Ireland leading the way in Energy Management


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Ireland leading the way in Energy Management, as published by SEAI.

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Ireland leading the way in Energy Management

  1. 1. IrelandLeading the way inEnergy Management
  2. 2. ForewordEnergy Efficiency – the SustainableEnterprise Imperative ireland Leading the way in Energy ManagementThe sustainable energy agenda is already creating jobs in Ireland, and one of the central pillars of the nation’s next phase ofeconomic development is energy efficiency. The nature of new clean energy solutions is exactly where Ireland’s enterprisestrengths lie: innovation, technology and knowledge-led services. Brendan HalliganThis publication highlights how international companies based in Ireland have recognised the leadership role that Ireland is playingin the development of energy management systems and supporting standards. Irish experts are also leading energy managementprogrammes globally, while many Irish-based multinationals are transferring knowledge developed in Ireland to their globalcounterparts.It has become apparent as the energy management systems story has unfolded that these have become a common link tyingtogether all aspects of the energy sector. Energy management is not only pivotal to driving down overhead costs but is also driving 1innovation and market needs. With its energy experts and highly skilled workforce, the country is leading the way in continued energymanagement systems development and deployment. It has become a test-bed location for project and prototype development inrelation to energy technology and this is acknowledged worldwide.The starting point for setting any standard is commitment at the top. I welcome the commitment given by the Government in thisarea and the lead taken by Industry in Ireland in the development of a national standard for energy management which is nowreaping concrete enterprise rewards.The scale of the enterprise opportunity across the sector is immense and I would like to acknowledge the continued collaborationand support of IDA, Enterprise Ireland and all involved to ensure Ireland maximises this opportunity.Brendan HalliganChairman, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
  3. 3. Energy Management Creates Enterprise Opportunitiesireland Leading the way in Energy Management Energy efficiency and the development of innovative solutions to energy challenges is of critical importance for all companies in Ireland, regardless of size or location. Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland are working together to deliver a range of energy research initiatives for the benefit of Irish industry. Through the strategic support for state-funded research in Irish Higher Education Institutes, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland are enabling Irish manufacturing companies to be more competitive through increased energy Frank Ryan Barry O’Leary efficiency and the discovery of innovative, alternative energy solutions. Chief Executive, Chief Executive Officer, The establishment of industry-led activities such as Technology Centres in Energy Efficiency (I2E2), Bioenergy Enterprise Ireland IDA Ireland 2 and Biorefining and the International Energy Research Centre, as well as major investments by global companies such as IBM’s Smarter Cities Technology Centre and United Technologies Corporation’s Energy and Security Research Centre, position Ireland as a global innovative clean-tech hub for the development of integrated energy solutions, attracting high quality jobs to Ireland and creating a vibrant community of innovative businesses.
  4. 4. Energy Management Systems & StandardsIreland Plays a Leading RoleWhat are the Benefits of an Energy Management System (EnMS)? Raising the Standard – EnMS in Ireland and InternationallyThe objective of an EnMS is to establish a systematic process for managing and The Irish EnMS Standard IS 393 was developed in 2005 by the National Standards ireland Leading the way in Energy Managementcontinually improving your energy performance. Authority of Ireland (NSAI) in consultation with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and industry representatives. The standard was designed so thatIn summary, the process requires: it could be easily incorporated into existing management activities.• Creating an energy policy IS 393 was one of the first EnMS of its type in the world. It led the way in• Defining energy demand providing the blueprint for a new European EnMS standard EN 16001 (published• Developing energy objectives in August 2009).• Setting measurable targets The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has since developed an international standard, ISO 50001 (published June 2011). Currently, a suite of guidance standards• Implementing energy programmes are being developed to support its implementation. Within this project, Ireland has• Monitoring and corrective action a pivotal role in the development of a guidance standard for implementation and maintenance, and improvement of an EnMS.• Ongoing management review As more and more organisations seek to take control of energy expenditure and 3Once fully implemented, energy management is integrated into the routine carbon emissions, the increasing demand to use more cost effective or renewablemanagement of your company and you can sustain energy savings over the longer forms of energy supply, ensures a continuous improvement process. To support thisterm. With ongoing improvement (a key element of the standard), you remain alert growing demand, we can see the emergence of an energy services market, both infor new opportunities to save energy as they arise. Ireland and internationally.Making energy management a part of your culture leads to a wide range ofbenefits, including cutting your energy expenditure at every opportunity.In addition, where emission targets apply, an EnMS can help to put a frameworkaround the management of your organisation’s energy needs to determine,understand and comply with legal requirements, thus avoiding penalties.Experience has demonstrated that an EnMS not only saves you money; it can alsoimprove operational efficiency and, as a result, have a positive effect on productivityand competitiveness.
