FEIEMEA Workshop Sparking Strategic Innovation


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Our workshop presentation for the Front End of Innovation workshop, in Copenhagen, March 2013.

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FEIEMEA Workshop Sparking Strategic Innovation

  1. 1. Sparking Strategic InnovationFull WorkshopFront End Of InnovationCopenhagen 2013Christian RangenElisabeth OvsteboEngage // Innovate
  2. 2. @engageinnovate #FEIEMEA
  3. 3. Workshop goalsCreate new thinking modesConnect strategy and innovationMaster new, visual tools for strategic innovation
  4. 4. Strategy
  5. 5. Strategy
  6. 6. The right Mindset
  7. 7. The right tools
  8. 8. Shared language
  9. 9. organization
  10. 10. Your Innovation Mapping
  11. 11. Score your organization on these 18 items, using a 1 – 6 scale, 6 being the highest
  12. 12. InnovationChallenge?
  13. 13. I hope to gain….:
  14. 14. Part I
  15. 15. A Timeline onStrategic Management* *Rangen & Øvstebø, 2009/2010
  16. 16. Boston, 1963
  17. 17. …a Saturday…
  18. 18. "Bruce called a staff meeting for a Saturday morning in the fallof 1965. He explained that to survive, much less grow, in acompetitive landscape occupied by hundreds of larger andbetter-known consulting firms, we needed a distinctiveidentity. He had concluded that we shouldn’t fight thecompetitive battle as generalists, but should instead stake outa special area of expertise."He asked what we thought that specialty should be. Manysuggestions were offered, but in each case we were able toidentify several other firms that already had strong credentialsin that particular area. The discussion began to stall. Then Bruce asked a momentous question: ‘What aboutbusiness strategy?’ I objected: ‘That’s too vague. Mostexecutives won’t know what we’re talking about.’ Brucereplied, ‘That’s the beauty of it. We’ll define it.“ http://www.bcg.com/this_is_bcg/bcg_history/bcg_history_1963.html
  19. 19. SWOT Positioning BCG Matrix PLC Concept of PESTEL strategy Corporate Porter’s TQM Scenarios Strategy 5F1950 1960 1970 1980 Knowledge Transformational BCG Strategy leadership workers
  20. 20. Lean Value Crafting Chain strategy Balanced 7S VRIO Scorecard Resource- Knowledge Strategic Six Sigma company intent based view1980 1985 ”In search of Excellence” TQM (2)
  21. 21. Strategy as revolution Mass StrategyEmployee custimization safariengagement Rise and fall of strategic Learning planning HR-organizations Competitive champion advantage Ongoing dynamic Core through people Disruptive prosessCompetences innovation Disruptive Intellectucal Strategymaking BPR Networks as serious play technologies capital1990 1995 Positive BSC (2) psychology Sears case
  22. 22. Human Sigma Office of Strategy Management Execution BusinessEQ Blue Ocean Crowd- Strategy sourcing Knowledge-based theory of The Long Management the firm Tail Innovation(2) Strategy Stratey Deep Say your NPS maps Index Discount str. strategy?2000 2005 Gallup Strategy Strategic Three-boxes Business path Canvas Imagination Approach Models Business Model Canvas
  23. 23. Holistic Strategic Innovation Innovation Model Canvas Innovation Innovation Thinking Pyramid Modes2010 2013 2015Future Back Migration MappingInnovator’s DNA
  24. 24. 1 2 4 6 3 5
  25. 25. Background work WAVE
  26. 26. Actionresearch
  27. 27. 2010 2011 2012 2013
  28. 28. Powerful & iterative learning process 2010 2011 2012 2013
  29. 29. www.strategytoolsforthenextgeneration.com
  30. 30. 1 2 34
  31. 31. 1 Innovation thinking modes
  32. 32. 2 StrategicInnovationcanvas
  33. 33. 3InnovationPyramid
  34. 34. Action Roadmap4
  35. 35. Part II
  36. 36. In strategic thinking, we have learned that there is no such thing as a mature industry: there is only an industry to which imaginatio has n yet to be applied. Steven Denning, 2012
  37. 37. ‘’We need… new ideas,new knowledge and brave* people’’ - Leif Johan Sevland ONS CEO, August 2012 *Research, Innovator’s DNA, 2011
  38. 38. “….We needmore people with the imaginationto create the future…..”- Professor Stéphane Garelli, IMD, talking atPulpit // 2012 in Stavanger, september 2012
  39. 39. ‘’The secret is having an offensive mindset rather than a defensive mindset’’Gary Hamel, Professor, Management Innovator
  41. 41. Anybody can be strategically creative. You just have to learn how. - David Kelley, IDEO
  42. 42. Innovation Thinking Modes
  43. 43. Pirate Thinking Dream Bigger Think BigJust outside…
  44. 44. A pirate…Likes to change thingsLikes to challenge the status quoIs a disruptor by nature
  45. 45. Softdrinks
  46. 46. The 70’s
  47. 47. 1984
  48. 48. 1987
  49. 49. 2008
  50. 50. The two owners, among the world’s 250 wealthies people.
  51. 51. Books
  52. 52. Amazonians are leaning into the future,with radical and transformationalinnovations that create value for thousands ofauthors, entrepreneurs, and developers. Inventionhas become second nature at Amazon, and in myview the team’s pace of innovation is evenaccelerating – I can assure you it’s very energizing. Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon.com
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  54. 54. Amazonians are leaning into the future,with radical and transformationalinnovations that create value for thousands ofauthors, entrepreneurs, and developers. Inventionhas become second nature at Amazon, and in myview the team’s pace of innovation is evenaccelerating – I can assure you it’s very energizing. Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon.com, 2012
  55. 55. Strategic Innovation Canvas
  56. 56. World’s World’s 2nd Buy greatest largest authors Amazing Apps service Kindle Strea CLoud ming Market Place ‘’19 types’’ CD BooksBooks… Norwegian online bookstore
  57. 57. ‘’The secret is having an offensive mindset rather than a defensive mindset’’Gary Hamel, Professor, Management Innovator
  58. 58. Now you go: round 1
  59. 59. Your Strategic Innovation Canvas
  60. 60. Map out your canvas
  61. 61. Part III
  62. 62. want moreinnovation BCG Innovation Report, 2009
  63. 63. But….getting innovation right requires new leadership skills. - Dave Allan and Matt Kingdon, 2011
  64. 64. We need to open our eyes and dramatically increase our understanding andmastery of innovation.
  65. 65. We need new toolsand models.
  66. 66. The Innovation Pyramid
  67. 67. Nine levels of Innovation
  68. 68. Easier Moredemanding
  69. 69. 1. Design & marketing
  70. 70. € 4,4
  71. 71. € 0,4
  72. 72. 1. Produkt
  73. 73. 2. Products
  74. 74. 13 types…
  75. 75. 3. services
  76. 76. 4. Markets,customers & Channels
  77. 77. 5. technology
  78. 78. 6. processes
  79. 79. 7. management
  80. 80. 8. Business model
  81. 81. 9. industry
  82. 82. Nine levels ofinnovation ?
  83. 83. Now you go: round 2
  84. 84. Solving your innovation challenge
  85. 85. Groupwork
  86. 86. Action Roadmap
  87. 87. is designed….
  88. 88. to take you from this…
  89. 89. and this…
  90. 90. to this.
  91. 91. Organize for 4 min
  92. 92. Present for 2 min
  93. 93. ‘’The single biggest barrierto strategicinnovationis the limitsof our minds’’
  94. 94. Thank you
  95. 95. Christian RangenChristian Rangen is an author, speaker and consultant on strategy, innovation andleadership. His consulting projects focus on strategic innovation. Today he hiscreative skills to developing Strategytoolsforthenextgeneration.comHe gives a range of keynote presentations across Europe. His upcomingpresentations include Strategy Tools for the Next Generation (Stavanger), Innovationand Leadership (Oslo), Innovation Pyramid at World Innovation Convention (Cannes)and Sparking Strategic Innovation at Front End of Innovation (Copenhagen)Christian is Co-founder and Partner of Engage // Innovate – a Scandinavian think-tankand consulting company. Here he works with senior leadership on innovativestrategic transformation. His fifth book is scheduled for 2013.He is also a lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School. Here at teaches strategicmanagement, change management, innovation and leadership at both executive andbachelor levels. His focus is innovation, change, leadership and technology. UsingApple, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon and Google as key learning cases, Christian teachesradical innovation and business model innovation in an easy to understand manner.Christian is also the happy owner of the boutique hotel Villa Vista Taiba – a paradisefor passionate kitesurfers…….. and global management training camp quickly ingrowing demand.
  96. 96. Elisabeth ØvstebøElisabeth Øvstebø (Ovstebo) is Managing Partner and Co-founder of Engage // Innovate – aScandinavian think-tank and management consulting company. She also runsStrategytoolsforthenextgeneration.comElisabeth speaks, consults and coaches clients on innovative strategic transformation. Herareas of expertise are strategy execution, leading transformational change, coaching,leadership- and sales training.She is mentor at NHOs Global Future Program. She also teaches marketing and strategy forthe Norwegian oil and gas industry.She runs workshops and give talks on leadership, sales, strategy and innovation. Herupcoming events include “Innovation Pyramid” at World Innovation Convention (Cannes) and“Sparking Strategic Innovation” at Front End of Innovation (Copenhagen, 2013).Her first book, “Dream Bigger: Your Personal Innovation Sketchbook” was published in June2012. Today she’s working on her second, “Strategy Tools for the Next Generation”.Elisabeth has extensive experience from the financial sector, leading development programson leadership, sales and organizational development. She holds a Master ofManagement in from BI –Norwegian School of Management.Elisabeth is also the happy owner of the boutique hotel and Management Camp Villa VistaTaiba, in Ceara, Brazil. Here she charges her energy and develops a range of concepts andideas for her client