Weekly innovation report 1 27 final


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Weekly innovation report 1 27 final

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT JANUARY 2012 • 27 The Swap-O-Matic Vending Machine The Tweeting Cabbie Shazam Driven Petitions The Swap-O-Matic encourages A Chicago Cabbie uses Twitter and Amnesty International created a consumers to recycle their items Facebook to book his fares. The music themed campaign integrated while also being rewarded. cabbie also uses a host of other with Shazam. When a song was not Consumers create an account and services – ranging from Find My recognized, the user was served an can swap their belongings for either Friends to Google Latitude – to allow ad for the campaign that prompted a “swapping credits” or others’ potential customers to locate him. click through. Once they clicked previous belongings. The machine To keep his customers happy, he through, the user was encouraged to operates on an honor system and even offers free Wi-Fi, and, if sign a petition. Upon the signature, was created to promote sustainable they’re lucky, lets customers charge a musical note was added to a living and responsible consumption their devices. The driver estimates composition. At the end of the of resources. To create even greater that, by leveraging social and mobile campaign, a song built from awareness about sustainability, the services, he has caused 90-95% of his everyone’s “signatures” was machine is moved occasionally business to become repeat business. released by singer Yael Naim. The How would you use moved around to locations ranging How can you use social How would you use a mobile app campaign drove 150,000 petition ? technology to promote sustainable living? from schools to ice cream shops in NYC. ? networks to make your business more available to ? in an unexpected way to drive action? signatures in just a week. READ MORE consumers? READ MORE READ MORE Facebook Check-in Powered Contest Viggle TV Offers Rewards for Watching RFID-Blocking Accessories Air China used Facebook Check-ins Viggle is attempting to get New bags and wallets have been to power a giveaway contest aimed consumers to watch live TV shows. It created to protect those with RFID at raising awareness of the airline’s uses sound tagging technology, like enabled phones from having their flights to Sweden. They picked a Shazam, to listen to what you are information stolen. The bags and handful of Asian restaurants in watching. Participants collect points wallets are made out of a special Stockholm to be ambassadors. When over time and then receive rewards fabric that is designed to block RFID users checked in to these restaurant such as $5 Starbucks Gift Cards. The frequencies. With the rising number locations, they were entered into a app can be used with Netflix content of NFC and RFID enabled devices, contest on the Air China Facebook but is meant to drive viewers to live mobile security is going to become a page. Facebook fans would vote on TV. Viewers also get extra rewards serious concern for many different users’ check-ins, and each for watching commercials and individuals. week, the entrant with the most certain shows. votes won a pair of tickets to How would you leverage a anywhere in Asia. How would you use second- How would you use ? social functionality or feature to provide consumers with a ? screen technology to reward your consumers? ? technology to improve everyday objects? more rewarding experience READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE with your brand?Friday, January 27, 2012