Weekly innovation report 10.7.11


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Weekly innovation report 10.7.11

  1. 1. Swarovski SCVNGR Hunt Jiggle-It iPhone App Apple Announces iPhone 4S Swarovski and SCVNGR teamed up for the ‘Swarovski Discover Your Jiggle-It syncs up with your music player on The new iPhone 4S was announced at Tuesday’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” LIght’ event in central London on September 24th for a city-wide your iPhone/iTouch, to feature a jiggling cube event. Despite no announcement of the anticipated iPhone 5, the mobile scavenger hunt. Five hundred teams of two raced to finish of Jell-O to dance along with the beat of the 4S comes with a slew of new features including: music. It uses an audio analyzer to track BPM - A dual-core A5 chip and 7x graphics speed over the iPhone 4 42 tasks and to collect hidden Swarovski presents valued at $1,000 and energy changes in the music. Created by - New antenna design allowing for better call quality per contestant. SCVNGR is a mobile based game that is all about CP+B, Jiggle-It gives a whole new meaning to going places and completing challenges to earn points. - 8MP camera that rivals most point and shoots the phrase “J.E.L.L.O ...it’s alive!” - Siri, the voice activated personal assistant that let’s you complete Are you embracing LBS apps? Think about how you could How would you make an aging brand tasks like setting alarms and making appointments leverage the power of LBS to engage your brand’s consumers. relevant again? Would you consider the iPhone 4S a worthwhile upgrade? READ MORE READ MORE READ MOREKLM Youtube Burberry Hosts First “Tweetwalk”Campaign Burberry continued its trend of trying to access the largest onlineIn response to customer service audience possible for it’s fashion show by holding the first everquestions on FB and Twitter, WEEKLYDutch airline, KLM, used 140 Tweetwalk.” Before models stepped out on the runway to showcaseemployees to provide real-time the collection, Burberry tweeted photos from backstage,responses via Youtube videos. previewing the collection exclusively to Burberry’s Twitter followers. Burberry aggregated the photos into Twitter’s new photoAn innovative take on Twitter,how would you take a corefunctionality of a platform and gallery and streamed the entire runway show live on Facebook. How are you going to integrate social into local events to reach a INNOVATION REPORT - 10/7add your own unique spin? larger audience?READ MORE READ MOREReservation-Making Tram Stop Display f8 Developer’s Wear The Beef Conference 2011 Wendy’s has brought back what is arguably its most famous The Helsinki restaurant, Ravintola Lampo, partnered with Finnish campaign/quote ever, “Where’s the Beef?” in a new campaign to ad agency, HeyDay, to create a touchscreen ad displayed at a tram At this year’s f8 conference, Facebook launch its new and improved burger with thicker patties and stop in the city. A touch-screen foil placed over the glass on the ad unveiled drastic changes to what we had improved toppings. It incorporated everything from TV ads to a allowed users to interact directly. The ad allowed waiting known as Facebook: Timeline (think “Wear the Beef” Facebook app filled with old school games like passengers to reserve a table, order an SMS coupon, browse the scrapbook of your life), Open Graph API Whack-a-Mole and Simon. Users could win the same t-shirt featured that creates a frictionless experience and menu, and even watch TV. in the TV ads by playing the games on Facebook. auto-updates your Timeline, and a retooled News Feed. How can you capture your target’s attention and prompt them to Would the resurgence of a classic campaign with a modern twist take immediate action in unexpected situations/locals? How will brands be impacted by these like this make you want to try the new burger over another changes? brand?READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE