines campaign is designed to show the Partnering with a large number of “recommerce,” the expanding trend role the Bell network plays as a companies, the goal is to produce of consumers trading in, trading up, social platform. Users can create a over 25 hours of original programs and cashing in on old products. Big typographic portrait of themselves every day. Fronting $100 million brands such as Best Buy, Target, T- based on their Facebook and Twitter dollars to make this happen, YouTube is being backed by big names like Ashton Kutcher and Jay- Mobile, and Verizon all have trade-in programs. Patagonia, for example, has an initiative asking people to = data. By pulling in status updates and Tweets, each portrait is unique and can be customized and Z. The first of these channels will buy less of their products and downloaded to share with friends. appear next month and will be recycle or repair what they already available on all devices, including have. Big purchases, like cars, used smartphones. to be the only recommerced How would you address the Are you going to be a part of products, but now anything is up for How would you promote your ? growing trend of online original programming? ? the new Recommerce trend and cash in the old? grabs. ? company as a social platform in a unique way? READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE