Weekly innovation report 10 14


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Weekly innovation report 10 14

  1. 1. IDEO c60 Record Player Redux IKEA Uses FB Info To Design Your Bedroom Japan’s Smartphone-Only TV Channel IDEO, a global design consultancy, has designed a digital-to-physical IKEA UK’s YouTube app uses In April 2012, Japan will release their first-ever smartphone-exclusive playlist “record player.” IDEO’s goal was to create something that Facebook Connect TV broadcast channel. It will allow for digital content, such as games allows us to “touch” our music, similar to when vinyls were still functionality to customize a and newspapers, to be streamed to viewers simultaneously. The used to play music. The company has incorporated RFID tags into bedroom that’s unique, all shows will be shorter than traditional programming, about ten cardboard song “cards” that can be thrown on top of the machine, while providing product info minutes in length, to allow mobile users to fill idle time. Additionally, which reads the tags and automatically plays the card’s song. to drive to purchase. as the shows progress, the main application will also allow Facebook Multiple cards can be placed on the table to create a physical and Twitter updating in real time. playlist. How would you use social to create a unique shopping Mobile’s increasing popularity is now reaching into the television How would you use technology to bridge the gap between past experience? market. How would you harness mobile for television? and present consumer behaviors? READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE“Share A Coke” Campaign Pepsi - Pongr PartnershipCoca-Cola Australia is replacing the Pepsi partnered with Pongr, a computer vision platform, to power atraditional branding on their bottles “Snap and Send” campaign to promote the debut of The X Factor.with one of the top 150 most popular WEEKLYAustralian names. On their Facebook Consumers snap a pic of The X Factor and Pepsi logos on speciallypage, fans can share a virtual coke, marked bottles and send them to a specific email address. Pongr’slisten to a song about their name or platform sifts through submissions to identify eligible entries and immediately responds to entrants with exclusive content from the INNOVATIONsign up to create a real bottle of Cokewith their name on it. show.How would you personalize your What type of program would you run with a direct response REPORT - 10/14brand experience or physical product? platform like Pongr?READ MORE READ MOREWalmart’s “My Local Walmart” App Marmite’s AR Recipe Booktrack - Synchronized Soundtracks App - by Blippar While You ReadWalmart rolled out their “My Local Walmart” App on Facebook this Blippar, a brand-focused, augmentedweek. The Facebook app allows for localized marketing on an A first in publishing, Booktrack provides a synched soundtrack to reality app, has partnered withindividual store level. Fans can choose their local Walmart by Marmite to merge the digital and your reading experience. Customized for e-books, Booktrackentering their ZIP Code. Localized marketing will allow Walmart to physical worlds. Customers can scan determines a person’s reading speed and synchs music and soundsmarket products based upon the weather, local events and the jar and are brought into an to what is happening in the story. Readers can pause the soundtrackpromotions, and even lets users download a map of their store to experience that recommends recipes by tapping the screen, and double tapping the word they’re readingfind Black Friday merchandise. and allows them to be saved to your will start the soundtrack from that point. mobile device.How would you address the need to target content to a specific What would you do to add extra value to a tried-and-true How would you use AR to increase method of entertainment, like reading?market or geographic region on Facebook? engagement with your product?READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE