Energy Into Action – Toronto Hydro: Commercial/Retail


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  • The 2011-2014 CDM programs deployed in Ontario under the GEA mandate are classified into 3 categories or tiers to reflect scope and applicability of specific energy efficiency measures.

    Tier 1 programs are automatically built into the 2011 CDM programs

    Tier 2 and Tier 3 can be defined over time, subject to OEB approval, though it is in our interest to establish them as quickly as possibble to begin contributing towards our target.
  • CDM targets are exclusively the responsibility of the LDCs. Where does that leave BOMA and the City?

    Our intent is to work with BOMA and the City of Toronto as our Channel Partners in delivering CDM programs on Toronto Hydro’s behalf within their particular sectors:
    City = M.A.S.H
    BOMA = Commercial and Large Retail

    We are currently working on an agreement to formalize the arrangement.

    This approach makes sense: recognizes and leverages the expertise and strengths of stakeholders within each of their sectors.
  • can’t say much more because they have not been formally submitted or approved yet.

    In fact, if you have good ideas, let me know.
  • Alternative Applications:
    Thermostatic Setback Control
    Web-based Thermostats
    Demand Control Ventilation
    Disabling Perimeter Heating
    Efficient Signage
    Efficient Accent Lighting
  • Energy Into Action – Toronto Hydro: Commercial/Retail

    1. 1. Optional Presentation Title / Footer 1 Conservation and Demand Management, Institutional & Retail
    2. 2. Optional Presentation Title / Footer 2 CDM Program Tiers 2011-2014 Tier 1 Province-wide programs developed by OPA/EDA working groups Tier 2 Programs developed by groups of LDCs to address specific market segments Tier 3 Programs specific to the LDC and will serve their unique situations • Province wide • Similar to ERIP • Prescriptive • Regional applicability • Engineered / Custom Program • Cannot duplicate “Tier 1” Programs • Local applicability • Engineered / Custom Program • Cannot duplicate “Tier 1” Programs
    3. 3. Optional Presentation Title / Footer 3 OPA Province-Wide CDM Programs Commercial Institutional Multi-Family Agricultural Industrial Low Income Consumer Commercial Institutional
    4. 4. Optional Presentation Title / Footer 4 Commercial & Institutional Program Building Types Commercia l • Offices • Retail Stores, Grocery Stores • Restaurants • Hotels/Motels • Warehouses Institutional • Health Care • Universities, Colleges, and Schools
    5. 5. Optional Presentation Title / Footer 5 Incentive Summary – Small Business • Direct Install Lighting • Direct Install Space Cooling • Energy Efficient Equipment Replacement • Small Commercial Demand Response Small Business (Existing) (GS < 50 kW) • Similar to Power Savings Blitz • $1,000 Limit • Extra prescriptive incentives beyond $1000 limit • Still eligible for other incentives • Similar to Power Savings Blitz • $750 Limit • Systems less than 25 tonnes • Without an existing service agreement, and one year without service • Prescriptive list of equipment and benefits • Participants receive load control devices (at no charge) with access to real time consumption and price information •On-premises or online access
    6. 6. Optional Presentation Title / Footer 6 Incentive Summary – Larger Business • Pre-Project Assessment • Energy Efficient Equipment Replacement • Building Commissioning • Demand Response 1 or 3 • Capability Building Medium & Large Business (Existing) • $0.05/ft2, <50,000 ft2 , up to 50% or $25,000 • $0.10/ft2 , >50,000 ft2 , up to 50% or $35,000 • Prescriptive list of equipment and benefits • Custom or Engineered approach: • $400/kW or $0.05/kWh (lighting) • $800/kW or $0.10/kWh (non-lighting) • Scoping Study $2,500 •Investigation - Max $50,000 •Implementation- $800/kW; 2-year payback threshold •Commissioning - Max $2,500 •DR1 is a voluntary program •DR3 is a contractual commitment •Funding for availability and utilization •Education, Training & Certification
    7. 7. Optional Presentation Title / Footer 7 Incentive Summary – New Construction • Building Modeling • Prescriptive Incentives • Custom Incentives Business (New) • Maximum $10,000 • Additional incentives for design team • Prescriptive list of equipment and benefits based on $250/kW rate • Custom approach will depend on level of savings to a maximum of 50% of project cost, and minimum incentive of $5,000: •$250/kW – 25% above code •$300/kW – 26-50% above code •$400/kW – 50%+ above code
    8. 8. Optional Presentation Title / Footer 8 How to Participate in the Programs • Apply directly to OPA (iCon) via website (paper based applications also available) • Applications will be forwarded to the appropriate LDC based on postal code • iCon serves as central information hub for applications, information, approvals, updates, invoices, incentive claims, etc for both customers and LDC’s • iCon will provide information to both LDC and customer on real time basis • Customers can assign a representative (i.e. energy auditor) • Direct install - LDCs will work with qualified contractors to deliver the initiative within their service territories. These contractors may operate door to door or through targeted marketing efforts. Customers also have the option of self selection.
    9. 9. Optional Presentation Title / Footer 9 Channel Alignment/Partnership Toronto Hydro City of Toronto BOMA Demand Response Enbridge ESCO’s 3rd Parties LDCs Are Responsible For CDM Delivery
    10. 10. Optional Presentation Title / Footer 10 Potential Tier 2 & 3 CDM Programs • Multi Residential & Small Commercial peaksaver – DR1 • Monitoring and Targeting for C&I Facilities • Thermal Storage – Heating, Cooling / DHW, HVAC • Ground Source Heat Pumps • Rooftop Ecosaver • Data Centre Incentive Program • Compressed Air • Others under review
    11. 11. Optional Presentation Title / Footer 11 Key Changes to CDM INITIATIVE ENHANCEMENTS FOR 2011 - 2014 Existing Building Retrofits & New Construction  Pre-Project assessments  Engineered approach for equipment replacement  Commissioning activities for existing buildings > 50,000 ft2  Capability building initiatives  No retroactivity Direct Installed Lighting  Carry-forward of Power Saving Blitz, but with additional prescriptive incentives beyond the $1000 limit Direct Installed Cooling  New Demand Response  New offerings for small Commercial customers starting July 2011  DR1 for Medium & Large Customers
    12. 12. Thank you.