  5. 5. Energy Management Systems & Standards – Ireland Plays a Leading Role Energy Management Standards in Ireland: How Ireland Built Up Energy Management Expertise A voluntary network of companies working to maintain strong energy 2005ireland Leading the way in Energy Management management and environmental protection practices has been operating in Ireland since 1995. It is referred to as the Large Industry Energy Network (LIEN) Irish Energy Management Standard IS 393 and is facilitated by SEAI. Since the LIEN began,160 companies, representing up to 60% of Ireland’s industrial energy use, are improving their energy performance by 2% per year. Long-term 2009 members have improved energy performance by 33% between 1995, when it started, and 2010. The European Standard EN 16001 By 2010, around 45 companies across 65 sites were formally certified to EN 16001 and had achieved substantial improvements in energy efficiency, as well as savings. These companies are currently implementing the new ISO 50001 standard. 2011 The SEAI Energy Agreements Programme, a subset of the LIEN, is centred on commitment to ISO 50001 implementation. Through this Programme, 4 The International Standard ISO 50001 11% of Ireland’s National Primary Energy Requirement will be managed through implemented EnMS in the near future. In the five years after the introduction of the IS 393 standard in Ireland, up to €150m in avoided energy costs, has been 2012 achieved through a wide range of energy efficiency measures. Ireland now has one of the highest take-up of EnMS in the world while the LIEN Development of guidance standards supporting ISO 50001 has established itself as one of the world’s leading energy efficiency networks. Meanwhile, the SEAI/industry partnership has turned Ireland into an international leader in energy management. The country has accumulated highly skilled personnel with expertise, experience and know-how on the efficient implementation of EnMS. International and national industries that harness this resource can lead the way in energy management and reap all the benefits associated with it.
  6. 6. Irish ireland Leading the way in Energy Managementsuccess storiesMany Irish businesses are specialists in energy management andare providing their expertise to organisations around the world. 5Here are some of the success stories.
  7. 7. Irish success stories Certification Europe World-Leading Certification Bodyireland Leading the way in Energy Management Certification Europe’s work focuses mainly on EnMS standards. The company was established in 1999 and has 41 employees in its headquarters in Dublin. It also has offices in the UK (including in Northern Ireland), Turkey, Italy, Japan, South Africa and Canada. Certification Europe is an international certification, training and inspection services provider. It focuses strongly on emerging business-centric standards. It provides a range of external, independent audit services in the area of business (risk) management standards, including EnMS certification services. The company is a world leader in EnMS system services. In 2009 it issued the world’s first accredited Michael Brophy, CEO 6 certificate to EN 16001 and it is a leading certification body for the international standard ISO 50001. It runs highly successful energy management training courses, enabling delegates to take a proactive approach to their management of energy. “We have seen a steady increase Analysis conducted in 2010 confirmed that clients who have availed of Certification Europe’s in the number of organisations energy management certification schemes have saved 102 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy. This is enough to power more than 20,000 households for a year. becoming more environmentally Clients range from SMEs to large-scale multinationals in both the public and private sectors. conscious while also seeking to Each receives a tailored assessment process for their energy management needs. Certification reduce operational costs. A certified Europe’s experience lies primarily in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, services and EnMS system can greatly assist this.” fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries, where work has been conducted in the EU, North America, Africa and Asia. Michael Brophy CEO, Certification Europe Clients have been able to greatly reduce their energy costs, improve operational efficiencies and maintenance practices while also reducing their carbon footprint.
  8. 8. Irish success storiesCrowley CarbonDelivering Energy Efficiency through Technology ireland Leading the way in Energy ManagementCrowley Carbon was established in 2008 and delivers energy efficiencytechnology to the industrial sector. The company is headquartered in Dublinand also has offices in London, Sydney and a development centre in Sofia. Crowley Carbon has developed and patented a range of energy efficiency products for the commercial and industrial market. The company also provides a full turnkey energy efficiency service including products from lighting to converting waste heat to electricity. On average the company has delivered reductions of 25% in the total energy spend of its clients. Since its founding, the company has delivered projects that have saved its clients over 15 million litres of oil per annum and this number is quadrupling every year. Norman Crowley, Chairman 7 Clients include major multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Carillion Plc., Dawn Foods and also government agencies such as the UK Ministry of Defence. “We believe, for our clients, nothing “We see Crowley Carbon as one of the global leaders in what has become, in a short space of time, delivers faster and more permanent a multi trillion dollar industry.” cost and CO2 reduction than energy – George Polk, Founder of the European Climate Foundation efficiency. Ignoring energy efficiency “…Companies like Crowley Carbon are quietly making a profound difference in global carbon is like burning the front door to keep reduction.” – From the book Reinventing Fire by Amory Lovins your house warm!” Norman Crowley Chairman, Crowley
  9. 9. Irish success stories Enerit World’s First ISO 50001 Software Developerireland Leading the way in Energy Management Enerit, an Irish company founded in 2004, provides EnMS software to energy users and energy management consultants globally, including the USA, UK, India and Ireland. Since 2004, Enerit has developed and delivered environmental software for public sector organisations and multinational corporations internationally. It has been involved in implementing key energy management standards, including IS 393 and EN 16001. In June 2011, Enerit launched the world’s first ISO 50001 software. It is the only systematic energy management solution which helps users to convert energy information into dynamic integrated Mike Brogan, COO and Paul Monaghan, CEO 8 organisation-wide action plans. Its ultimate goal is to get teams working together to drive down energy costs. Enerit software saves 40%–50% of the time required by staff to run a systematic energy “The growth of the international management programme and deals with all ISO 50001 energy information in one integrated market for EnMS is driven by the system. need to reduce energy costs and Enerit has built up a range of global multinational clients in the industrial and construction sectors, all of which are large energy users including Pfizer, Milan and Rome airports, the Fraunhofer demonstrate corporate social Institutes, hotels, universities, hospitals and retail stores. responsibility. We predict that World firsts from Enerit customers include: the world’s first university – University College Cork this will result in over one million – to certify to ISO 50001, and the first Pfizer site (Loughbeg, Ireland) worldwide to achieve ISO 50001. companies worldwide adopting Energy savings are between 10% and 20% in the first year for organisations new to energy ISO 50001 over the next 10 years.” management. Enerit brings extra energy cost reductions of 5% year-on-year for companies with a track record in systematic energy management. Paul Monaghan CEO, Enerit Ltd
  10. 10. Irish success storieseNMS LtdInternational Expert in ISO 50001 ireland Leading the way in Energy ManagementeNMS was founded in 2009 by Liam McLaughlin to provide energy managementconsultancy to large energy users nationally and internationally working mostlyin the food and drink, electronics, pharmaceutical and public sectors. eNMS is a leading international energy management services company. Liam McLaughlin, the Managing Director of eNMS, is an appointed international energy management system expert with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). He has spoken at international events in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Africa on behalf of a number of clients. Liam McLaughlin, Managing Director Liam’s experience with energy management systems has led to his membership of the ISO Technical 9 Committee 242 which is currently developing guidance standards to support the implementation of ISO 50001. All of this experience has enabled Liam to lead his company to become one of the leading “A systematic approach to energy international energy management and ISO 50001 consultancies. management can yield The eNMS team continues to grow and has a number of Irish and international partners increasing substantial improvements in their capabilities. Due to eNMS’s operational methodology, including extensive use of cloud computing, there are no geographical limits to where it can operate. This is reflected in its global projects portfolio. energy efficiency and thus reduce costs and environmental impact.” eNMS is currently developing online energy management systems for clients in Europe and Asia. This is a collaborative initiative with Enerit, an Irish-based EnMS software developing company (see previous page). Liam McLaughlin Effective energy management systems help in identifying low-cost sustainable opportunities and eNMS Managing Director, eNMS Ltd clients have made savings of up to 50% of their energy use without having to invest in capital projects. eNMS consultants have provided energy advice to many high-profile clients, including ADB, Novartis, Millipore, EMC, Pfizer, Intel, MSD, Roche, GSK, Eli Lilly, ConocoPhillips and Aviva.
  11. 11. Irish success stories PM Group Winning Business Abroadireland Leading the way in Energy Management PM Group, founded in Ireland in 1973, is an international engineering, architecture and project management design firm with over 1,600 staff based in 25 locations worldwide including Ireland, UK, Poland, USA, China, and India. PM Group collaborates with many of the world’s leading private companies and major public sector organisations and is involved with various types of projects ranging from the design and construction management of facilities for biotech, advanced manufacturing and food companies to energy benchmarking studies. PM Group has found that the increased focus by the industrial sector on energy and environmental Dave Murphy, CEO10 issues has created a growing market for energy management service providers both at home and abroad. Now well established in the energy services sector, PM Group has led many successful, award winning, energy efficient projects around the world, including an energy efficient design “Our clients are putting increasing project at the GSK Biologicals facility in Belgium. importance on sustainability and energy “PM Group’s approach to energy efficient design for the new vaccines manufacturing facility under efficiency. Through our technology team construction in Belgium has been both innovative and effective.” we have invested heavily in design tools – Jon Ashley, GSK Biologicals and training for engineers and architects Con Leddy, who is responsible for PM Group’s Sustainable Energy Engineering services, states that to provide a world-class sustainability “Most new designs can achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency if addressed early in and energy efficient design capability. the design phase through the correct tools and processes.” Many of our clients have received awards In 2010, PM Group was commissioned to conduct an energy benchmarking study of the for projects that we have designed, pharmaceutical sector in Singapore, which compared Singapore plants’ energy performance with including J&J Janssen Biologics Facility peers at home and abroad, and recommended improvements as a result. which has won the ISPE and CIBSE Sustainable Facility of the Year Awards.” Dave Murphy CEO, PM Group
  12. 12. Multinationals achieve ireland Leading the way in Energy ManagementEnMS savingsInternational businesses are increasingly looking at ways of reducing theircost base and many have realised the benefits to adopting an EnMS. 17 11Some Irish-based multinationals explain how they’re leading the trend globally.
  13. 13. Multinationals achieve EnMS savings Google Dublin EnMS a Model for Google Offices Internationallyireland Leading the way in Energy Management Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information. It has research centres and offices located internationally. Its European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) HQ, located in Dublin, is its largest operation outside the USA, employing nearly 2,000 people. Google has always been keen to use and integrate new technologies to improve building management performance and reduce or eliminate energy waste. In its Dublin operations (office and data centres), Google uses building management systems (BMS) and EnMS with other integrated technologies to monitor measure and manage its energy. The successful introduction of EnMS in its Dublin offices has led to similar EnMS being introduced in several of its EMEA offices. Google’s data centres are12 some of the most efficient in the world, using only 50% of the energy of most other data centres. In 2008, Google Ireland implemented the IS 393 Energy Management Standard in its Dublin office. In 2009, they transitioned to EN 16001 and since 2011 they successfully transitioned to International Standard ISO 50001. This implementation was achieved through a strong partnership with Google’s facilities service partners and SEAI. Since 2008, Google’s Dublin office has realised savings of over €360,000 in utilities usage, accounting for 435 tonnes of CO2 or 5.7 million kWh of energy in its 210,000 sq ft “Having an energy management system in Google gives us office space. far greater visibility and control over our energy use and expenditure. Having implemented the energy management system in Dublin, Google is now expanding the framework across other offices in Europe.” James Bowen Facilities Manager, Google Dublin
  14. 14. Multinationals achieve EnMS savingsDiageoDiageo strives for continuousEnMS improvement ireland Leading the way in Energy ManagementDiageo employs over 22,000 people worldwide in the premium drinks industry.Around 1,500 of these are based across sites in Ireland. Diageo’s largest site inIreland is St James’s Gate, the home not only of Guinness, but also its Europeanbrewing operations. Diageo also has international locations in Asia, the UnitedStates and Africa among others.Diageo’s co-ordinated energy and environmental policies ensure that its dedicatedstaff continuously seek opportunities to improve and enhance the organisation’senvironmental impact and performance. EnMS brings a competitive advantage tothe business. “Developing a sustainableOver the last five years alone, Diageo’s European Beer division has demonstrated energy efficiency approachyear-on-year financial savings of over 10% against its annual utilities budget. across our European Beer 17 13 Business continues to beDiageo’s St James’s Gate site achieved IS 393 certification in April 2007, making it one critical to achieving financialof the first production sites in the world to gain certification to an energy management targets and our environmentalstandard. According to Tony O’Sullivan, the Energy Manager at St James’s Gate, “the commitments. EnMS areenergy team has found that they are more focused on proactive energy management helping us to shape theas a result of the structured approach of IS 393.” thinking and approach toThe Diageo European Beer Region has continued to build on this success. Other Diageo energy across the Diageooperations in Ireland have achieved certification and are transitioning from EN 16001 to business globally.”ISO 50001. Within the last few months the Kilkenny St Francis Abbey Brewery Operationhas been awarded IS0 50001 certification. Conor Browne European Beer Leader onMany initiatives have been shared and successfully applied across the global Diageo Energy Managementbusiness as part of the rollout of best-practice technologies. Irish suppliers have beena key element in the success of Diageo’s programme, offering competitive and highlycapable resources in specific utilities and energy technology areas. In some cases thesesuppliers have become commercial partners, to support a sustained programme overmany years.
  15. 15. Multinationals achieve EnMS savings Intel Ireland Intel Ireland Sets Example for Sites Globallyireland Leading the way in Energy Management Intel Ireland was established in 1989 and employs 4,000 people in the manufacture of silicon microprocessors in Leixlip, and 200 people in its Product Development Centre in Shannon. Intel has a global manufacturing presence and employs over 100,000 people worldwide. Intel states that the introduction of an Energy Management System has provided a route to bring energy to the forefront with a clearly articulated site energy policy by management. This is supported by investment in energy efficiency in excess of €5 million in recent years. Projects range from intelligent lighting to the reduction of “The systematic approach cleanroom natural gas based heating requirements by over 30%, using heat recovery to energy management chillers that use the energy from waste heat.14 provided by our Energy In 2011, the Intel Ireland campus was certified to ISO 50001, becoming the first Intel Management Systems has site globally to do so. Certification to ISO 50001 is recognition of the management provided a valuable structure ownership, systems and operational control of energy at the Intel Ireland campus. for engagement within the As this standard requires a systematic framework, the system is documented and organisation and is helping can be transferred to other sites. Since the certification of the Ireland site, a sister site us to identify the priorities for in Costa Rica has completed stage one of the certification process and will soon adopt improved energy efficiency. the EnMS. It enables us to continue to do our very best in caring for the planet.” Brendan Cannon Corporate Affairs Director, Intel Ireland
