Weekly innovation report 11 18


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Weekly innovation report 11 18

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT NOVEMBER 2011 • 18 Racetrack Unlocks Audi Magazine’s iPadATMs Offer Ads Instead of Surcharges World’s Largest Space Invaders Game Issue Free ATMs NYC is a surcharge-free Four Chelsea Football Club members In an innovative twist to the normal ATM company that aims to bring recently played the largest game of unlock screen on Apple’s iPad, Audi third party advertisers and the Space Invaders ever. Thanks to 3D Magazine is promoting their iPad public together. The machines have projection mapping combined with version by having readers follow a a screen on top that plays motion sensors and other high-tech racetrack to unlock the most recent advertisements while people wait implementations, the players were issue for free. Readers slide the for their money to be dispensed. In able to interact with the game by unlock button along a racetrack exchange for watching these ads, kicking soccer balls at the wall. that, after crossing the finish line, the ATM waives the increasingly When a ball hit an enemy, the brings them to the iTunes page pricy surcharges that most people motion sensors triggered and showed where they can access a free have come to despise. A branded the enemy being hit. download of the magazine. receipt or coupon is also dispensed when the transaction is completed. How would you take How would you use projection How would you use native iPad ? advantage of a typically ad- free space to benefit both the ? mapping to create a unique experience? ? functionality to promote the iPad version of your brand’s public and advertisers? READ MORE READ MORE product? READ MORECardMunch Turns Business Cards Into Users Share Listening Activity 1.5 Billion ASICS “Race This Ad” InstallationLinkedIn Contacts Times Since f8 LinkedIn’s new version of its Facebook’s enhancements to Open To coincide with their sponsorship of CardMunch app allows users to Graph at this year’s f8 conference the ING NYC Marathon, ASICS has automatically convert business cards have revolutionized how users share released a new out-of-home into LinkedIn contacts. Users open information on Facebook. Music installation. It encourages the public the app, take a photo of a business apps, in particular, have benefited to race against Ryan Hall, a card, and the app recognizes the greatly from Open Graph professional marathon runner, at his text and matches it up to a LinkedIn integration. The listening activity of 4:46 per mile pace. The 60 foot profile. Information such as mutual users in apps like Spotify, MOG and experiential advertisement is contacts, credentials and other Rdio has been shared more than 1.5 located in a subway terminal, details about the user can be viewed billion times since the making a typically forgettable area within the app. While cards are announcement in September. The a memorable and fun place for being processed, users can also add Open Graph has proven to be a brand engagement. Additionally, it is notes to be added to the contact valuable discovery tool and a an innovative way for ASICS to How would you use mobile card. How would you take resource to help stimulate growth. How would you use extend their sponsorship beyond ? technology to combine, and improve, networking? ? advantage of Facebook’s Open Graph as a tool for sharing and ? experiential marketing to promote a company from the actual race. READ MORE discovery? READ MORE sponsorship? READ MORE