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Weekly innovation report 10.28.11


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Weekly innovation report 10.28.11

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT OCTOBER 2011 • 28BrandTable NFC Concept Dissolving Fruit Labels Turn To Soap Nest - The Learning Thermostat BrandTable is a new food court Amron Experimental has solved the The man who led the design team concept from Australian design problem of those annoying fruit for the first 18 generations of the firm S-Digital. Circular stickers labels you must peel off at the same iPod has now designed the world’s with NFC tags are secured to the time. The vanishing fruit labels most beautiful thermostat. After a food court tables and allow dissolve into a produce-cleansing period of more-frequently adjusting customers with NFC phones to soap when you wash and rub them the temperature (when leaving for tap a restaurant’s sticker to with water. The soap helps remove work, at night, when you wake up, bring up a menu and ordering pesticides, dirt, and bacteria. The etc.) the thermostat learns your page. Customers can place their labels can also be peeled off patterns and will adjust accordingly. order and pay without leaving normally, and display price codes for If you go on a trip it will even figure their seat. The phone will buzz checking out at the store. out the house is empty, and turn to when your order is ready to be an energy saving mode. The green picked up. leaf means it’s at an energy saving How would you use mobile How could you change an How would you use technology setting. ? technology to make the customer experience more ? insignificant product feature into something useful? ? to overhaul a taken-for- granted household feature? hassle-free? READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE8ta’s Whispering Windows Matchbook Bookmarking Mobile App Realistically Adding Objects Into Photos Mobile brand 8ta’s new Remember when you used to take take on whispering A University of Illinois team is matchbooks from your favorite windows do more than just developing software that lets users establishments to remember places you emit speech to you as you insert objects into their photos enjoyed? Matchbook is a new mobile app walk by their stores. realistically, including lighting, that does the same thing, but on your Utilizing through-glass shadowing, and perspective. The phone. Using location information from technology, people on the implications for this software are Foursquare and the iPhone’s GPS, you can streets can browse through huge. Furniture companies can use save bars, restaurants, and shops then the store’s catalogue after it to test our furniture in rooms tag them and write notes about each hours, and the windows realistically, with no guesswork or place. Your bookmarked places are themselves become glass samples. Or one can try out a new organized by neighborhood, and you can window speakers. Potential piece of artwork before buying it. also search the top saved places by other customers can even The inserted objects are almost users in a specified area. Want to share a request a callback when indistinguishable from the original place with a friend? You can send them a How would you use technology the store reopens. Could you use technology to How would you utilize this scene.? to attract potential customers in an unexpected way? ? modernize an old ritual or habit? text through the app. ? software to improve the consumer experience? READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE