Senate Presentation Feb 2013


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Director Karl Knight's presentation to the USVI Senate

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Senate Presentation Feb 2013

  1. 1. OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR VIRGIN ISLANDS ENERGY OFFICEThe Mission of the VIEO is to promote energy efficiency and advocate the use of renewable energytechnology for the public and private sectors, and residents of the Virgin Islands through energyeducation, outreach, financial incentives, and technical assistance.
  2. 2. ARRA Discretionary Grant Program• 22 projects for non-profits• $50,000 grant available for each project• Grantees included churches, the Boy Scouts, daycare centers and community centers• Substantial reduction in each organizations electric bill was achieved
  3. 3. Boy Scouts on St. Croix had solar panels installed at Camp
  4. 4. St. Croix ReformedChurch on the hill inLe Reine erected a10 Kw wind turbineusing grant moneyWTJX installed solarlights in its parking loton St. Croix
  5. 5. St. Ann’s used the grant money to install solar panels
  6. 6. Training waspart of theimplementationprocess for theTropical Energycode
  7. 7. Solar water heaterinstallations wereinspected by Energy Officestaff
  8. 8. Renewable Energy Projects took off when rebates were offered
  9. 9. Residents has a short opportunity to get rebates on energyefficient vehicles like the Prius hybrid
  10. 10. The Rebate Program for Energy Star applianceswas well promoted and met with great success
  11. 11. ESCO Program brings Energy Efficiency to schoolsNew, efficient lighting inside and outside the schools was just part of thework done retrofitting 11 public schools to bring down their power bills
  12. 12. Solar Thermal Installers program
  13. 13. Wind resource being measured on St. Thomas and St. Croix SOLDAR and anemometer towers have been installed on St. Thomas, left, a nd St. Croix, right
  14. 14. Solar Thermal in moderate housing communities
  15. 15. Working with government Agencies The Energy Office worked with the Department of Public Works, left to install LED traffic lights and with WAPA to install LED street lights
  16. 16. Photovoltaic Solar Panel System at Cyril E. King Airport• 450 Kilowatt system• Life span 20 years• Funded by $2.9 million in ARRA funds• Expected savings on Port Authority bill is from $33,000 to $45,000 monthly
  17. 17. Photovoltaic Solar Panel System at Cyril E. King AirportProducing enough electricity each day to power 450 VirginIsland residents’ homes
  18. 18. Gas to Energy Project
  19. 19. WEATHERIZATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAMChanging to compactflorescent bulbs Surge protectors mounted on walls Energy efficient shower heads
  20. 20. Working with the VI Water and Power AuthorityWAPA’s Edwin Milligan addresses EnergyOffice staff, right, at workshop. At left, workers install LED lights at WHIM museum in a project that WAPA and the Energy Office worked as a team.
  21. 21. And always reaching out to residents about ways to be more energy efficient.