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ISO 50001 & The Hotel Industry

GreenPartner have recently partnered with Enerit to deliver a unique sustainability and ISO 50001 certification services to the hotel industry. This presentation is a case study presented by Andres Fellenberg van der Molen on the sustainability and certification process of large hotel property management company in Germany. This includes the challenges with implementing an energy management and sustainability practices across a large portfolio of properties.

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ISO 50001 & The Hotel Industry

  1. 1. SO50001 & The Hotel Industry Andres Fellenberg Van der Molen
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  3. 3. Are you able to filter which of these certifications are real Certifications?
  4. 4. Greenwashing is a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization's products, services, aims or policies are environmentally friendly. Greenwashing efforts can range from changing the name of a product to evoke them as eco-friendly or advertising campaigns portraying sustainable operations that are not officially certified or recognized.
  5. 5. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) serves as the international body for establishing and managing standards for sustainable tourism. All of the programs and activities work toward this central mission. GSTC is mostly a volunteer organization, consisting of experts in sustainable tourism and supported by organizations and individuals with a passion for ensuring that meaningful standards are available globally for sustainability in travel and tourism.
  6. 6. Hotel sector current situation
  7. 7. Key drivers to move into sustainable tourism
  8. 8. The Sustainability Triangle
  9. 9. Mandatory Regulations 1 111
  10. 10. Hotel Sector Solution! 1 111
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  12. 12. Major German Hotel Management company Our report presents the results of the energy audits carried out as part of the meddle stage of the ISO 50001 Energy Efficiency compliance activities. The following general six stage energy audit approach was employed: • Preliminary data gathering (before site visit) • Preliminary analysis / desk audit (before site visit) • Site survey • Analysis • Further investigations • Final analysis and reporting
  13. 13. A number of energy efficiency opportunities with varying payback periods were identified during the assessment. Cost savings of approximately EUR 600.000 /yr are possible through measures that have a short payback period and represent mayor energy and water savings.
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  15. 15. The total energy yearly use is approximately 29.84 GWh/yr. Approximately 40% of the energy use is related to Natural Gas (used for space and water heating.) The electricity & gas is it not separately sub metered. For this reason it was necessary to develop the energy usage through a combination of temporary sub metering, spot measurements and spreadsheet calculations.
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  18. 18. The hotels can be seen as the architectural combination of three distinct zones, all serving distinctly different purposes. The energy flows occurring in these three areas are very different, and need to be handled accordingly. Sub metering is advised to all the hotels in the following areas accordingly: • Sub metering – Electricity – Water – Heating N1: Total Guest Rooms, lobby, corridors • Sub metering – Electricity – Water – Heating N2: Kitchen • Sub metering – Electricity – Water – Heating N3: Restaurants • Sub metering – Electricity – Water – Heating N4: Spa (if it is applicable) • Sub metering – Electricity – Water – Heating N5: Meeting Facilities (if it is applicable)
  19. 19. Non or Low investment Actions = Simple short term payback
  20. 20. Hotel’s value • How do your customers perceive you? • How much are they willing to pay for your product? • Would they pay more if you increase the added- Value of the product? • How much does your product cost you? • Do you know how much you can reduce your cost? COSTS
  21. 21. Energy Efficiency via ISO50001, will help hotels to reinforce positioning and optimize Costs Energy Efficiency via ISO50001, will help to increase hotel’s value COSTS
  22. 22. Your contact person is: Andres Fellenberg Van der Molen 0031-06-50514342