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Building a World-Class Account Based Sales Development Team


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Webinar with strategies and tips for building a world class account based sales development team.

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Building a World-Class Account Based Sales Development Team

  1. 1. Building a World-Class Account Based Sales Development Team Brought to you by
  2. 2. Your Speakers Danilo Nikolich Head of Account Development Engagio Jon Miller CEO and Co-Founder Engagio Brian Lipp (host) VP of Sales Sales for Life
  3. 3. • Yes, we are recording this webinar • Yes, you will receive a copy of the slides • Yes, we are happy to answer your questions • Yes, there is an hashtag: #ABSD Housekeeping
  4. 4. Agenda TechnologyABSD Metrics People and Process The New Sales Development For a deep dive on these topics review “The Clear & Complete Guide to Account Based Sales Development”
  5. 5. The New Sales Development
  6. 6. Inbound vs Outbound Nets Spears
  7. 7. 7 Account CentricThinking
  8. 8. Rise of Account Based Sales Development “[Account Based Sales Development is] today’s most effective Account- Based tactic.” – TOPO
  9. 9. Account Based Sales Development A coordinated strategy that combines personalized, multi-channel, multi- threaded, outbound activities to create high-value opportunities in new and existing customers
  10. 10. • It’s targeted – aimed at selected, named accounts, not huge, undifferentiated lists • It’s personalized – based on relevant, crafted conversations instead of standard, one-size- fits-all scripts • It’s researched – driven by systematic insight generation (not two minutes on LinkedIn) • It’s multi-channel – maximizing reach by using all channels, not massive spamming campaigns • It’s integrated – a coordinated effort supported by marketing – not another silo • It’s patient – with less emphasis on short-term calls-to-action such as demos and more on high-value engagements such as meetings to share insights or trends How ABSD is Different
  11. 11. CFO to CEO: “What happens if we invest in our people and they leave” CEO to CFO: “What happens if we don’t and they stay?!”
  12. 12. People and Process
  13. 13. Sales Spam = Opt out, tune out, toss out
  14. 14. “Template emails are roulette wheels. If you only get 100 rolls of the roulette wheel, then you need to increase your odds.” – Craig Rosenberg
  15. 15. 20
  16. 16. What is a Play? CEODirector, Marketing Our Team VP, Sales VP, Sales Their Team The Play CEO VP, Marketing SDR Jennie, research the account and call Bert Ray, approve an email to Fozzie Jon, approve an email to Abby Becca, send a coffee to Elmo if no one responds can send on behalf of… SDR SDR customizes and drives play AE
  17. 17. Building and Managing the Team
  18. 18. Execution – Is your team commoditized? • Prep – Week/Day/Account • Follow up process • Number of touches • Weekly: Multiple check-ins on progress against goals 23 Process
  19. 19. BANT • Budget • Authority • Need • Timing Qualification AN • Authority • Need There’s a project in the next six months (42% opportunities) A Meeting with the right person at the right company (38% intro meetings; 18% semi-qualified) Other factors include: market maturity, company stage, product/sales process complexity
  20. 20. Structure - Areas to Consider • Lead centric vs. Account centric • SDR to AE ratio • Goals and performance management • Compensation 25 Process
  21. 21. • ABR – Don’t Post and Pray! HUNT! – Tell everybody – Employee Ambassadors – Open houses – LinkedIn – Use your commute for Informational calls 26 Recruiting
  22. 22. • How much does experience matter? • SDRs with “Active” LinkedIn profiles • SDRs working for larger Orgs • Sales reps in other industries 27 Background
  23. 23. • Research on company and role • Why are they interested? • Product pitch • Call structure 28 Phone Screen
  24. 24. • Coachability • Knowledge retention • Team player • Ask what questions they have 29 Interview
  25. 25. • Ask the candidate for writing samples • SalesAssessments (ex: sales drive) 30 Assessment
  26. 26. • Before you send the offer • Set clear expectations 31 Gain Commitment Engagio New Hire Classroom training - 1 week Ask questions and take notes Call shadowing Coordinate with SDRs and summarize learnings First month Pass new hire certification Second Month Hit new hire ramp
  27. 27. • SDR Playbook/ Call shadowing –Week 1-3 • New Hire certification/ Joint calling with Manager –Week 4 • “Buddy program” • Ongoing coaching 32 Onboarding
  28. 28. • “The Market” – Marketing/Sales automation space • Lead vs.Account Based Marketing/SDR approach • Product overview (L2A, Analytics, PlayMaker) • Personas – messaging/call guides/writing emails • Research/Prep – prior to outreach • Outreach – getting organized/time management • Competition • Overcoming Objections • Qualification • Tech Stack • Processes: SFDC/Engagio • Goals/Expectations • Links 33 OnboardingAgenda
  29. 29. New Metrics to Measure ABSD
  30. 30. ABSD metrics are different • They track accounts not leads (MQAs not MQLs) • They focus on quality not quantity • They track impact and influence more than try to apportion ‘credit’ (the ABE world is much more of a team effort) – Engagement and minutes 35 Metrics
  31. 31. 36 Engagement Minutes
  32. 32. Pull your head out of your process • Account selection and penetration – Measure the conversion ratio to meetings • Multi-player • Team Selling • Research • Outbound process 37 Metrics
  33. 33. Technology for ABSD
  34. 34. Data Vendors Predictive Who: Selection What: Personalization Insight Where: Interaction Ads Infrastructure Lead to Account match (L2a); Routing; ABM Analytics Website Orchestration Direct / Physical Events Human Email Phone / Dialer Social Other Intent & Technographics Attribution CRMAccount Planning Synchronize Interactions into coordinated Plays Complementary Content Customization
  35. 35. Get your free copy today! The Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Sales Development
  36. 36. • Account Based Sales Development is today’s most effective Account-Based tactic • Sales development should not be robo- spam – have personalized, relevant conversations • Hope is not a strategy – to embrace ABSD you need to invest in your people • Don’t field a team of 11 wide receivers – to move ball down the field you need players in multiple positions (ABSD is a team sport) • Measure engagement and quality, not just activity and meeting / opps Top Tweetable Takeaways @jonmiller in/danilonikolich