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Internet for children


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Published in: Technology
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Internet for children

  1. 1. INTERNET FOR CHILDREN Compiled by:  Septian NS 07.230.0012  Matra Yulida 11.230.0003  A. Saiful Amri 11.230.0007  Amin Fathoni 11.230.0014  Warsito 11.230.0015  Agung Pribadi 11.230.0027  Yanuar Fisko AN 11.230.0032SEKOLAH TINGGI MANAJEMEN INFROMATIKA DAN KOMPUTER STMIK WIDYA PRATAMA PEKALONGAN TAHUN AJARAN 2011/2012
  2. 2. INTERNETInternet (Inter-Network) is a collection of computer networks that connect academic sites,government, commercial, organizations, and individuas.
  3. 3. INTERNET BENEFITInternet can be used by anyone to access information about anything and even to conductbusiness transactionsLOSSES INTERNETFraud, destruction of information, existing knowledge on the internetPornography
  4. 4. Positive Effect for Childrenchildren are able to explore matters relating to subjects such as science, biology, etc…Positive Effect for Childrenchildren can make friends through social networks, like facebook, twitter
  5. 5. Positive Effect for Childrenchildren can practice their foreign language of their friends gets from the internetNegative influences for childrenWithout parental supervision, children can access a file or website that illicit / inappropriate forthem
  6. 6. Negative influences for childrenConcentration of childrens learning can be disruptedNegative influences for childrenMaturation period is too early
  7. 7. Negative influences for childrenNature of the child who is still unstable, so its easy to believe anyone encourage child abduction cases.How to prevent the negative impact of internet on children to accompany himAccompany children when using the internet should be a parent. It can reduce the negativeimpact of internet usage. The development of this technology and have a negative impact bothfor the childConclussionInternet actually is important, for knowledge of the child, provided that in its use in monitoring the elderlyUse of the Internet should be limited, so as not to interfere with study timeInternet should be used wisely, for the benefit of education and science