  16. 16. Multinationals achieve EnMS savingsIrish CementIrish Cement improves EnergyEfficiency Per Tonne Despite ireland Leading the way in Energy ManagementOutput DeclineIrish Cement, founding company of the CRH Group, has been producinghigh-quality cement products in Ireland since 1938 for home and export markets.CRH plc, headquartered in Ireland, is one of the top five companies in the buildingmaterials sector worldwide. It employs around 75,000 people at 3,600 operatinglocations in 35 countries.In 2008, Irish Cement committed to implementing EnMS in accordance with IS 393.Through the application of the EnMS, energy efficiency initiatives have been identified “The next step for Irish Cementin cement facilities across CRH globally and implemented in the areas of metering, in the area of sustainablelighting, and automated monitoring of utilities among other initiatives. The combined energy is to displace a 17 15effect of these initiatives is an 11% decrease in energy consumed per tonne in 2010, proportion of our fossil-fueldespite a considerable reduction in production output. usage with specially preparedBarry Leonard, Managing Director, Irish Cement, said: “The development of our EnMS waste-derived alternativehas allowed us to optimise the energy efficiency of our technology investments. fuels. Success in this area willThis is best illustrated by the achievement of improved energy efficiency per tonne allow us to balance our energydespite a decline in market conditions.” efficiency focus with the long- term sustainability benefitsFocus has now turned to certification of the EnMS to ISO 50001. of using renewable energy sources.” Martin Wills Sustainable Development Manager, Irish Cement
  17. 17. Multinationals achieve EnMS savings Pfizer Ireland Pfizer Ireland Projects Lead to Substantial Savingsireland Leading the way in Energy Management Pfizer was one of the first major pharmaceutical companies to locate in Ireland, arriving in 1969. The business has over 4,000 employees across eight locations in Ireland, in addition to global offices. Ireland is a leading manufacturing base for Pfizer globally. Total investment by the company in Ireland exceeds $7 billion. Pfizer’s Irish operations manufacture some of its best-selling and newest medicines which are then exported to global markets. Pfizer Ireland has achieved multiple successes in the area of energy management. Coordinated and led by a number of energy teams, 415 projects have been successfully “The leadership demonstrated implemented at Pfizer’s Irish sites over the past five years – leading to substantial by the Pfizer Ireland sites in savings in electricity, natural gas and mains water consumption. Year on year, the sites16 pursuing energy management have achieved their targets to reduce site energy consumption by 5%. These projects certification is just another have been adopted across the Pfizer network of operations globally. example of their commitment to environmental sustainability. Pfizer Newbridge and Little Island are certified to EN 16001 and Pfizer Loughbeg Their projects are being recently achieved the ISO 50001 certification. The remaining Irish facilities plan to replicated across Pfizer achieve certification in the near future. operations globally.” Pfizer has found that ISO 50001 is a key enabler that embeds a structure which ensures energy is managed in an efficient and responsible way. It enables the efficient Marty Brown management of energy use, raises awareness of energy usage, engages senior Director, Pfizer Global leadership in energy planning, and focuses the site on real energy opportunities. Engineering and leader It also enables future energy-saving opportunities to be easily identified. of Pfizer’s Energy & Climate Change Programme
  18. 18. Energy ManagementProfessionals Ireland - EMPIEMPI was formed in 2011 by a group of energy consultants with a common aimof improving the standards of service which is offered by energy consultancyprofessionals. The group consists of members from a broad spectrum of the energyservices sector and many of the founding members have been operating in thesector for the past 15 to 20 years.The creation of EMPI is a strong indicator of the energy management experiencethat has developed within Ireland. EMPI is striving for professional excellence,sharing best practices as well as insights and innovation in the area of energymanagement.The vision of EMPI is to foster world-class energy management services in theinterests of customers, members, the environment, and protect the independenceand integrity of the profession.See for further information.
  19. 19. Sustainable Energy Authority of IrelandWilton Park House, Wilton Place T. +353 1 8082100 info@seai.ieDublin 2, Ireland F. +353 1 8082002 The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland is partly financed by Ireland’s EU Structural Funds Programme co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Union.