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Energy alliance presentation mq

  1. 1. Local Businesses Energy Efficiency Virgin Islands Energy Alliance September 2011Miguel Quinones – Program Specialist – Virgin Islands Energy Office
  2. 2. What will the price of barrel of oil in 4 years? 120 100Dollars per barrel 80 60 WTI Oil 40 Prices 20 0 2
  3. 3. Virgin Islands Government Goal* for energy generation, water production, and ground transportation 3
  4. 4. Energy Efficiency Goals Energy Efficiency Energy Savings & Market Participation Generation Renewabl & e Energy, Distribution 22% , 24% GovernmentEnd Use, 3 out of 4 buildings / 25% savings 7% Residential Fossil & Small Desalinization Fuel, 41% Businesses , 7% 1 out of 4 buildings 25% savings Large Commercial By 2025 & Industrial 1 out of 4 buildings 25% savings
  5. 5. The Virgin Islands Energy Alliance in Brief• Program designed by the Virgin Islands Energy Office to reduce the energy consumption for all of WAPA’s rate classes customers including Government, Large Commercial & Industrial, Small Businesses & Industries, and Residential. 5
  6. 6. Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC)• ESPC is a contract for the identification, evaluation, recommendation, design and construction of energy conservation measures, including a design-build contract, that guarantees energy savings or performance.• The investment is recouped by the energy savings in time. Now Future Avoided Energy Savings Consumption Annual Lower Energy Energy Costs Costs 6
  7. 7. CUSTOMER PROCESS Customer If approved, completes a USVI energy Energy efficiency Contact Miguel WISE application assessment is improvements that Quinones with the and submits with scheduled with save at least 15% VI Energy Office supporting Quality Electric are identified documentation Supply Customers which The 40% grant is Installation contract forapplied against the approval Energy efficiency installation within balance for the completed; improvements 30 days of cost of the verification devices installed assessment; getimprovement work installed the assessment rebatedPROGRAM INCENTIVES: PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: CONTACT:• Grant for 40% of project • Business with electric • Nora Barger, Program costs up to $80,000 usage of 30,000 kwhs per Administrator| 855.561.5757 month or less• Energy assessment cost subsidized if customer • Ability to improve energy • Miguel Quinones, VI Energy Office commits to project within consumption by at least | 340.714.8436 ext. 4305 30 days 15%
  8. 8. Common Energy Conservation Measures• Air curtains to reduce A/C usage • LED, CFL, and electronic-ballasted fluorescent fixtures• Propane substitution for electric cooking and water heating • Air filter replacement, sealing window and air duct leaks, window• Super high efficiency equipment shading, etc. replacement for: refrigeration, cooking, ventilation, air conditioning,• Water-use efficiencies including clothes washing & drying recirculation of waste water, low- flow showers & toilets, faucet• Switches, timers, occupancy aerators, and irrigation measures sensors, and incentives to promote behavioral changes that reduce • Air sealing and building envelopes consumption of lighting, refrigeration, cooking, freezers, • Renewable energy solutions water heating, fans, air conditioners, including PV, solar water heating, and clothes washers & dryers and wind energy generation
  9. 9. Who is using all that power? 11
  10. 10. How much power does each residential appliance use? Consumption: Energy use over time, ie. 100 watts x 10 hours = 1000 wh or 1 kwhAppliances Consumption Appliances ConsumptionLight bulb 60 w Window AC 1200 wLight bulb 14 w Water pump 250 - 1100 wLaptop 50 w Vacuum cleaner 1000 -1440 wDesktop PC 130 w Toaster oven 1225 wTV 65 -175 w Clothes iron 1000 - 1800 wCeiling fan 65 - 175 w Hair dryer 1200 - 1800 wWindow fan 55 - 250 w Clothes dryer 1800 - 5000 wWater pump 250 - 1100 w Water heater 4500 - 5500 wRefrigerator 82 w Electric range 2000 - 12500 w 12
  11. 11. Energy Star and Consortium for Energy Efficiency Consumption: Energy use over time, ie. 100 watts x 10 hours = 1000 wh or 1 kwhAppliances Consumption Appliances ConsumptionLight bulb 14 w Window AC 600 wLaptop 28 w Water pump 250 - 1100 w Vacuum cleaner 1000 wDesktop PC 53 w Water heater 2200 wTV 60 w heat pumpCeiling fan 65 w Solar water 0wWater pump 250 w heater (solar pump or thermo syphon)Refrigerator 35 w 13
  12. 12. Daylighting 14
  13. 13. Water savingsFixtures 15
  14. 14. With or without AC?Natural Ventilation vs. Air Conditioning 16
  15. 15. Exterior & Interior InsulationInsulated Concrete Form(ICF)• is a system of formwork for concrete that stays in place as permanent building insulation for energy- efficient, cast-in-place, reinforced concrete walls, floors, and roofs.• Needs exterior and interior finishing.• Resistant to hurricanes, also earthquakes if reinforced. 17
  16. 16. Exterior & Interior Insulation Interior Insulation ←Rigid FoamR-4 R-5 R-6.5 ←Sprayed Foam ←Radiant Barrier 18
  17. 17. Infiltration• Infiltration is the unintentional or accidental introduction of outside air into a building 19
  18. 18. How to prevent mold and save money 20
  19. 19. Stop the waste 22
  20. 20. Watch it like a hawk 23
  21. 21. Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy can help 24
  22. 22. Rent or Own?Own Rent• If you plan to keep the home • When entering into a lease, and appliances for just a few request an energy years it makes sense to invest. assessment of the property.• The initial investment is steep, but return on the investment is • When renewing a lease, better than keeping the money negotiate with the landlord, in the bank. it benefits both if the usage• Some financial incentives are is the same. available: rebates, loans, tax credits. • Landlords can set electricity• The value of the building will consumption limits for also go up. leases with power included. 25
  23. 23. Thank you!For more information please:Contact Miguel Quiñones at 340-714-8436• Visit the Energy Office website:• Join the EDIN USVI Energy Efficiency Working Group blog at• E-mail look forward to helping you save energyand money while preserving our environmentfor current and future generations.