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Lbs client-lunch&learn

  1. 1. Location Based Marketing:You’re Where & Why the Heck Do I Care? June 16, 2011 Engauge Lunch & Learn
  2. 2. Lunch & Learn Contest for an Apple TVCheck in the Foursquare and/or Gowalla“Engauge LBS Lunch & Learn” venue(s)and share your check-in to Twitter duringthe presentation to be entered to win.Winner will be drawn at random and will wina new Apple TV. We will announce thewinner at the end of the presentation.
  3. 3. What is a “check-in”?It is a function that facilitates the sharing of an activity. The important aspect of checking in is not that one is doing the activity itself, but the fact that the person chose to share they were doing that activity.
  4. 4. Key LBS Demographics • 18-34 year olds count for 60% of the users • Users are split by genders, but males share more • 1 in 5 smartphone owners use check-in services • Over 50% are motivated to use the service for discounts • Approximately half of non-users site privacy as their biggest concern Source:  comScore  May  2011  &  Beyond  2011
  5. 5. FoursquareUsers: Approximately 10 million worldwide. 40% are international.Pioneer in defining the “check-in” for the masses
  6. 6. Foursquare User Experienceimage source: TechCrunch image source: CNET image source: Business Insider
  7. 7. Foursquare Business Experience
  8. 8. Foursquare Business Experience image source: PlacePunch
  9. 9. Foursquare Use Cases & Innovation Radio Shack - Launched nationwide special during the holidays. Found that Foursquare users spent on average 3.5 times more than non-users. McDonald’s - Offered 100 gift cards on Foursquare Day in 2010 to random users who checked in on April 16th. Stores say a 33% increase in check-ins from the day before and a 40% lift for the week. Granata Pet Food - Introduced an innovative way to incorporate the Foursquare API and a billboard. Users image source: who checked in at their outdoor ad were dispensed aimage trial sample of dog food. Stats source: Mashable
  10. 10. GowallaUsers: Approximately 1.1 millionWants to help you “craft the narrative of your life” - CEO Josh Williams source: Mashable
  11. 11. Gowalla User Experienceimage source: Mobile Marketing Watch
  12. 12. Gowalla Business Experience• Our agency helped IHG become the first large hotel chain to launch a full campaign incorporating Gowalla’s service across all of its eight brands.• Had 1,000 of IHG’s 4,400 properties listed in its database of more than 1 million “spots” (or locations)• 16% conversion rate for people who checked into the property and then requested more info.• Of those people, 23% of people who received emails registered for the program.
  13. 13. Gowalla Disney Use Case
  14. 14. Facebook PlacesUsers: Approximately 30 million*Foursquare “Light” *Source: SF Chronicle sites unnamed inside source. Reasonable considering the mobile FB reach is about 5 times that.
  15. 15. Facebook Places User Experience Facebook Places Businesses Experienceimage image source: Mashable
  16. 16. Gap Use Case on Facebook Places Source: ScoutLabs, 10/23/10 – 11/23/10, Query: Gap AND Facebook Places image source: image source: cyberpopblog.comimage source:
  17. 17. Points and Gaming Based LBS • Shopkick • WeReward • SCVNGR • My Town
  18. 18. Shopkick - Encourages Store Exploration WeReward - Rewards Visits With Cash image source: image source:
  19. 19. SCVNGR - Challenge Based Activities at Locations My Town - Real World Monopoly image source: image source: stunmedia.comimage source: image source: techcrunch
  20. 20. My Town - ZonePerfect Campaign at SXSW by Engauge- Dropped 5 bars in game. 20% chance of earning abar during a ZonePerfect lounge check-in.- 2 bars redeemed for $15 iTunes gift card- 3 bars & scratch of game earned in game rewards- iPad giveaway to random top 10 point earner
  21. 21. Future of LBS • Local loyalty through unique concepts • Instant/Automatic check-ins • Sentiment Analysis to Recommendation Engines • Better Ways to Meet New People • Deeper Integration Within Business Loyalty Programs & Recommendations • Continued Migration to add more “Now What” to the “Where” • Location based services expected to bring in $10 billion in revenue by 2016 *source:
  22. 22. Consumption Based Check-insEntertainment - GetGlue, Miso, & PhiloBeverages - Untappd
  23. 23. Future of TV Consumption - Rise of the Second Screen • 94% of TV Watchers Were Distracted When Ads Were Displayed • 60% of Those Distractions Were From a Smartphone • 70% of Tablet Owners Used Their Device While Watching TV • 86% of Mobile Users Access the Internet on Their Device During Shows Source:  AdAge  May  2011  &  Nextekis  May  2011
  24. 24. GetGlue User Experience source for images:
  25. 25. Miso User Experience Philo User Experience Miso image sources: philo & itunes images source: miso
  26. 26. Untappd User Experience image source: image source:
  27. 27. Presentation by Chad Elkins - Digital Innovation Strategist Connect with Chad on these apps mentioned in the presentation: • Twitter - • Foursquare - • Gowalla - • SCVNGR - • GetGlue - • Miso - • Philo - • Untappd -