A $50 Billion Opportunity: The Future of Marketing


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A $50 Billion Opportunity: The Future of Marketing

  1. Gridley’s 10th Annual Conference 01.11.2011
  2. $50 Billion Opportunity Media Time Spent vs. Ad Spend 26% 12% PRINTSource: Morgan Stanley
  3. $50 Billion Opportunity Media Time Spent vs. Ad Spend 26% 16% 12% 9% PRINT RADIOSource: Morgan Stanley
  4. $50 Billion Opportunity Media Time Spent vs. Ad Spend 39% 31% 26% 16% 12% 9% PRINT RADIO TVSource: Morgan Stanley
  5. $50 Billion Opportunity Media Time Spent vs. Ad Spend 39% 31% 28% 26% OPPORTUNITY GAP 16% 12% 13% 9% PRINT RADIO TV INTERNETSource: Morgan Stanley
  6. History of Engauge06 06 07 07 08 10 February 2006 Halyard partners with February 2007 Halyard acquires Direct Impact August 2007 Halyard acquires TenUnited December 2007 Engauge acquires Streamright March 2008 Engauge acquires Spunlogic January 2010 Engauge Created ProductStan Rapp to pursue marketing model Creates Engauge Development Group next generation marketing model
  7. Leveragingcreativity andtechnologyLeading independent agencyLeader in social networkingDigital Innovation Group (DIG)Next generation marketingtechnology development
  8. 3.7 Million FansFan CountDoubled in 20101.2 MillionReservations
  9. CreateDevelop transformationalideas that connectbrands and people.
  10. InnovateMove beyond the ordinaryto do what’s never beendone before.
  11. RelateCreate real meaning in thelives of consumers – andgrowth for your brand.
  12. Engauge
  13. In his weekly Campaign Spotlight, New York Times advertising columnist Stuart Elliott features Engauge’s newly launched campaign for Van Gogh BLUE. Our“We must think of brands within thecontext of consumer culture. It’s theonly way to spur relationship-building Workconversations.”- David Grzelak, executive director ofbrand planning at Engauge. Nationwide’s bottom line in NASCAR is booming, according to a story in USA Today. Engauge’s campaign drives results.
  14. “Rapid growth and development of social technology was making it possible for Engauge to be a total engagement company,” Rick Milenthal, CEOOurProfile In an essay published in Sky Delta magazine, New York Times columnist Stuart Elliott explores our post-Mad Men era of advertising and today’s agencies, like Engauge, who are leading the way. The DMA transformation is missing its most vitally needed element — a name change that reflects what marketers must grasp to survive and prosper…” - Stan Rapp, chairman
  15. In this Q&A with Direct Marketing News, Scott Hildebrand argues it’s time to find tools to measure social media and... OurAdvertising Age hasrecognized Chick-fil-A as arunner-up in its annual Modelranking of best marketers andEngauge’s innovative socialcampaign. Thanks to the age of the Internet, reaching a consumer directly and personalizing that experience has had a major revitalization.
  16. Total Engagement Brief distributed to clients, prospects and influencers on a bi-monthly basis.OurThinking Why mobile check-in apps may be the future of location-based marketing. Testing one brand, a team of anthropologists surveys 100 homes, asking inhabitants questions such as, “When you’re drinking flavored coffee, how do you see yourself?”
  17. Create. Innovate. Relate.
  18. Small Numbers Big Numbers
  19. 3%The small gap between consumertime spent on TV vs. the Internet.26%The media spending gap betweenonline and television advertising.
  20. 3 hoursIn 2009 consumers spend 3 hourswatching video on the internet.650%Americans viewed 650% moreonline video in 2010 than theprevious year.
  21. 4 yearsWithin four years, more peoplewill regularly access the Internetfrom a mobile device than a PC.5 billion5 billion cell phones are activatedworldwide.
  22. $1BMobile ad spending grows 80%,to hit $1 billion in 2011.$450B$450 billion total global ad spend,US $1B spend is not even half of ahalf of the 1% of total global adspend.
  23. 1%A 99% opportunity. Only 1% ofcoupons are distributed online. Yetonline coupons account for nearly5% of all coupons redeemed.60%60% of online consumers nowsearch for deals digitally beforeshopping.
  24. 6%A mere 5.9% of marketing budgetswas spent on social media in 2010.17.7%This will triple to 18% in just fiveyears.
  25. On January 15, 2011download your copy:engauge.com/2011-digital-outlook The ENGAUGE 2011 Digital Outlook
  26. Engauge leverages creativity andtechnology to develop transformationalideas that connect brands and people. www.rickmilenthal.com rmilenthal@engague.com